Top 50 Beautiful Feminine & Girly WordPress Themes 2018

girly wordpress themes

To make a long story short, today I am going to show you the easiest and the most beneficial way to launch your own attractive and long-awaited girly website just from a blank canvas. Seems to be a good idea, doesn’t it? Actually, there is nothing impossible for a modern person! Furthermore, there is actually no need for you in losing much time or money in order to be a happy owner of a fabulous, ideally working and truly beautiful website that will be certainly worthy of its guests’ attention! Without a doubt, your first question is: how can I do it? Well, the answer is pretty simple and you can see it below, as in this post I want to show you the gorgeous selection of top 50 girly themes that are build on WordPress platform!

Unquestionably, these girly WordPress themes are ready-made and easy-in-use, so they make a great way to set up a desired online project. Gently speaking, you don’t have to be a guru of coding anymore! As a result, you will get some free hours that you may spend on more important and productive things then having issues with the creation of a long-awaited online project. So, would you like to get an attractive and ideally running girly website with no effort? Be sure, there are a lot of possibilities for the prosperity of your particular type of online business, even for those, who have never used such services before!

All in all, using these adorable and well featured WordPress girly themes you will get such helpful features as: SEO optimization, crossbrowser compatibility, commenting system, dropdown menu, drag to drop content, Google map plus web fonts, unique pages, unique home layouts, unlimited color options, category page, detail page, slider, advanced MegaMenu, inner pages, social media share, free plugins, professional support, one-click import, portfolio lists, awesome customization, powerful admin panel, clients carousel shortcode, banner shortcode, various infographic elements, video button shortcode, call to action shortcode, animation holder shortcode, blog list widget, image slider widget, integrated search, back to top button, fixed header behavior and other useful, stylish and easy-in-use options that can easily help you to create a brilliant and popular girly website. All in all, full list of all the features is too long to write here, so don’t forget to check demo version of a WordPress girly website you would like to use.

If you are in a hurry, here are our top 3 Multipurpose WordPress Themes:

Jacqueline – Spa & Massage Salon SPA Salon 4.58
Mariana Handmade Blog & Shop Blog & Store 4.75
Terra Atma – Spa & Massage Salon Massage Salon 4.9

In addition, there is also ‘Demo’ button you can click on in order to see all the aspects of a particular WordPress girly theme. So, now you know a lot about these cool products and I think it is time to take a closer look at the new selection of top 50 charming girly WordPress themes. Have a pleasant viewing!


Easy to use and install, this WordPress girly theme was productively made with all the recent website trends, so it is fully features with all the useful and modern options for the development of your online project. In addition, pleasant colors of the theme’s design, high-quality images and readable fonts will undoubtedly interest your potential customers. Thus, don’t miss your chance to be the best!

Jacqueline | Spa & Massage Salon Theme more info / download demo


Are you the one who is still looking for a cute and worthy of attention template with MegaMenu, comfortable search, sample content, nice gallery and other useful options for your charming and powerful website? In this case, don’t miss this amazing girly WordPress theme, which was made in calm and modern design and has a package full of various modern features. Seeing that, don’t hesitate to check the demo version of this incredible girly WordPress theme right now!

Alice's | Lingerie Store and Fashion Boutique more info / download demo

Jewelry & Watches Online Store

First of all, the theme is powered by WordPress platform, so it is fast and easy in installation and will definitely help you to get a complete and simple in modification eCommerce website, related to your jewelry business. All in all, made in modern style, this amazing and even superb theme will certainly help you to customize the design of your website and transform it into a shining candy with no effort! Be free to check this stunning WordPress girly theme for the building of a successful site, related to your business, as it provides one with a nice package of important features for the appearing of your online project just out-of-the-box.

Jewelry & Watches Online Store more info / download demo


Would you like the visiting of your future website to be a real pleasure for your guests and finally become your own boss? Thus, don’t waste your time anymore! As you may see, the provided WordPrss girly theme was designed in the bright and sweet tones and will indisputably emphasize the subject of your online project, related to hair and spa salon.

Beauty, Hair & Spa Salon WordPress Theme more info / download demo

Love Story

Without a doubt, the provided girly WordPress template would be a great way to tell the whole world about your online project! Easy in use and installation, this creative theme is built with a valid, semantic code and was designed in pleasant light palette of colors. As a result, the price-quality rates will definitely surprise you, so don’t miss your chance to get all that you want and even more!

Love Story | Wedding and Event Planner more info / download demo

Terra Atma

Still looking for an outstanding and helpful template to create your own artwork online project? Now you are able to get everything in one package and even more with the help of this girly WordPress theme! Keep in mind that till now you don’t have to be a guru of coding in order to get an authoritative and simply attractive website, so here is an ideal choice for your business.

Terra Atma | Spa & Massage Salon WordPress Theme more info / download demo

Custom Made

Just take a look at the design of this marvelous girly website theme, powered by WordPress! Without a doubt, it is eye-catching enough to impress the guests of your jewelry online store as well as charm them with the provided service. To sum everything up, you get a notable, powerful website that works perfectly in all the browsers and on all the devices.

Custom Made | Jewelry Manufacturer and Store more info / download demo

Wedding Day

Below is another awesome example of soft WordPress girly theme, introducing your wedding services. Needless to say, the theme brings to your online project a remarkable design that will attract any visitor. Just add all the well-done clearly elaborated details and you will have a full picture of the 21st Century comfort!

Wedding Day - Event WordPress Theme more info / download demo


Don’t hesitate to take a closer look this powerful and easy-to-use template that will make your website look gorgeous and professional. Notable and easy to modify, this WordPress girly theme also provides your website with readable texts, MegaMenu, social block and other options that were added for your comfort. In addition, the package includes detailed instructions about its unboxing and modifying the website with the help of the templates in question.

RoseMary - Hair, Beauty & Spa Salon Theme more info / download demo


Unquestionably, this eye-catching girly WordPress theme provides your handmade blog and shop with an amazing design that will intrigue any visitor. What is more, this well structured and professionally documented theme gives a really fast start to your ideas! Be free to create a successful and fashionable web store with the help of the template below!

Mariana | Handmade Blog & Shop more info / download demo

The Beauty

Needless to say, Pristine is your possibility to charm the potential clients of your online project with its inspiring appearance and wonderful functionality in one package! Designed in the warm and light shades, the provided girly WordPress theme is a nice way to create your special kind of a long-awaited beauty salon related website without losing much time or money. Moreover, there days the theme has over 2, 100 sales, so just view it out!

The Beauty Salon more info / download demo


Easy in use and installation or modification, this colorful WordPress girly theme is attractive and modern enough to impress your potential customers. Strong, notable and easy to customize, the provided theme is the best choice for your clothes shop and fashion blog related website! What is more, this theme is multipurpose and provides its owners with such things as 6 homepage layouts, responsive web design, visual composer, photoshop files, lots of shortcodes, flexible colors and much more.

Mods | Clothes Shop & Fashion Blog more info / download demo

Holistic Center

Meet this sweet and well featured girly WordPress template that was diligently created in order to introduce your future online project to the huge web audience! As you may see, the theme has an easy concept and will definitely impress your potential clients. What is more, it provides one with incredible fonts, images and high-quality pictures that are mixed with a wide palette of the impressing colors and will be a great addition to the notable and stylish appearance of your site.

Holistic Center / Wellness and Spa Theme more info / download demo

Massage Therapist

First of all, made with well documented, customized modules, this girly WordPress template perfectly shows the calm atmosphere of your long-awaited online project, related to spa salon, as it has deep and dark colors mixed with the amazing details. Needless to say, this high-quality WordPress theme gives you all the opportunities for the creation of a shining website related to your beauty service. Seeing that, don’t hesitate to be the best!

Massage Therapist and Spa Salon Theme more info / download demo

Peter Mason

This girly WordPress theme is a great variant for the building an attractive and perspective online project of your dream! As you can see, the inimitable fonts or images and pictures with a high quality will be an absolutely useful addition to the remarkable view of your long-awaited site. Remember, today you don’t have to be a guru of coding in order to get a reliable and strong site, which will be worthy of your customer’s attention, so don’t hesitate!

Peter Mason | Custom Tailoring and Clothing Store more info / download demo


Easy to use and install, the provided girly WordPress theme was productively made in a neat style in order to highlight the subject of your eCommerce website, related to handmade shop and handcrafted products shop. Don’t hesitate to get an opportunity to realize your ideas with cute images, rich palette of colors, unusual fonts and high-quality pictures, as the template will easily attract the attention of your visitors and transform them into regular customers. All in all, let’s create a beautiful website for the beautiful people!

Soapery - Handmade Soap & Handcrafted Products Shop WP Theme more info / download demo

Pablo Guadi

Just take a closer look at this unbelievable stylish and cozy girly WordPress theme! Designed in soft and warm colors, Pablo Guadi is a good way to create your special kind of an eCommerce website without losing much time or money. In addition, you get a notable, powerful website that works perfectly in all the browsers and on all the devices.

Pablo Guadi - Jewelry Designer & Handcrafted Jewelry Online Shop WP Theme more info / download demo