Best Cake Shops and Bakery WordPress Themes 2021

In a word, these best selling cake shops and bakery WordPress themes let people launch their long-awaited websites without losing a lot of time or money. All in all, do you want to own a stylish and qualitative online project, which will be worthy of its guests’ attention? Believe me, now it takes much less time to adjust and launch a desired website, if compared to making it all from scratch. That is why using these cake shops and bakery WordPress themes will definitely further the process of website creation and save your time, even if you have never worked with such services before! What is more, these cake shops and bakery WordPress themes were made for your comfort, so they are easy-to-use and do not require any knowledge in computer programming. Furthermore, they are featured with a great list of such cool and helpful functions. Needless to say, the proposing cake shops and bakery WordPress themes are good enough to match any corporate needs and personal preferences.

As you may know, these days every person dreams about managing their own website that can easily tell about your business and services to the huge web audience. That is why today one may just open their browser and see a lot of different websites that propose to use their services and create a long-awaited online project just out of the box. Still, the truth is that not all of these products are good and qualitative enough in order to match your own needs or preferences. For these simple reasons, I have made this post, as here I am going to tell you about the selection of top WordPress themes for cake shops and bakery shops that I made especially for you. Seeing that, are you ready to meet these wonderful and powerful cake shops and bakery themes, powered by the most comfortable platform, called WordPress? Thus, let’s begin!


BakerFresh is a really awesome eCommerce theme that we designed for Cake Shop websites. In addition to full WooCommerce compatibility, a magnificent set of store page layouts and elements is at your complete disposal. If you want to create a stunning Cake Designer, Bakery & Chocolate Shop, Cake Shop & Pastry Bakery Coffee Shop website, look no further; BakerFresh is here!

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Swiss Delight

Designed for all your culinary wonders, Swiss Delight is a modern chocolate and pastry theme packed with all the designs, options, and features a modern chocolate shop and candy store might need. You get seven beautiful homepages for all kinds of chocolate, pastry, cake and candy, pastry, candy shop websites, and more! If you are looking for a great way to present your bakery, pastry or candy and chocolate, look no further! Welcome to Swiss Delight.

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Crems is a fancy sweet & pastry WordPress theme specially created for chocolate company, pastry shop, conditioner, bakery, yummy candy, fancy artisan chocolate, cake production, cafes and restaurants and others. The theme includes all the necessary WooCommerce ready online store pages. So that you can sell your chocolate, candy, cakes, donuts, candies, cupcakes and other desserts.

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Porus is a premium WordPress theme designed for bakeries, patisseries, and other food-related businesses. It prides itself on being incredibly easy to use and powerful through its advanced options that allow you to create a professional and impressive website without any coding knowledge.

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Panadería, a modern bakery and pastry theme. Whether you want to present your bakery or your coffee, this theme only has to be your key ingredient. Carefully created specifically for bakeries, pastries and cafes, Panadería is filled to the brim with a variety of flexible bakery layouts and captivating yet practical elements. Get Panadería now and create the tastiest bakery website you can find online.

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Sweet Jane

It’s time for dessert! Designed for all tastes, our new pastry, pastry, chocolate and bakery theme is hard to resist. Meet Sweet Jane! This charming theme is packed with a delightful collection of interior and interior homepages, ideal for all pastries and pastries. It also comes with over 25 great portfolio styles so you can present your cakes and cakes in detail. Sweet Jane is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. Presenting all types of treats, cakes and pastries, as well as your beautiful premises, is a real treat. A beautiful color palette and unlimited typography options let you create a great website for everyone.

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Cakecious Cake WordPress Theme is specially designed for bakery, ice cream, chocolate, shakes, dairy products and other similar activities. Cakecious theme has a beautiful and unique design that will best suit your web presence. This theme contains features needed for your online presence, such as the conversion-focused homepage, blog, testimonials, product description page, and more.

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Sweet Mielo

Sweet Mielo includes all the necessary pages from the WooCommerce online store ready. So that you can sell your honey, bees, donuts, cakes, cookies, ice cream, bread, sweets, pies, cupcakes, fruit, smoothies, cocktails and other sweets. This theme contains everything you need: 2 professionally designed homepages, over 20 unique shortcodes, galleries, blogs, testimonials, product catalog, product page, about, shopping cart, order and more. The theme also includes additional pages with different content elements such as typography, headers, icons, lists, tabs, sliders, page 404 and many more.

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Welcome to sweet paradise! Made with care for any bakery, pastry, confectionery or chocolate, Dolcino is a dream WordPress theme for all players in the confectionery sector. Packed with 9 elegant home pages and a large collection of interior pages, this theme is perfect for presenting cakes and desserts of all kinds. If you run a dessert shop or are an expert at candy and chocolate, look no further. Dolcino contains elements for all tastes and has been created to impress all food lovers.

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Bellaria is a unique, flexible and very powerful WordPress theme, suitable for cream shop websites. We have developed this comprehensive theme to offer everything you are looking for on a website. This theme offers many possibilities that will help you to easily create a beautiful, beautiful and unique website. Bellaria is a premium WordPress theme for cakes, bakeries and cafes, tailored to your needs and the expectations of your customers.

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Ohlala is a WordPress theme exclusively designed for ice cream producers, cookie shops, candy shops, beauty salons or juice bars. It is fully responsive, ready for the retina and easy to customize. Ohlala elegantly responds to different screen sizes and has been tested to work on all devices, from the largest desktop to modern smartphones.

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The bakery perfectly fits the bakery and bakery site with a strong, soft and elegant style. It embodies a responsive design with a product-centric layout to captivate every customer’s heart.

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Sweet Tooth

Meet all your web cravings with SweetTooth! If you are looking for a WordPress theme that will help you effortlessly create a delicious website for your pastry, pastry and even chocolate or ice cream, you’re in the right place! Whether you are fond of pastries, chocolate, candies, cookies, confectionery or pastries, this theme is for you. It contains beautiful home pages that can be easily adapted to your tastes and that also contain the appropriate elements to meet your needs. SweetTooth is without a doubt the best choice for all the chocolate shops, pastries, cookies and websites on desserts.

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Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake is a multi-page, fully responsive WordPress theme designed for all cakes and pastries related websites. The theme includes many fun elements that are very easy to edit. It builds on the Bootstrap framework, which offers powerful options that make the theme fully customizable.

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Cakeryshop is the ultimate theme of the WordPress cake. Cakeryshop can be customized to your needs with incredible ease, thanks to its powerful administrator options. It comes with easy-to-follow documentation and quality personalized support.

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The Baking

Fresh and clean bakery Baking and Sweets Shop WordPress theme. Our cute design is designed for bakeries, cafes, pastry shops, bistros, bars, restaurants, etc. In addition, it is suitable for candy store and candy store. The theme is compatible with WPBakery also accepts online bookings and bookings due to compatibility of the theme with Booked! connect. If you want to sell products via your website, with our new theme, you have the opportunity to open your online store based on the WooCoomerce plugin and the full integration of the design of the shop.

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Sweet Dessert

Sweet Dessert is a modern, responsive, clean and colorful WordPress theme designed for confectionery companies, bakeries, food service establishments, catering agencies, and more. The model is also an ideal solution for delivery services or for any type of coffee or business restaurant.

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Fantastic Bakery

Bakery is a premium WordPress theme designed for bakeries, bakeries and other food businesses, with more than 2,000 active users worldwide. It is proud to be incredibly easy to use and powerful thanks to its advanced options that allow you to create a professional and superb website without any coding knowledge.

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JustShoppe Beautiful WordPress and Woocommerce theme for cake, food and other companies. Justshoppe is the ultimate theme of WordPress cake shopping designed for WooCommerce. Built with the powerful and popular Elementor page builder, featuring many custom Elementor modules, Justshoppe can be customized to your specific needs with incredible ease. You’ll truly discover this end-user-driven coding and design that is the “icing on the cake” of this WordPress shopping theme for bakeries, bakeries, food and beverage companies, and similar businesses. .

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Fable is a premium wordpress theme, designed for food, bakery, cafe, pub & restaurant websites.

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Baker is ideal for any bakery, pastry shop or pastry shop. This modern theme includes 12 delicious homepages and a nice collection of interior pages. It also contains an amazing set of portfolio, shop and blog templates to help you present your sweet products in detail. Baker is suitable for the gourmet blog or any type of online store selling cakes, sweets or cookies. Designed to meet your needs, Baker does not require coding knowledge. So you can create an amazing website today, with ease! Get Baker and spread the sweet inspiration!

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Invisio Cake is a responsive WordPress theme perfect for your business. The graphics are very sweet and creative, ideal for bakeries, ice cream parlors, restaurants, yogurt and cake designers, but if you wish, you can change the colors to fit the theme to all activities.

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Sweet Cake

Sweet Cake is a one-page, multi-page, responsive WordPress theme that’s perfect for your business. The graphics is very sweet and creative, it is ideal for bakeries, ice cream parlors, restaurants and cake designers. However, you can change the colors to fit the theme to all activities. You will also find in the package of pretty icons. The theme was designed using the 1200 px grid system with 12 columns.

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