25 Best FAQ, Knowledge Base, Wiki & Support Ticket WordPress Themes 2023

Whether you're looking to build a FAQ, Knowledge Base, Wiki, or Support Ticket WordPress Theme, we've got you covered. Our collection of themes offer a wide range of features and options to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, our themes are responsive and mobile-friendly, so your site will look great on any device. So why wait? Check out our collection of themes today and find the perfect one for your next project.


KnowBase, an easy-to-use premium WordPress theme for the free bbPress plugin. Coming with a clean and modern functional design, it is an ideal choice for your knowledge base, forum, or bulletin board website. KnowBase's layout is optimized for great readability. The theme comes in a durable, native layout suitable for forum and knowledge base websites. KnowBase includes attractive, elegant and modern design elements. The easy-to-use back-end powers a flexible and responsive design.

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Knowledge Guru is a knowledge base WordPress theme built to be powerful, fast, and as simple to use as possible. Using the power of the new WordPress editor, we have created custom blocks that will help you build your knowledge base website in minutes. The perfect WordPress theme to quickly create a knowledge base, FAQ or Wiki website. With built-in support for taxonomies and custom post types, you can simplify your articles into groups and make it easier for users to find what they're looking for.

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Docy is a powerful, responsive, and high-performance online documentation WordPress theme that can help you quickly develop your next product documentation. You can effectively create documentation to document APIs, frameworks, plugins, software, templates, any kind of product. It includes a large number of elements to make your documentation interactive and efficient. This theme is fully responsive and mobile friendly. We designed Docy for readers, optimizing it not for page views or engagement, but for reading. And it turns out that context is a vital part of learning.

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Scisco is a question and answer WordPress theme specially designed for online communities. Easily create a full-featured Q&A network similar to StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers, or Quora. Users can ask questions, answer questions, earn reputation points, like or dislike answers, create front-end profiles, send private messages to each other, follow other users and their activities, and much more.

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Docly is a powerful, responsive, and high-performance online documentation WordPress theme that can help you quickly develop documentation for your next product. It can be used to document APIs, frameworks, plugins, software, templates, any type of product. It includes a large number of elements to make your interactive documentation efficient. We designed Docly for readers, optimizing it not for page views or engagement, but for reading. And it turns out that context is a vital part of learning.

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Wikb is the latest WordPress theme for knowledge base and help desk websites. It comes with support for WooCommerce (the most popular shopping plugin), bbPress and knowledge bases.

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Doxy is a WordPress theme for all kinds of Digital product authors. You can make your support forum, documentation site or any kind of knowledge base website by using that theme.

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The theme comes with 6 predefined headers, sidebars and sticky menus, an Ajax live search, bbPress forums, 10 widgets (plugins), 20 widget areas, 5 publication formats (images, audio, video , gallery, standard), theme options, “WordPress actions” for developers and much more. This theme is a simple way to create your own information center / knowledge base, without the required technical knowledge or expertise! All demo content provided.

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Tessera is a modern knowledge base, a support forum, a WordPress theme for technical support. Knowledge Base and FAQs: Easily create an online self-service library containing information about your products, services, etc., to help visitors to your site find the answers they often provide, without putting staff support. A well-designed knowledge base is the most effective way to satisfy your customers.

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Lipi is the powerful Knowledge Base WordPress theme that scales with your business. It guarantees to improve online support experience with your customers and also help them keep loyal towards your brand and the company.

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The theme of the Tikidocs knowledge base fits perfectly with our business model. On our website modeltheme.com, we use this theme for two reasons: The first is that we put a lot of features and it is very easy to use. The second reason is that we could not find another theme that could satisfy our needs. We are developers and software vendors. We need a platform on which we could display and talk about our products.

tikidocs support forum wordpress themeMore info / download Demo


Discy is a WordPress theme specifically designed for online communities, niche question and answer sites, marketing websites, developer websites or any type of social community. Create your complete community of questions and answers online, like StackOverflow, Quora or Yahoo Answers with Discy Now!

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InfoCenter helps you provide self-service support 24/7, which will increase customer satisfaction. Questions / Answers, FAQs, Knowledgebases, Forums, Widgets Zones, Ajax All-in-One voting system works perfectly to provide a complete WordPress-based knowledge base solution.

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TicketLab is your customer support workflow, and improve client satisfaction with our complete support ticket system.

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Knowledge Base

The knowledge base includes box and full width options, as well as more than 20 skins. A full integration of BBPress and BuddyPress, creating a discussion forum, topics and groups with activity flows becomes a breeze. It is easy enough to enable interaction with your customers to clarify and resolve their queries. There are 3 types of configured items, namely default, advanced and modern. By using the different features of the article search box, the site will become ultra fast for searching and locating files or articles. Different types of blog layouts and portfolios to adorn your site with multiple options to display your services.

kbase helpdesk wordpress themeMore info / download Demo

DW Helpdesk

DW Helpdesk is a WordPress theme that builds a complete helpdesk system. You can receive, organize, track, and especially resolve customer support issues.

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Lore is a straight-to-the-point knowledge base theme without unnecessary bloatware. This is a specialized WordPress theme, great for online documentations, support forums, tutorial sites and knowledge bases. Lore is ready to be translated to your language (with support for RTL languages) and it is optimized for the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg).

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HelpDesk is a Theme WordPress Support Center (Knowledge Base | Forum Support | FAQ | Video tutorials Portal | Documentation Portal] It comes with many great features that take you months to develop is totally reactive.. it looks stunning on all types of screens and devices. including easy to implement for the contact form 7, knowledge base, FAQs, BB Press Forum, video portal, document portal.

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Meet Helper, your best option when it comes to creating a knowledge database system running on top of the WordPress platform. Helper comes with an elegant user interface and easy to understand, it also comes with a powerful page builder (Visual Composer) and the types of personalized messages to manage all knowledge base stations and the partner section.

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Live Support

Live Support is a WordPress theme for the knowledge base / support,help desk, live chat. Its perfect for providing support to users. With many options and easy to manage, you'll be able to provide good support resource for your customers.

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Ask Me

Ask Me is the questions and answers WordPress theme, it’s come with a more features. Ask Me has a profile pages for the user, question pages and answers pages.

Ask-Me-Responsive-Questions-Answers-WordPressDemo More info / download


Flatbase, a Knowledge Base & FAQ WordPress theme. The perfect theme to provide Support and interact with your customers. Flatbase, a nicely crafted and complete all-in-one solution to create your own support platform. Its clean and detail-oriented flat design is the perfect frame to provide support articles, informing and teaching users how to master your product. It combines a Knowledge Base, FAQs, Forums (bbPress integration) and a ton more nice features.

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HelpGuru is a premium Self-Service WordPress theme that Support Knowledge Base. Create a premium Knowledge Base or solution to allow your customers and clients to help themselves, HelpGuru has the features you need, complemented by a clean, functional and responsive design. Featuring a host of new features, HelpGuru comes packaged with Heroic Knowledge Base, the most powerful Knowledge Base plugin for WordPress.

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TechDesk – is a Helpdesk WordPress theme for question and answer business site. Clean and intuitive design with a tons of features & options: live search, widgetized areas, faq post format, shortcodes and much more. TechDesk is a simple way to create your own Helpdesk/FAQ/Knowledge Base of information, with no technical knowledge or expertise required!

TechDesk-Responsive-Knowledge-Base-FAQ-ThemeDemo More info / download

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a premium WordPress theme for Wiki and Knowledge Base websites. It's a clean, feature-rich solution to provide basic product knowledge and support to your customers. With the support of the bbPress Forums plugin, you can add your own support forums OR discussion forums on your website. Responsive Design – The knowledge base theme is built with Twitter Bootstrap and looks amazing on large screens as well as small screen mobile phones and tablets. Search Engine Optimized – This theme is fully hand-coded and its HTML is written with your sites ranking well in search engines in mind. The theme has good use of the h1, h2, h3 tags. Primary contents are above secondary contents in markup. Various sidebar and footer widgets provide very good internal links to the site. Support Forums – Using the bbPress Plugin – The Knowledge Base theme is now compatible with the WordPress bbPress Plugin, which allows you to add support forums on your website.

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The WordPress KnowledgePress theme helps you create a self-service customer knowledge base in minutes. Create useful article resources and answer questions from customers. Our customers use KnowledgePress as customer support centers, FAQs, product or service documentation, internal company documentation, wiki and much more.

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KnowHow is a Knowledge base WordPress theme without the monthly subscription, a wiki without the bloat. Know How helps you setup a Knowledge Base in WordPress in less time than it takes to brew a cafe. It’s perfect for providing a support resource for your customers and is super easy to manage.

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