100+ Free CSS CSS3 Menu Navigation 2021

Useful free jquery css3 css menu navigation plugin and tutorials that it is an important part of website design. Learn about css3 jquery menu. In this showcasing, we have pick up beautiful responsive jquery menu navigation plugins and tutorials that you can also download free. In fact, css3 menu is useful navigation link that you will see on every websites templates, it is an important part of website to show visitor about your website purpose and also easy for user to find information on the website. All those jquery plugin menu types such as jquery slide menu, jquery vertical menu, jquery menu dropdown, jquery context menu, jquery sliding menu, jquery tree menu, jquery menu button, jquery top menu, jquery menus, jquery menu bar, jquery floating menu, jquery accordion menu, jquery horizontal menu, jquery expanding menu, jquery hover menu, css popup menu…etc.

Lavalamp CSS Menu

more info / download

One Page Navigation CSS Menu

more info / download

Overlay Css menu

more info / download

Pure CSS Menu Transition

more info / download

Pure CSS One page vertical navigation

more info / download

CSS Swinging Panel Menu

more info / download

CSS Menu Icon Animation

more info / download

Pure CSS – Menu App

more info / download

CSS Side navigation & Hamburger Menu

more info / download

CSS Menu Icons

more info / download

PureCSS Menu

more info / download

Fullscreen menu with cool links

more info / download

Pure CSS Drawer Menu with overlay

more info / download

Flower CSS Menu

more info / download

Material design animation

more info / download

Pure CSS menu cutout effect

more info / download

Responsive Pure CSS Menu Drawer

more info / download

Pure CSS Menu Navigation

more info / download

Clickable CSS tabs

more info / download

Pure CSS Menu Drawer w/ off-click

more info / download

Simple CSS Drop Menu

more info / download

Pure CSS Sidemenu

more info / download

Responsive multilevel css menu

more info / download

CSS Menu Unroll Effect

more info / download

Css menu maker

more info / download

css toggle btn

more info / download

CSS menu transitions

more info / download

CSS Drop Down Multi-column Menu with Search Field

more info / download

Basic Flat CSS Menu

more info / download

CSS3 Funny Menu

more info / download

CSS3 Menu Dropdowns

more info / download

CSS3 menu with effects

This is a CSS3 only slide effect menu.

more info / download

CSS3 Side Menu

Simple CSS3 only menu. Best for single page applications/on page links.

css3 side menumore info / download

CSS3 Menu Gradient Text

This menu for a clients new site I am developing, If you are using chrome or safari you will see gradient text 🙂

css3 menu gradient text more info / download

Metro style Windows 8 CSS3 Menu

metro style windows 8 css3 menu more info / download

Large horizontal menu with CSS3 transitions

more info / download

CSS3 3D Transform Menu

CSS3 Menu continues to unfold as you dive deeper into the menu.

more info / download

3-Level Responsive Drop Down Navigation Menu with jQuery CSS3

3-Level Responsive Drop Down Navigation Menu with jQuery CSS3demo more info / download

Pure Css3 Menu

pure css3 menumore info / download

Responsive CSS3 and jQuery Menu

Drop Down Responsive Menu with CSS3 and jQuerydemo more info / download

CSS3 Menu hover effects

css3 menu hover effects more  info

Responsive Drop Down Menu jQuery CSS3 Using Icon Symbol

Responsive Drop Down Menu jQuery CSS3 Using Icon Symboldemo download

Fully responsive CSS3 menu

A fully responsive menu without any need of JavaScript and using less than 200 lines of functional CSS code.

fully responsive css3 menu more info / download

CSS3 Menu With Icons

css3 menu with iconsmore info / download

Responsive CSS3 Menu with Toggle Animation

responsive css3 menu with toggle animation more info / download

Off canvas menu

off canvas menu more info / download

Reveal Nav Menu Scotch

reveal-nav-menu-scotchmore info / download

Flat CSS3 Menu

flat css3 menumore info / download

Some more ideas Slide Menu

some more ideas slide menumore info / download


css3-menu-buildmore info / download

Responsive menu with sub-menu

responsive menu with sub-menu more info / download

Color-Coded CSS3 Dropdown Navigation with Submenus

Dropdown menus have been around for years and they’ve served their purpose quite well. Very much like old-yet-functional technology, dropdown menus continue to support users from all browsers and operating systems. The major differences have come about from a change in newer trends with jQuery and CSS3.

Color-Coded-CSS3-Dropdown-Navigation more info / download

Perspective Page View Navigation

Some effects for a perspective page view navigation where the page itself gets pushed away in 3D to reveal a menu or other items. This navigation idea is seen in mobile app design and we wanted to explore some more effects.

Perspective-Page-View-Navigationdemo more info / download

Hidden Flyout Shopping Cart Menu with CSS3

For every modern eCommerce website the shopping cart is a crucial feature. Most of the time visitors will have to click a link or button to view all the items in their cart. This is a much cleaner solution because everything can be listed on the page without sacrificing extra information.

Hidden-Flyout-Shopping-Cart-Menu-with-CSS3more info / download

Animated Border Menus

A tutorial on how to create a off-canvas icon navigation with an animated border effect. The menu effect is inspired by CreativeDash’s bounce menu for mobile apps.

Animated-Border-Menusdemo more info / download

Listing Widget Using CSS3 and jQuery

In this tutorial I want to demonstrate how to build a dynamic careers/jobs page with jQuery. This method will save room on the page and offer a quick tabbed interface for users to switch between different positions. And this technique can be applied to any company website so there’s a lot of flexibility.

Listing-Widget-Using-CSS3-and-jQuerymore info / download

Setting Active States on Sticky Navigations while Scrolling

This experiment shows how to set the active state on links in a sticky navigation bar when scrolling.

Setting-Active-States-on-Sticky-Navigations-while-Scrollingmore info / download

An other navigation item

An-other-navigation-itemmore info / download

Custom CSS3 & jQuery Icon Font Dropdown Menu

This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a jQuery-powered icon picker input field. The library is called fontIconPicker which is free and open source to use in any number of projects. It’s a great choice because all the fonts are completely free and you don’t even need to worry about rendering issues.

Custom-CSS3-jQuery-Icon-Font-Dropdown-Menu more info / download

Responsive Sliding Drawer Menu with Lightbox Effect

One popular navigation trend is the hidden sliding menu for large and small screen displays. Some may call this a hamburger menu, side-toggle menu, sliding drawer menu, or anything similar – but they all describe the same interface.

Responsive-Sliding-Drawer-Menu-with-Lightbox-Effect more info / download

Retro Navigation – Full CSS

Retro-Navigation-Full-CSSmore info / download

CSS3/Javascript Pure Dropdown Menu

CSS3-Javascript-Pure-Dropdown-Menumore info / download

Responsive CSS3 Side Navigation Menu

Media Queries Transitions (resize the window slowly to see the transitions), nav items slide out on hover when it collapses on smaller screens.

Responsive-CSS3-Side-Navigation-Menumore info / download

iOS style sliding menu

iOS-style-sliding-menumore info / download

CSS3 Responsive Navigation Menu

CSS3-Responsive-Navigation-Menumore info / download

Navigation indicator from YNAB

Navigation-indicator-from-YNABmore info / download

Social App Menu

Social-App-Menumore info / download

Side Sliding Menu CSS

Side-Sliding-Menu-CSSmore info / download

Simple Flat Menu

Simple-Flat-Menumore info / download

iOS like mobile navigation

iOS-like-mobile-navigationmore info / download

Subway – Red Line Menu

Subway-Red-Line-Menumore info / download

Simple dropdown-menu

Simple-dropdown-menu more info / download

Dropdown Menu Animation

Dropdown-Menu-Animationmore info / download

Dropy | A Simple SCSS & jQuery dropdown

Dropy-Simple-SCSS-jQuery-dropdownmore info / download

Solution for Long Drop Down Items

A scrolling dropdown solution made for long list of categories.

Solution-for-Long-Drop-Down-Itemsmore info / download

Navigation With Marker

Responsive navigation list with marker on rollover (no images).

Navigation-With-Markermore info / download

Country flag selector

Country-flag-selectormore info / download

Fancy Mobile Flat Navigation

Simple scrolling navigation for mobile website.

Fancy-Mobile-Flat-Navigationmore info / download

CSS3 Drop-down menu

CSS3-Drop-down-menumore info / download

Flat UI Navigation Menus

Flat-UI-Navigation-menusmore info / download

CSS Menu from side

CSS-Menu-from-sidemore info / download

Simple Vertical Menu with jQuery and CSS3

Simple, but very stylish vertical menu using some CSS3, a bit of jQuery, a custom text font and the most impressive icon font you can find at this moment, which is FontAwesome.

Simple-Vertical-Menu-with-jQuery-and-CSS3more info / download

CSS3 Navigation slide hover effect

The slide hover effect on Navigation have been quite interesting to work and enhances the beauty of the website.

CSS3-Navigation-Slide-Hover-Effectmore info / download

Minimalistic Navigation Menus

Just made few menus really quick. You can reuse them. Just need to change the color of the header. The active and hover states of the navigation links use rgba for their background colors.

Minimalistic-Navigation-Menusmore info / download

Responsive Slide Toggle Menu

Responsive-Slide-Toggle-Menumore info / download

Admin menu with buttons and icons – css3 + jquery

Administration bar (or menu or navigation) with css3, jquery and fontawesome. When toggle on button class active is added. Design ispired by old android power widget.

Admin-menu-with-buttons-and-icons-css3-jquerymore info / download

flip menu perspective

flip-menu-perspectivemore info / download

Circular Navigation Menu

Circular-Navigation-menumore info / download

Cool Navigation

Cool-Navigationmore info / download

Windows menu

Windows-menumore info / download

Responsive Navigation

Part of a update to a framework I made for a company, much of the LESS code is condense and separated into different sections of the overall framework. The JS looks at the current navigation and pushes it into a mobile version when needed

Responsive-Navigationmore info / download

Habrahabr side panel menu

Habrahabr-side-panel-menumore info / download

CSS menu rebound

CSS-menu-reboundmore info / download

Sliding Menu Item with Description

A simple CSS menu with items having description. A cool sliding effect on hover.

Sliding-Menu-Item-with-Descriptionmore info / download

Social Navigation

Social-Navigationmore info / download

Menu with Notification Badges

Menu-with-Notification-Badgesmore info / download

CSS Navigation Menu with Icons

CSS-Navigation-Menu-with-Iconsmore info / download

CSS3 Exploding Menu

An experimental CSS transition to create animated random box effect.

CSS3-Exploding-Menumore info / download

Creative CSS3 Animation Menus

CSS3-Animation-Menusdemo  download

CSS3 Menu Hover Effect

CSS3 Menu Hover Effectdemo  download

Circle Navigation Effect with CSS3

demo download

Animated Text and Icon Menu

There is a menu with a slick animated feature enjoyable on hover. The idea is to drag certain items, modify and animate the background color of the item and then drag the items back with a different color.

Animated Text and Icon Menudemo  more info / download

jQuery Menu Moving Boxes Content

It’s really sweet animations using jQuery. The idea is to have small boxes scattered around the top of the site and when a menu item is clicked, animate boxes to form the main content area. We’ll use some different animation effects that we will add any additional options to the menu item.

jQuery Menu Moving Boxes Contentdemo more info / download

Animated Content Menu with jQuery

This is a menu with the black animated content with jQuery for a themed restaurant. Menu items will be moderated and when clicked, a content area with more information will appear. Furthermore, it is the background image will change that menu item was clicked.

Animated Content Menu with jQuerydemo   more info / download

jQuery Cursor following menu

This is a navigation menu that follows the cursor, created with the jQuery framework and CSS is easy to implement and configure.

jQuery Cursor following menudemo download

Simple navigation with CSS3 and jQuery

It is a simple navigation menu built with CSS3 and the jQuery UI.

Simple navigation with CSS3 and jQuerydemo download

Overlay Effect Menu with jQuery

This is a simple menu that stand out once we fly by covering everything except the menu with a dark overlay. The menu will remain white and a zone of sub-menu to expand. We will create this effect using jQuery.

Overlay Effect Menu with jQuery demo download