20 Best Church Website Templates 2023

If you're looking for building a church website that's both professional and easy to use, you've come to the right place. Our selection of church website templates is second to none, and you're sure to find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, all of our templates are 100% easy to customize, so you can easily add your own photos, videos, and text to create a truly unique website. Check out our church website templates today and get started on creating a website that's sure to impress.

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Town Chapel

A native church HTML5 template gives you a lot of ways to make a website for an NGO that stands out. Any business or organization needs a well-made website these days. It can help spread the word about your services and get more people to give money.

But you can't have a successful NGO without a well-designed website. Because of this, a lot of businesses work with web development studios.

town chapel native church html templateMore info / download Demo


Sacreva Church and not-for-profit group HTML5 template is clean, modern, and professional. It can be used in a variety of ways by Church and non-profit organizations. Sacreva HTML5 template is a clean, modern, and simple template that was made for churches, charities, charity foundations, charity templates, donation portals, fundraisers, mosques, NGOs, and non-profits.

sacreva churchMore info / download Demo


Ummah is a fully responsive React template made with Reactstrap 4, pure React js, and no jQuery. It's a modern React template that can be used for Islamic Center Nonprofit React Template. We've added a folder with documentation to explain how the code is set up. We've put in the best web development practices, so you can use Bootstrap 4 to make a great website layout.

ummah islamicMore info / download Demo


Hafsa Islamic Center Responsive HTML5 Template is a template for an Islamic center that is run by a non-profit. Hafsa HTML Template has everything an Islamic center, mosque, Muslim Institute website, or charity organization needs.

It has 1 homepages, an events page, a donations page, a sermons page, a gallery block, a about page, blog posts, services, a team of scholars page, courses, a products page, a about us page, and a contact us page. It is the best website for your Islamic center, Mosque, and charity foundation.

hafsa islamic centerMore info / download Demo


A church and charity HTML5 template is a great way to start building a website. Even non-profit and religious groups need to have a well-designed website these days. Still, building a beautiful website takes a lot of practice. Because of this, many churches and religious groups tend to hire professionals to build their websites.

farite churchMore info / download Demo


Maktab Islamic Center Responsive HTML5 Template is a template for an Islamic center that is run by a nonprofit. Maktab HTML Template has everything an Islamic center, mosque, Muslim Institute website, or charity organization needs.

It has 3 homepages, a “Events” page, a “Donations” page, a “Sermons” page, a “Gallery Block,” “About,” “Blog Posts,” “Services,” “Team – Scholars,” “Course,” “Products,” “About Us It is the best website for your Islamic center, Mosque, and charity foundation.

maktab islamicMore info / download Demo


Using a modern church HTML website template is a great way to make a good site for a catholic group or community. Churches, like many other places of business, need to be advertised well.

But websites today can do more than just advertise your business. They are made to bring together a group of people who trust you and back you. Websites are a great choice for churches and other religious groups because of this.

calm churchMore info / download Demo


Krowd is a professional and stylish HTML template for a website where people can donate to crowdfunding projects and charities. It is made especially for crowdfunding businesses, charities, fundraising, non-profits, NGOs, donations, churches, Mosques, and all other non-profit charity and crowdfunding websites and businesses.

krowd charityMore info / download Demo


Start using the Churhius HTML Website Template right away to turn your visitors into praying people. Our Church HTML website template has a lot of easy-to-use features that make it great for churches, charities, and other non-profit groups. Based on the latest Bootstrap grid 4 and an approach that puts mobile first.

churhius religion html templateDemo More info / download

Grace Church

Grace Church Charity & Church Bootstrap HTML Template is a responsive Bootstrap Grid based on a 1170px grid system. This Template can be useful for churches, charities, non-profits, and prayer groups. Things like the Bulletin, Programs, Events, Sermons, and so on.

grace church bootstrap html templateDemo More info / download


BudhSpace is a responsive HTML template based on Bootstrap. It is best for Buddhist, Buddhism religious model html. Create a website to give information about Buddhism to the general public. Maybe you have a Buddha model that you want to create a beautiful website.

buddha html templateDemo More info / download

Church HTML

Church is a modern HTML template with a clean, simple, and universal design style. This template focuses on content and a number of different things, so it can be used in many different situations.

church html templateDemo More info / download


BetterLife is a new lightweight and aerial HTML template, which will be a perfect alliance for a church website, Christian charity organization or other religious institutions. If you want more people to learn what your organization is doing and what it represents, you definitely need a professional website. This will be very useful and practical in many ways: it will be a great place to connect people, it will make it easier to organize events and update your latest news and, above all, it's perfect.

betterlife church html templateMore info / download Demo

New Life

New Life is a clean and light site template created for churches, prayer groups, christian, charity and non-profit organizations. The model responds perfectly to the preparation of the retina at 100%, which means it can adapt to any screen size or resolution.

new life church religion site template More info / download Demo


WeBelieve is a HTML5 template designed and developed for churches, prayer groups, Christians, charitable and non-profit. It is fully responsive template based on Twitter Bootstrap part that makes it available for all screen sizes from the largest to smartphones.

webelieve church responsive html5 template More info / download Demo

Cross Church

Cross Church Theme HTML template is now being shown to you. This is the best and most complete answer to a wide range of problems that churches and the Christian religion face. In addition, it can be changed and has a lot of design options, so it can be used to make almost any kind of website layout, both for personal and business use. Web designers like it because it is easy to use and has a wide range of design options.

Cross Church HTML Template Demo More info / download

Our Church

Our Church website template has many features for churches or other ngo non-profits. Based on Latest Bootstrap framework 3.2.0 with Mobile first approach. 18+ HTML Pages: home, about, Ministry, Sermons, Image Gallery, Video Gallery, Blog list, Blog single, Events & Programs, Event Single, Working Event Calendar with Google calendar Integrated, & Donations, Prayers and Worships, FAQ, Shortcodes, Full Width, Left Sidebar, Contact us.

church website template responsiveDemo More info / download

Deeds Church

Inspiring a new spirit for the religious cause, Deeds is a simple, neat, clean & catchy premium HTML website template for building an innovative featured website for church, organization, nonprofit, fundraising, donation or foundation website. With the built-in 7 unique Homepage styles, you can give a special taste and variety to your website.

Each of its two novel header styles can be made sticky, corresponding to your own choice. Likewise, two of the four available gallery pages are in Masonry style with 3 and 4 columns. Most importantly, the fine error-free coding, lightweight, cross-browser compatible and advanced SEO features will render your project outstanding popularity over the ever expanding universe of internee.

deeds nonprofit church website template Demo More info / download

Adore Church

Adore Church is a fully functional HTML template that was designed and built to make websites for churches, charities, non-profit organizations, and religious groups. A team of professionals with a lot of experience in the web development industry made Adore Church. It is very useful for websites that show off businesses or portfolios.

Adore-Church-Responsive-HTML5-TemplateDemo More info / download


Bethlehem – Church template is a clean and modern template just for your Nonprofit organisation with many features like Sermons and Events section/pages, Donations sections/pages, Commerce Shop and its social networks ready with lot other features.

Bethlehem-Church-Bootstrap-3-HTML5-TemplateDemo More info / download


NativeChurch is a fully functional HTML template that was designed and built so that churches, charities, non-profit organizations, and religious groups can use it to make their own websites. The website design template was made so that making websites for these kinds of organizations would take less time and effort. It is very useful for websites that show off businesses or portfolios.

NativeChurch-Responsive-HTML5-TemplateDemo More info / download


Blessing is a responsive HTML5/CSS3 template made especially for the websites of religious and charitable groups. It also has a large number of page templates for galleries, events, and news, so any kind of business can use it. It looks perfect on both big screens and small devices you can hold in your hand.

Blessing-Responsive-HTML5-CSS3-TemplateDemo More info / download

Spirit Free

Well done site is a good communication tool for all religious groups. Or set clean and free church website templates features a balance between modern appearance, user friendly, page layouts, mobile devices and professional codes.

spirit free church html5 templateDemo More info / download