10 Advantages of Selecting PHP Web Development

If you are new to PHP Web development and want to know why PHP is so popular then read this article. This article enlists top ten advantages of using PHP programming language for web application development.

PHP that stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor” is today's hottest scripting language being used for developing web applications. Have you ever thought that why PHP is so popular among web developers when there are several other web-programming languages available? Do not you have any idea? Ok, no problem. Just read on this article because here in the article, we enlist the advantages of PHP Web Development:

1. It can be easily embedded into the HTML code.
2. There is no need to pay for using PHP to develop web applications and websites.
3. It provides support to almost all operating systems that include Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.
4. Implementing PHP is much easier than other programming languages like Java, Asp.net, C++, etc.
5. PHP provides compatibility to all web browsers. Be it Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Google Chrome, Opera, or any other Web browser, PHP supports all.
6. PHP is compatible with all web servers like Apache, IIS, etc.
7. PHP Web development is highly reliable and secure because of the security features that PHP offers.
8. Provides support to all database servers, such as MSSQL, Oracle, and MySQL. Because it provides supports for almost all database servers, it is highly used in developing dynamic web applications.
9. It is the best choice to develop small as well as large websites like ecommerce websites, discussion forums, etc.
10. It offers flexibility, scalability, and faster speed in comparison to other scripting languages being used to develop websites.

These are the top ten advantages of selecting PHP for web development. These are the reasons that make PHP popular among web developers and the organizations willing to get a dynamic website. After the website is created, you may need to make further changes in it. For example, you need to add additional pages, need to add extra features, and so on. Doing modification in the website according to the client's requirement is much easier and faster in PHP than any other scripting language. Websites created using PHP programming language looks stunning, simple, and tempting due to which the visitors stay for long duration to explore the complete website & you can say PHP is best option of programming language
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