30 Beautiful HTML CSS3 Social Media Buttons

In this article, we have pick up beautiful and free CSS social media code media buttons, ribbons, icons with HTML5, CSS3, jquery ready to help you enhance your web designs. Social media buttons are presented today on every website design. They are used to promote your business on social networks and get in return potential customers. There are plenty of free social media icons sets out there but in this tutorial I like to show you how to create custom ones with CSS3 help.

Feel free to use these buttons into your projects and create new ones having as starting point this tutorial. Enjoy!

Flat responsive buttons

they’re really simple flat response buttons that I was going to load into the theme forest as a little experiment. They have some nice simple CSS transitions and make use of awesome font icons. If you want to use them for anything, feel free to do so. These buttons are also within a very simple response grid that could be easily expanded.

more info / download

Simple social bar using Flexbox

A simple social button bar made with Flexbox. Works in Firefox, Chrome, IE11 and Edge.

more info / download

Subtle 3D-like Flat Social Bar

Simulate a 3D button pushed when hovering a social button into the menu.

more info / download

Sexy Social Buttons

CSS only animation effect on hover of these simple but fun social buttons.

sexy social buttons more info / download

Stylish Social Buttons

A few cool social buttons with smooth animations.

stylish social buttons more info / download

Responsive Sliding Social Media Buttons with Pure CSS3

Fully responsive sliding social media buttons built on top of CSS3 transition & transform properties to promote your webpage, post or product. Font Awesome is required for the social media icons.

Responsive-Sliding-Social-Media-Buttonsmore info / download

SVG Social Media Icons

svg social media icons more info / download

Create 3D Social Media Buttons with CSS3

3D-Social-Media-Buttons-with-CSS3more info / download

Pure CSS Social Media Icons

Each social media icon will display the relevant color on hover, using font-awesome icons – no images needed, fully modular. Just change the background color to match your website.

pure css social media icons more info / download

CSS3 Rollover Social Media Icons

This example requires a finite sized social media icon, and that you splice together two versions of the image one on top of the other. When you roll over any of the items, the background position is changed, and CSS3 takes care of the smooth transition.

CSS3-Rollover-Social-Media-Iconsmore info / download

Social Media Icons including .CSS Slide Effect

Social-Media-Icons-including-CSS3-Slide-Effectmore info / download

Free CSS3 Social Media Buttons

free offering this week is a set of social media buttons created entirely with CSS3. No images were harmed or used in the creation of these buttons, so the result is a set of beautiful buttons that look great whether you view them at their native size, smaller than that, or if you zoom in 6400%. If you’re wondering how this is possible, we have created a web font containing the social media glyphs especially for this resource (included in the package).

Free-CSS3-Social-Media-Buttonsmore info / download

Round Social Icons

reebie is a set of elegant, round social media icons. The simplicity of these icons is what makes them suitable for almost any web design project. Included in the pack are 48 of the most popular social media icons. Included are individual .png files for each icon. The vector source files included are .psd, .ai and .svg.

Round-css-Social-Iconsmore info / download

Simple css3 Social Icons

more icons, this is your essential social media icon set for 2013. The simplicity of these icons is what makes them suitable for almost any web design project. Included are 34 pixel perfect, completely editable vector icons, each surrounded by a 48 x 48 px square of the brand color.

Simple-css3-Social-Iconsmore info / download

NeatNait CSS3 social share buttons

NeatNait-CSS3-social-share-buttonsmore info / download

Social Share Subscribe widget

Social-Share-Subscribe-widgetmore info / download

Flat Social Buttons in CSS3

Flat-Social-Buttons-in-CSS3more info / download

CSS social share button

CSS-social-share-buttonmore info / download

Social Share Tooltip

Social-Share-Tooltipmore info / download

Zocial (Social Media) CSS3 Buttons

Zocial-Social-Media-CSS3-Buttonsmore info / download

Social Share Navigation

Social-Share-Navigationmore info / download

Flat Social Buttons

Flat-Social-Buttonsmore info / download

CSS3 Social Sharing Menu with Hover

CSS3-Social-Sharing-Menu-with-Hovermore info / download

Sign In Button with a Social Network

Button-with-a-Social-Networkmore info / download

Social Buttons with Icon Fonts

Social-Buttons-with-Icon-Fontsmore info / download

CSS3 Social Icons

CSS3-Social-Iconsmore info / download

Social media hover icons with pop-up titles

Social-media-hover-icons-with-pop-up-titlesmore info / download

Animated CSS3 social buttons

 Animated-CSS3-social-buttonsmore info / download

CSS3 Social Block

CSS3-Social-Blockmore info / download

Social media minimal icons

Social-media-minimal-iconsmore info / download

3D Social buttons

3D-Social-buttonsmore info / download

Responsive Flat UI Share Buttons

Responsive-Flat-UI-Share-Buttonsmore info / download

CSS3 Social Share Button

CSS3-Social-Share-Buttonmore info / download

Socialsider – Universal Social Sidebar

62 social icons, 2.304 style combintations – Left top, left middle, left bottom, right top, right middle, right bottom positions – Fixed & absolute positions – 6 color styles – Half – hidden option – Edge radius on/off

Universal-Social-Sidebarmore info / download