17 Best Cosmetics WordPress Themes 2022

best cosmetics wordpress themes

This website has the largest selection of cosmetics WordPress themes that can be used in stores that sell cosmetics and other beauty-related items. You might be able to have a fully functional website that has everything you need up and running in just a few minutes. The best part is that you won't have to worry about anything, like coding or installing anything. This requires no participation on your part at all.

Since each of these templates has already been made, you can use them even if you don't know how to code. The reason for this is that each of these templates has already been made. The reason for this is that all of these templates have already been made. If you make your own cosmetics and other beauty products, you might be interested in learning how to sell them on the internet. This is especially true if you already have a large number of regular customers.

If you decide to use a platform like WordPress, you can have your online business up and running in as little as one day. The bad news is that it might take longer if you use a platform other than WordPress. If you are looking for a new WordPress theme for your beauty or cosmetics business, you should start your search right here. You can easily find best cosmetics WooCommerce WordPress themes that meets all of your needs because there are so many of them. This is possible because there are so many different theme options to choose from.

This includes a huge number of options for customization, search engine optimization, and speed optimization, which lets your store's pages load faster and rank higher in search engines. This also comes with a large number of options for speed optimization. This also includes a large number of options for speeding up processes. Mega menus, quick views of the products, and pictures of the things themselves are all used to make it easier for customers to find and look at all of the things that can be bought on the website.

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Biagiotti Cosmetics Shop

Biagiotti is a beautiful eCommerce cosmetics WordPress theme that we made for beauty-related websites and online cosmetics businesses. It's not available anywhere else. If you use Biagiotti, you can make your online store look absolutely gorgeous. The theme works perfectly with WooCommerce, and it also comes with a nice selection of shop page layouts and elements that you can use in your online store.

You can use these shop page layouts and parts in your online store. In addition, it works well with the page builder plugins of both Elementor and WPBakery, which is another benefit that shouldn't be overlooked. When making a website for a beauty or cosmetics company, you need to use these tools to make a site that is both nice to look at and useful.

biagiotti cosmetics shop wordpress thememore info / download demo hosting

Iva Cosmetics Shop

This eCommerce WordPress theme was made for online stores that sell things like makeup kits, cosmetics, and skin care products. These include stores that sell makeup kits, cosmetics, and skin care products. skin care products, spas and beauty shops, salon supplies, and companies that make handcrafted and natural cosmetics.

Online stores that sell skin care products use a simple WordPress plugin that, when turned on, makes it possible to use the basic design elements that come with design themes. The themes from Design Themes can be downloaded for free from their site, and version 1.0 of this plug-in is already included.

This plugin has all of the custom post types and short codes that come with the design themes. It works with APIs from websites other than Elementor in addition to Elementor. This makes it easier for the plugin to be used to build the layout and pages.

iva beauty cosmetics shop wordpress thememore info / download demo hosting

Triss Cosmetics Shop

Triss is a WordPress theme for hairdressers that was made on the WooCommerce Salon platform and is responsive to customer needs. It sells hair products like hair extensions, wigs, and hair care products. This hairdo WordPress theme is made to work at its best for hair spas, cosmetic woocommerce businesses, wellness centers, beauty product stores, and other haircut barbershops and beauty care services. On the Hair One Page Landing Page, there is a list of hair-related stores and other websites.

When you use this eCommerce theme, your online cosmetic shop business will look even better and more on-trend than before. This is because the theme has features that can be used in any situation, as well as a design that is mostly black and gold. The Beauty and Hair Salon WordPress theme comes with a variety of already-built page layouts and styles.

These features make it easier to use the theme to put together a website. It has a number of different designs, and each one can be changed into a different layout right away. These designs include testimonials, full-screen sliders, unique content on the inner pages, and different pricing options for men and women. There is also a list of the hours of operation.

triss beauty cosmetics shop wordpress thememore info / download demo hosting


Cosmetsy is a Beauty and Cosmetics Shop eCommerce Elementor WooCommerce Theme for WordPress. If you want to build a cosmetics store, you will need to use this theme. Use this theme if you want to build a store for cosmetics. With this great theme, you can open your own online cosmetics store with sections for body care, health, and beauty products in just a few hours.

This theme makes it easy for anyone, even someone who has never made or managed a website before, to make their own site because it has some of the most popular and cutting-edge features. Continue reading this article if you want to find out more about what makes this great WordPress theme such a great choice for websites. My expectations were completely and totally blown away by how well the template was made and by how great the customer service was when I bought it.

I asked for help because I was having trouble making changes to the template. I got an answer to my question pretty quickly. They fixed the problem quickly by logging into my account and importing the template in the right way. This was a simple way to fix the problem that had come up. As soon as I saw what they did, I knew I had made a stupid mistake, so I apologized right away.

I missed a very important step when I was importing this template and making it look exactly like the sample. Not only do I highly recommend using this template, but I also recommend the other products this designer has to offer because they are of high quality and the customer service is great.

cosmetsy beauty cosmetics shop thememore info / download demo hosting


During the design and development of the Passim theme for beauty and cosmetics, it was made with the WooCommerce online stores that sell modern beauty products and cosmetics in mind. After reading this, you'll have a new way of thinking about things you can use to take care of your face.

You will have access to a lot of beautiful product display layouts and skincare shop layouts, as well as a carefully made gift card template that works with Elementor Page Builder. The Passim theme, which is about skin care, can help your brand-new website stand out from the rest and get more visitors.

If you have questions about Passim or want to learn more about it, you can look up a large number of interesting articles in a short amount of time in our Knowledge Base. If you want to find out more about the subject of Passim, click here. If you have already bought Passim and have questions about it, please don't hesitate to visit our Help Center.

One of our support staff members will be glad to help you in any way they can. If you're having trouble, don't be afraid to stop by our Help Center.

passim beauty cosmetics thememore info / download demo hosting


Beaux is an elegant and flexible WordPress theme that can be used for many different things, such as running a beauty salon. Online shops sell a wide range of cosmetics, beauty products, and health products. If you want the demo content to be part of the final product, you can add it to the Beaux WordPress theme quickly and easily with just one click using the Unyson Importer.

If you want it to be included in the end result, It will make your website look just like the demo page and save you time at the same time. The Slider Revolution is a powerful and flexible tool for making slide presentations that can be used in many different places and for many different purposes.

The elegant and classy Beaux WordPress theme works well with and is compatible with the Slider Revolution Plugin. It gives you access to a wide range of eye-catching transition effects and animations that you can use in your presentation to show a wide range of information.

To get people's attention quickly, you should show off your best deals and most popular food items in a way that is appealing to the eye. This will get their attention as soon as possible.

beaux beauty cosmetics shop thememore info / download demo hosting


The theme of TouchUp, which is carried out in its entirety, is all about how important a person's outward appearance is. We made it so that it could be used in businesses like cosmetic and plastic surgery, as well as in any other medical businesses that might need it in the future. Also, we made it so that it could be used in the field of medicine in general.

TouchUp works with Elementor Page Builder, and it comes with three premium plugins that the user can use without having to pay anything extra. TouchUp works with another popular page builder called Visual Composer. TouchUp also works with the Slider Revolution plugin for Elementor. By downloading TouchUp right away, you can get a head start on creating an interesting new website for your cosmetic or plastic surgery practice.

touchup cosmetic wordpress thememore info / download demo hosting


The best thing to do would be to get started right away by using the Cosmecos Organic Cosmetics WordPress Theme. The best thing for you to do would be to do this. If you want to start an online business that sells cosmetic starter kits, fragrances, or skin care products, you should look into this topic and use it. You should do this if you want to start a business.

Those specific people will have no trouble getting whatever it is they want. You can expect to get a lot out of the WordPress Theme for Cosmecos Organic Cosmetics and Perfumes if you use it to build a website for a health or beauty store. This is why you should think about using it.

This is because the theme can offer a wide range of useful features. You should have high hopes for how this will turn out. Here are some of the most important things you can do with it: Our team made the absolutely stunning Comecos eCommerce theme with beauty websites and online cosmetics stores in mind.

The theme works well with WooCommerce, and on top of that, it has a nice range of shop page layouts and elements that you can use in your online store. Also, it works perfectly with the two Elementor page builder plugins that are available right now. Comecos gives you all the tools you need to make a website for a beauty or cosmetics store that is both beautiful and useful.

cosmecos cosmetics woocommerce thememore info / download demo hosting


Glowing is a WordPress theme that could help a WooCommerce store that sells cosmetics and other personal care products. It was made with WPBakery and Elementor, which are two of the most popular and powerful page builders available right now. You can use both of these page builders on your website.

Gleaming users can choose from more than ten attractive homepage layouts, more than seven modern shop layouts, and more than five layouts for product detail pages. Because of this, it is a great subject that can be changed to meet a wide range of needs the store might have about how it looks to the outside world.

glowing beauty cosmetics shop thememore info / download demo hosting


The Levre WordPress theme was made by a group of product designers who worked together with the goal of making it useful in different kinds of beauty salons and boutiques. Levre is a great name for any kind of online business, whether it's a cosmetics store, an organic beauty store, a perfume shop, or something else.

Levre is also a great option for any kind of online business. When you use the customizer's options for your theme, it's easy to make changes to your theme, and these changes will show up on all of your pages. If, for example, you change the design of the header or the background, this will affect every page of your website.

This is because the background and header are the same on each page. You can choose from one of the more than 800 free fonts that Google offers, or you can send in your own font to make your site stand out.

levre cosmetics beauty shop thememore info / download demo hosting


Makeaholic is a WooCommerce cosmetics store WordPress theme that was made to sell cosmetics and other beauty-related items. The word “makeaholic,” which means “beauty addict,” is where its name comes from. The name of this subject comes from the word “makeaholic,” which means “beauty addict” in English. It was put together with the help of Elementor, which is the most well-known and highly rated page builder on the market right now.

Makeaholic's customers can choose from more than eight different layouts for product detail pages, as well as more than six appealing homepages, more than six current shop layouts, and a few other layout options. So, it's a great subject that can be changed to meet many of the shop's requirements about how it looks to the outside world.

Modern design elements that focus on cosmetics and beauty online businesses have been added, and a lot of premium widgets have been added to speed up and improve the site. These changes were made to make the site better. This is because people think that a website that loads quickly is one that they can trust and that works well.

makeaholic beauty cosmetics wordpress thememore info / download demo hosting


Luchiana is a WooCommerce WordPress theme that looks simple but is elegant, loads quickly, and looks good. Besides that, it has these other good qualities: This can help a lot with both optimizing the site for search engines and getting more people to visit it. By using Elementor Page Builder, you can make changes to your website and still have a good time.

You can also use building pieces that have already been made. The Luchiana theme can be used for almost any kind of e-commerce website, including but not limited to beauty shops, cosmetics stores, fashion shops, clothing stores, and perfume boutiques. Because there are so many ways to change our WordPress theme, we hope you will find it fun to play around with it. If you have any questions about our WordPress Beauty Shop Theme, don't be afraid to get in touch with our helpful support team.

luchiana cosmetics beauty shop thememore info / download demo hosting

Organic Natural Cosmetics

Because this theme works with WooCommerce, it can be used to make almost any kind of online store, such as ones that sell natural cosmetics, spa gifts, makeup, and so on. In addition to WPBakery Page Builder, it works with Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, and WPML (also known as Visual Composer). Because the theme's design is simple, both the user interface and the layout are easy to use.

It looks great on all kinds of devices, like smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, because it is fully responsive and optimized for Retina. In addition, it gives you three ready-made homepages, two shop layouts for WooCommerce, three gallery layouts, and six different ways to set up your blog posts. Putting together your website will be a lot easier if you use the shortcodes that are already made and available to you. Use this beautiful premium WordPress theme to its fullest and have the best time you can.

organic natural cosmetics wordpress thememore info / download demo hosting

Hara Cosmetics WooCommerce

Hara is a cosmetics WordPress theme that can be customized to meet the needs of any retail establishment selling cosmetics or natural beauty products and can be used by anyone. It is also an excellent option for any website that focuses on organic food or healthy eating in general. The easy-to-use mobile menu that Hara provides to its customers makes it quick and painless for them to choose the dish that is going to serve them in the best possible manner.

You will be given a whopping three hundred pages, in addition to having the option to import demonstration content with a single click of the mouse. You can have a functioning online storefront up and running in almost no time at all if you take advantage of the many different kinds of content that are available right this second. There are many different ways to get in touch with the company, as well as a cool checkout process, and even a blog system. Both the home page and the product pages have a really good design.

In addition, despite widespread belief, working with Hara does not call for any prior experience or knowledge in the field of computer programming. Because Hara makes it so easy to make changes, you won't even have to touch a single line of code in order to implement the changes you want.

hara cosmetics shop woocommerce thememore info / download demo hosting


The Cerla cosmetics WordPress theme is a great choice for websites that sell makeup and other beauty products online and are powered by WooCommerce. Because it uses the most recent version of Bootstrap's back-end framework, this theme will not only look great but also work well for your business because of how well it displays products. Cerla, a company that makes things, spends a lot of time and effort figuring out which category each of its products fits best in and then putting it in that category.

Having said that, it also shows how different parts of the web work in their own ways. A grouping of different things to draw attention to certain products or services. Because the Cerla website was built with the Elementor plugin, you can easily change the site to fit your needs by dragging and dropping elements to the right places on the page. Also, Cerla works with not just one but three different Multi Vendor plugins. These plugins, especially Wc Marketplace, Wc Vendor, and Dokan, will help you when building Multi Vendor websites.

cerla cosmetics woocommerce wordpress thememore info / download demo hosting

Ordo Natural Cosmetic

Ordo is a great cosmetics WooCommerce theme that works great for websites that sell natural cosmetics, nail cosmetics, skincare, and anything else you could want on a beauty cosmetics website. It also works great for sites that sell natural cosmetics, nail polish, and skin care products. This great theme was built from the ground up with performance in mind, and it works with the WooCommerce e-commerce platform.

It comes with a number of features by default, such as an Off-Canvas Cart, Size and Color Variation Swatches, and Advanced Widgets. The Ordo theme has been made better so that it works as quickly and efficiently as possible. With the One-Press Demo Importer plugin, you can import all of the beautiful demo layouts with just the click of a button.

This saves you both time and effort. The theme is search engine friendly because it was built with the latest web technology and then optimized with SEO. Both of these things were done after the original construction of the theme was done.

ordo natural cosmetic wordpress thememore info / download demo hosting


Cosmetro is a WooCommerce theme that was put together with the help of the Elementor Page Builder. This theme is made for online stores that sell cosmetics. This theme has been made better with the addition of six more skins, all of which are great at meeting the needs of women when they shop online. It is completely responsive, and the use of standard Elementor modules makes it easy to create a lot of different types of content while keeping a high level of customization.

With the help of a wide range of additional modules, sliders, post grids, carousels, and other elements can be added to the website's content. These extras are not required in any way, but they are still included in the package for your convenience. When you buy the whole package of the product, you get to keep each of these modules.

Using the Installation Wizard that comes with the Cosmetro theme, it's as easy as counting to three to install and turn on all of the necessary plugins. The theme comes with the Installation Wizard. This gives you more options for how to present your ideas. This gives you the chance to show off your products and services in a way that is different from how they have been shown in the past.

If you use the JetElements and JetMenu plugins together, you can organize your content and draw attention to certain parts of it at the same time. You'll also be able to add things that are meant to catch the eye of potential buyers, which is a very good thing. They give you access to a wide range of resources that you can use to possibly make your website more useful.

cosmetro cosmetics store elementor thememore info / download demo hosting