10 Best Wedding Website Templates 2023

A wedding website has become an essential tool for couples to share their journey, showcase their love story, and keep guests informed about the big day. With an array of wedding website templates available, couples now have the opportunity to create a personalized and visually stunning online platform that captures the essence of their love story. In this blog post, we'll delve into the world of wedding website templates, exploring their importance, key features, and providing valuable tips for selecting the ideal template to complement your unique style and celebration.

Your wedding website serves as an online reflection of your love story and celebration. By selecting the perfect wedding website template and personalizing it to match your style, you'll create a virtual space that not only informs but also excites and engages your guests. With this guide in hand, you're well-equipped to craft a wedding website that will leave a lasting impression on all who visit.


Lovelo is a distinct and responsive React Next wedding website template characterized by its clean, modern, and elegant design. The template incorporates contemporary technologies such as React, Sass, and Bootstrap for its construction.

It encompasses various essential elements for wedding websites, including details about the couple, their love story, a countdown to the event, sections for groomsmen and bridesmaids, and comprehensive event information. Notably, the template includes an RSVP form capable of sending emails. With its exceptional design and comprehensive features, Lovelo is an excellent choice for couples seeking to create a personalized wedding website. Its design is optimized for both mobile devices and desktops, ensuring a clean and straightforward user experience.”

lavelo wedding website templateMore info / download Demo


Nozze stands as an exceptional wedding website template tailored for Wedding Planner websites. This high-quality design caters to wedding planners, consultants, and ceremony organizers, offering a comprehensive web solution. Crafted with a focus on professionalism and reliability, the template presents a concise page layout that effectively showcases wedding services.

With its functional structure, it adeptly highlights a wide range of offerings and services while ensuring depth and detail. Notably, “Nozze” is equipped with comprehensive documentation and 24/7 free support, facilitating a seamless start to your online project.”

nozze best wedding website templateMore info / download Demo


Dahlia is a modern and visually appealing responsive wedding website theme. With its clean and beautiful design, it serves as a perfect match for creating digital wedding invitations. This theme offers a contemporary aesthetic that aligns well with the concept of sharing wedding details online in an elegant and engaging manner.”

dahlia responsive wedding website themeMore info / download Demo


Feelings is a modern wedding website template designed to cater to weddings and wedding planner services. With a high-quality and professional web design, it's suitable for wedding planners, consultants, and ceremony organizers. The template offers a concise page layout, perfect for establishing a dependable online presence for personal or business ventures in the wedding industry.

Its functional layout effectively showcases a comprehensive range of services and offerings, presenting them in-depth. Supported by thorough documentation and available 24/7 support, “Feelings” ensures a seamless start to your online project, making it an ideal choice for creating a professional and engaging web presence for wedding-related services.”

feelings modern wedding website templateMore info / download Demo


LoveLove is a creative wedding website template tailored for weddings and wedding planning services. This high-quality web design is well-suited for wedding planners, consultants, and ceremony organizers. The template boasts a concise page layout, making it a suitable choice for establishing a professional and reliable online presence for both personal and business ventures within the wedding industry.

Its functional design effectively showcases a comprehensive array of services and offerings, presented in-depth. With comprehensive documentation and available 24/7 support, “LoveLove” ensures a seamless launch for your online project. This template is ideal for creating a dynamic and engaging web presence for various wedding-related services.

lovelove creative wedding website templateMore info / download Demo


Florya offers an elegant wedding website design, tailored for those who appreciate a clean, modern, and creative template. Ideal for wedding planners, event organizers, and related services, this design serves as an attractive and effective platform to showcase work to clients. Boasting a captivating first impression, the “Florya” template is easily customizable, making it versatile for various needs.

The template incorporates Bootstrap Framework, Owl Carousel, Animate, Themify Icons, YouTube Popup, Magnific Popup Gallery, and Google fonts to enhance its functionality and aesthetics. Detailed credits and sources are provided, ensuring transparency in its design elements.”

florya elegant wedding website designMore info / download Demo


Loveme is a customizable wedding website design tailor-made for Wedding Planners. With a focus on quality, it offers a comprehensive web solution for wedding planners, consultants, and related services. This template is designed to create professional and dependable online presence, whether for personal or business ventures within the wedding industry.

loveme customizable wedding website designMore info / download Demo

Olivia & Enrico

Olivia & Enrico is a mobile-friendly wedding website template featuring a minimal, clean, and modern design. Tailored for individuals who treasure their wedding day, the template serves as an excellent fit for wedding planners, event organizers, photographers, and more. It offers an uncomplicated and visually appealing platform to showcase work to clients.

Specifically designed for wedding-related roles such as coordinators, designers, and photographers, “Olivia & Enrico” presents a straightforward and effective method to share your services. With a clean code structure, the template boasts flexibility and ease of customization, making management and personalization effortless.

olivia enrico mobile friendly wedding websiteMore info / download Demo


PWE is a Wedding and Event Planner template distinguished by its minimal, clean, and contemporary design. Ideal for those who appreciate simplicity, the template is well-suited for a range of roles including wedding planners, event organizers, coordinators, designers, and photographers.

It provides an effortless and visually pleasing method to showcase work to clients. Designed with a focus on wedding-related services, “PWE” offers an easy, attractive, and effective means of sharing your expertise. This template is a suitable choice for individuals and businesses seeking a modern and user-friendly platform to display their wedding and event planning services.”

pwe personalized wedding website templateMore info / download Demo


WedCo presents a sleek, modern, and vibrant design ideal for crafting exclusive websites catering to weddings, event planning, photography, and related services. This versatile template is suited for wedding planners, photographers, caterers, and shops specializing in wedding-related goods. It offers a wide range of pre-designed homepages and inner pages, serving various purposes such as wedding announcements, invitations, photography galleries, RSVP pages, and more.

The template offers features like displaying venue locations on maps, wedding gift registries, pricing plans, and comprehensive celebration information. With its appealing design, “WedCo” provides a compelling platform for building attractive and comprehensive websites for diverse wedding-related ventures.

wedco wedding html templateMore info / download Demo

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