46 Best Education Joomla Templates Free and Premium

education joomla templates

If you want to create modern university, school website online. Once you want this website to look modern, its time to choose this education joomla templates. Through its clean responsive design you’ll be able to transmit all the knowledge, which is available within your educational institution. How to bring education into the mass? One of the right solutions is starting a site. If the one promoting some courses, schools, universities is a matter of your interest, consider this theme perfectly tailored for this sphere. Bringing the list of programs, video lessons via implemented player, latest events to the notice of site visitors, you push them a bit closer to their dream mastering the desired branches of science and acquiring necessary skills. The educative process will be facilitated by the positive mood of viewers set by optimistic bright coloration of the site. Let people enjoy the engrossing education via your well done site with pleasant user experience.

Free Education Responsive Joomla Template 53168

Check this free premium education Joomla template to build your own fully functional website. This theme is specially created for educational and business projects. Here you will find some cool ideas that you can use for designing a website. It offers a bunch of features like parallax scrolling, animated background image, mega menu, full-width slider and much more. So it can be quite handy when you build a brand new site from scratch as you don’t have to search for a proper code. Remember, this free sample is available for educational purposes only. Commercial use is not allowed. Use the theme as a guide to design a powerful website directly for your business.

Free education Joomla Templatedemo more info / download

Wisdom Education Joomla Temple

Sj Wisdom is one of the best education Joomla templates with a customizable presentation and mobile-friendly presentation. It’s all you need to create an educational website based on quality. Sj Wisdom Education’s Joomla template is perfect for creating a professional online education website that offers online courses. Or it can be used for school, university, academic and educational sites.

The Joomla – Sj Wisdom Training Template uses the K2 component to manage the content of the website. In this case, you will not have to worry if you have huge content to display. In addition, the Joomla Online Education model supports a wide range of features such as: Mega Menu, Drag-and-Drop Generator, Online Course Search, RTL Language, 65+ Built-in Useful ShortCodes.

more info / download demo

Icra Education Joomla Template

Icra is a joomla model sensitive to modern education, beautifully designed to be used in any related product of the industry, such as schools, preschools, kindergartens, universities, coursing, art schools, management site. events, blogger, etc. This joomla template has been coded with love to use joomla latest version, the T3 framework and Bootstrap. It is totally responsive, so you have the power to give your new webpage a great look on all types of devices built with icra.

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JD Gurukul Joomla Template For School

JD Gurukul is one of the best Joomla models for schools and educational institutions. It is powered by Astroid Framework, which facilitates customization and management. So, if you are looking for a template for your school’s website, JD Gurukul is the best choice for you. Create an amazing website with this Joomla School Template is an art game. This template contains everything you need to set up your school’s website, from your staff’s showcase to the bells schedule and to the windows of the houses.

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LearnPro Education Course Joomla Template

LearnPro is a Joomla training course template with predefined web elements that helps you create your own website. This template is appropriate for the Education Management Learning Management System website. The LearnPro model has a fully responsive layout.

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eSchool Education Joomla LMS Template

3eSchool is a joomla 3.9.x template for online learning sites and tutorials, Joomla LMS websites and all other education-related websites. The quick start pack prepared for an optimal user experience. It includes an SP LMS component that can handle teachers, courses, events, quizzes, and more. eSchool Joomla LMS Templte is developed based on the Joomshapers Helix3 model frame and powerful drag and drop. visual system of frontal drag and drop.

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EduLearn – School & Courses

EduLearn – Education, School and Courses Joomla template is a suitable, clean and modern template suitable for all major educational sites, especially created for the university, training center, academy, courses and events, etc.

edulearn education school joomla template more info / download demo

School Nerd Elementary School Joomla Template

more info / download demo


Language School

language school responsive joomla templatemore info / download demo

School Portal – Educational School

school portal educational joomla templatemore info / download demo


SJ Preschool has a single bet on the home page with a beautiful pre-school style that bring the feeling of comfort to the users. In addition, we are developing other homepage for this model with topic related to education in the next version update.

preschool education joomla templatemore info / download demo

SDW School

sdw education joomla templatemore info / download demo


SJ Eduonline is a responsive Joomla education that is suitable for a wide range of online courses, training, events and other sites related to education.

eduonline education university joomla template more info / download demo

SDW Joomla

The children education Joomla is a content-packed solution built with the code of own SEO-friendly. It has multiple elements to display information effectively, accordion and switches to the progress bars and counters. Students may contact you via a contact form.

sdw education joomla templatemore info / download demo


Gravity is a responsive professional Joomla template designed for educational institutions like schools, colleges or universities. It comes with 6 beautiful color styles, the planner calendar component events, widgets and sample data for quickstart to get up and running faster.

gravity education school joomla template more info / download demo


balphics education joomla templatemore info / download demo


SJ UKING is Responsive Joomla Template which is officially design for any kind education website. With this template, administrators are able to interact on Joomla 3.5 easier than ever to effectively manage the site both frontend and backend area.

uking joomla kindergarten template more info / download demo

Campus Life

The Campus Life is a education Joomla template packed with all the features you need to set up a college, university or educational style website. The front page includes all the necessary areas that include education site can and displays them in a clean, well-organized manner.

campus life education template more info / download demo

sCoolCourse – MultiPurpose Educational Template

sCoolCourse – Educational School & Course Joomla Template is powerful multipurpose template that will help you to build practically school, course, university and any educational site, corporate websites and whatever your mind can dream up!

scoolcourse educational templatedemo more info / download

Education Joomla Template 58369

education-joomla-template-58369demo more info / download

JM University – multipurpose education template

jm university education joomla template demo more info / download

School District Joomla Template

school district joomla templatedemo more info / download

Education, Event and Course – ETHIC Template

Ethic is an educational Joomla template which is suitable and perfect for universities, institutes, colleges and schools to have a dignified, respectable website project. Ethic is enhanced with custom demo content and 7 beautiful colored styles. Joomla 3.x version also comes with custom TZ Portfolio style.

Ethic appears with majestic layout, trendy, clean and featured rich responsive design. It is well-equipped with an extended support of JEvents, OSG Seminar Manager, JComments, Kunena Forum, AcyMailing and JomSocial. For a complete solution for the educational website, these cool features like courses list, events, blog, video and some gorgeous bonus pages help to bridge the gap between students and teachers, making interaction an important part of school and college campus life. Just discovery, enjoy the template and starting the education project with Ethic will never make you regret.

Education-Event-joomla-templatedemo more info / download

University II – Multipurpose Education Template

SJ University II – An exclusive Joomla 3.x Template for school/education website with K2 and Kunena component integrated.
This stunning template comes with 6 modern color styles: Blue, Cyan, Red, Green, Carot and Violet. The template is fully responsive layout that makes it look nice on any devices and screen resolution. SJ University II is built with many in-house modules on homepage and inner pages, therefore, it comes with dozen of advanced features to fulfill all your requirements.

university education joomla templatedemo more info / download

Education Joomla Template 54039

If you want to show that education is fun, choose this template. Students don’t like boring studies, so your approach should work. Color palette of this education Joomla template is cheerful. It is associated with joy from achieving something really useful for your future life and career. Big transparent promo banners draw visitors’ attention to the most important information and facilitate navigation through website’s pages. The theme is supplied with two sliders that let to present as much visual and text content as you need.

Education Joomla Template 54039demo more info / download

BT Education Responsive Joomla template

BT Education joomla template which is perfect combination between innovative social networks function and original website interface has been released recently. We’ll integrate three popular Joomla components including JomSocial, Kunena and EasyBlog into this template. Therefore, BT Education is one of the best solutions not only education websites but also websites which concentrate on interaction of social networks and communities.

BT-Education-Responsive-Joomla-templatedemo more info / download

Education Organization Joomla Template

Well structured and professionally done website is essential for every education organization. Using this modern responsive education online Joomla template you can easily set up a fully functional web presence of schools, colleges, universities, courses, etc. The wise structure of this template is tailored for content heavy sites. Visitors will seamlessly browse your web page due to intuitive navigation and responsive layout.

Education-Organization-Joomla-Templatedemo more info / download

JSN Solid – Responsive Joomla Education Template

JSN Solid has the sharp layout with remarkably clean design. Exclusively designed for a school website, it is equipped with an extended style for K2 & Kunena. The users will get the most comfortable UX because of the powerful back-end and the responsive mechanism.

Responsive-Joomla-Education-Templatedemo more info / download

Education Responsive Joomla Template 52310

Education Responsive Joomla Template 52310demo more info / download

US School District Website Joomla Template

Every educational facility should have its own website. So if you’re responsible for creating the one, we’ve got good news for you. Joomla template you’re looking at just now would be the perfect solution for any education website. Being created in a form of a blog, the home page of this template will give the newcomers all the latest info they need to know. Apart from really great functionality this theme will give site visitor’s eyes pleasure for a while.

US School District Website Joomla Templatedemo more info / download

Private Teachers’ Assistance Joomla Template

Poor progress at school doesn’t mean a child is doomed to grow up as a lamebrain and join a local association of street cleaners. To help kids improve their grades and catch up with the rest of their classmates, parents should hire a private teacher whose services can be ideally advertized by means of this template. Once adults cast a glance at its cheerful visuals, they’ll get an impression that their children will be tutored by an eventempered person who can foster their love for studying. Being immersed into a warm atmosphere of the template’s colors, parents will be confident that education of their offspring is in reliable hands. Give a try to this theme and you’ll easily create a website appealing to everyone who wants their kid to study independently.

Teachers-Joomla-Templatedemo more info / download

ZT Charity Education responsive joomla template

As the name says, ZT Charity Joomla template is a great choice for your charity, non-profit organization, foundation, education or any kind business website. It’s focused on raising funds for your charity and alerting visitors to important issues happening in the world.

ZT-Charity-Education-responsive-joomla-templatedemo more info / download

Foreign Language Teaching Joomla Template

Fluency in foreign languages isn’t only beneficial to travelers, but can also add value to CVs of any job seeker. To acquire excellent knowledge in this sphere, people choose to study at institutions where teaching is conducted at the highest levels. For that reason, language schools should create a professional image on the web, which is easy with this theme. After taking a look at its motivational images, people will get a feeling that teachers can foster their love for foreign languages, which will bring them better academic results. As the dominant green color of the palette suggests freshness and innovation, you’ll persuade your website visitors that the promoted school applies contemporary methods of teaching. Thus, learners will believe the educational process is more efficient there than at other language institutions.

Foreign-Language-Teaching-Joomla-Templatedemo Language School Joomla template

Campus Fun Board Joomla Education Template

Campus life is full of joy. Being a college student also supposes getting to know life as a grownup individual through classes and internship, with few responsibilities and much fun along the way. Using this theme you’ll be able to build a fine resource for college students where they can find a wide range of activities to attend, join groups of the like minded people, participate in hot discussions, keep track of the recent news in the field, and more. Since most college students are obsessed with sharing photo and video content in social media, your visitors will highly appreciate Instagram integration into your website. Its content blocks neatly placed with vivid images and informative descriptions tell users what the site is about, making its layout aesthetically pleasing and highly usable. Pick this theme to give every student a possibility to become involved into campus activities.

Campus-Fun-Board-Joomla-Education-Templatedemo more info / download

Education Centre Joomla Template

Education-Centre-Joomla-Templatedemo more info / download

University Responsive Joomla Template

University-Responsive-Joomla-Templatedemo more info / download

Love of Wisdom School Joomla Template

Philosophy is not all about knowledge, it’s an insight into the way we look at ourselves and perceive the world. Joining a philosophy school is a fine way to gain wisdom and develop valuable communication and critical thinking skills. Our theme in tranquil blue colors with eye catching orange fields will help you get your school of philosophy online and help people sign up for courses with a single click. Your visitors will be able to make an educated guess about your business thanks to the informative ‘About the school’ section and four thematic blocks featuring detailed overview of your courses. Whereas a decent events calendar will help them not to miss a single meaningful class. Use our theme to help people gain a sense of fulfillment in their life and take a closer look at the world they live in.

Philosophy-school-joomla-templatedemo more info / download

Swimming School Responsive Joomla Template

Swimming-School-Responsive-Joomla-Templatedemo more info / download

Fashion Design School Joomla Template

The field of your company’s interests greatly influences its design. A fashion enterprise should look trendy and stylish online. Our designers tried their best to make the theme look absolutely inimitable. Black layouts with large fonts always look very classy and magnetic. Bright high resolution photos seem really beautiful over the dark background. Isn’t that exactly what you need for your company?

Fashion-Design-School-Joomla-Templatedemo more info / download

University Responsive Joomla Template

utas-University-Responsive-Joomla-Templatedemo more info / download

University for Better Studying Joomla Template

Learning is an inevitable need of mankind. In any society, no university can satisfy it fully without being represented on the web. Our template is certainly a good choice for your university to share the urgent studying info via an excellent and balanced website design. So, make a step toward people, which are eager to get more knowledge buy this professional template.

University-Better-Studying-Joomla-Templatedemo more info / download

Modern and Fancy University Joomla Template

If you want your university be modern, its time to launch its website on the web. Once you want this website to look modern, its time to choose this template. Through its clean and flat design youll be able to transmit all the knowledge, which is available within your educational institution. Attract more students with the help of our theme and enjoy watching the growing erudition of the next generation.

Modern-University-Joomla-Templatedemo more info / download

Dance Studio Responsive Joomla Template

Dance-Studio-Responsive-Joomla-Templatedemo more info / download

JSN Pixel – Responsive Education Joomla template

JSN Pixel is a responsive template which means visitors can surf the website perfectly on any mobile device. It is perfect for eduction website purpose.

JSN-Pixel-Responsive-Education-Joomla-templatedemo more info / download

JSN Decor  – responsive education Joomla template

JSN Decor is a classy, modern Joomla template with built-in responsive design features. It has a remarkable appearance that is contemporary, yet charming and high-class. It also has incredibly rich and vibrant shades with saturated color that looks good especially for education website. You also can download free version of this education joomla template.

JSN-Decor--responsive-education-Joomla-templatedemo more info / download

JSN Solid – Joomla Education Template

JSN Solid has the sharp layout with remarkably clean design. Exclusively designed for a school website, it is equipped with an extended style for K2 & Kunena. The users will get the most comfortable UX because of the powerful back-end and the responsive mechanism.

JSN-Solid-Joomla-Education-Templatedemo more info / download

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