60+ Best Free Admin Dashboard Templates 2023

Admin dashboard templates are essential tools for web developers and designers who need to create a professional and functional backend interface for their websites or web applications. These templates provide a pre-built structure and design that can be customized to suit specific needs.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, free admin dashboard templates are a great option. They offer all the necessary features and functionality of a premium template but without the price tag.

Free admin dashboard templates come with a range of useful features, such as responsive layouts that adapt to different screen sizes, clean and organized code, and intuitive navigation menus. These templates often include various UI components and elements, such as tables, charts, forms, and notifications, which can be easily integrated into your project.


Saul HTML Free is a fresh Bootstrap 5 Admin and Dashboard template that offers a wide array of in-house and third-party integrated UI components and plugins. This template boasts exceptional design and advanced layout features tailored for contemporary web applications.

saul bootstrap admin dashboard themeMore info / download Demo

SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2 is an free admin templates that is built on Bootstrap 4 and is available for free and open source. As a result of its base on Bootstrap 4, it is an excellent choice for rapidly developing web dashboards and apps. This page offers a download for SB Admin 2, which you can get here.

It is laid out in a manner that is similar to that of playing cards, and it is created in a contemporary style that may be defined as having flat material, very little shading, and an overall flat appearance. In addition to this, it integrates the material design concepts and links to the Laravel framework project. The color scheme is understated yet really gorgeous and all things admin free templates.

sb admin templateMore info / download Demo


AdminKit Free & Premium is a comprehensive Bootstrap 5 Admin Template featuring over 500 pre-built UI components, forms, tables, charts, and icons. This professional UI component library is designed to accelerate app development, enhance quality, and provide an exceptional user experience.

adminkit free dashboard templateMore info / download Demo

Metronic (Premium)

This is pro version by far the most well-thought-out and organized design theme I have ever used, and it also has the cleanest bootstrap 5 admin template I have ever used. The codes are at the appropriate level. The CSS styles are quite well organized, tables forms, and admin manual templates.

In point of fact, that is the neatest and most conventional looking thing I have ever seen. This html admin template is also the most user-friendly template to make adjustments to.I came across several templates that had a good appearance; yet, when you started going beneath the hood, you could discover nefarious CSS things and JavaScript hacks that were only used to put it together. I can't help but be relieved that I went with Metronic.

metronic premiumMore info / download Demo


Free admin portal template with very high-quality code. Simple admin panel template and lightning-fast in its execution. It is worth one hundred times what is being offered for it. You don't need any design abilities, and you can code without ever leaving the HTML editor.

Ceres HTML bootstrap admin template free is a new Bootstrap 5 dashboard and admin template that comes packed with a ton of UI components and plugin possibilities. These components include both in-house designed and third-party integrated UI components. Its remarkable design is expertly constructed, and its innovative design elements have been fine-tuned so that they are compatible with all contemporary online apps.

Over the course of the previous decade, we have generated sales of over 100,000 copies of administrative templates, all of which have been successfully deployed by local and worldwide enterprises of all sizes all over the globe. We want to achieve our aim of providing a comprehensive and powerful template solution for all of our customers' project implementations. This will provide our customers the ability to launch their projects in the shortest possible amount of development time at a stupidly cheap cost.

ceres html free admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


Simply get PlainAdmin bootstrap dashboard, and you will be astounded by its adaptable and contemporary style, its superb documentation, and the endless opportunities for customization it offers you. Because the engineering team is always working to add new features and improve the existing code base, you are welcome to make advantage of this if you need to construct a backend for your website or app.

It is important to keep this in mind in the event that you ever find yourself in a situation in which you need to construct a backend for your website or application. All of this admin website templates is offered in a package that is up-to-date in terms of its features and is constructed on an architecture that is adaptable to changing conditions. In addition to these features, the bundle also includes:

plainadmin free bootstrap dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


By using Portal free admin template for web applications, developers have the opportunity to make use of this free Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard design. The structure is simplified and brought up to date, and the programming is carried out in a modular approach. To construct the administration interface of your online application, this is the perfect beginning template to use.

You will find all of the source SCSS files included, which will allow you to personalize the color scheme and make tweaks to the components of the layout so that it is consistent with the branding of the project you are working on. This template is created on top of the most current alpha version of Bootstrap 5, and it is both lightweight (it does not require jQuery; instead, it uses regular JS) and future-proof. It is built on top of the most recent alpha version of Bootstrap 5.

portal free bootstrap admin templateMore info / download Demo


The code has quality programming throughout. Straightforward and quite quick in its implementation. The price that is being asked for it is one hundred times less than what it is really worth. You don't require any design skills, and you can code without ever leaving the HTML editor at any point throughout the process.

Seven HTML Free is a brand-new front admin template and admin template built with Bootstrap 5 that comes with a large selection of different user interface (UI) components as well as plugin options.

These components were either manufactured in-house or incorporated from external sources obtained via third-party integration. It has a fantastic design that has been professionally crafted, and its forward-thinking design features have been fine-tuned so that they are compatible with all modern web applications.

seven html free admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo

Vue Element Admin

Vue-element-admin is the name of a front-end solution that is already ready for production and that may be used for administrative interfaces. This solution's full potential has not yet been fully realized. It makes use of the element that is a component of the user interface toolkit and is built on top of the Vue framework. During the construction of vue-element-admin, the most current version of the Vue development stack was used.

It comes with a standard library of templates that can be used in commercial applications, a pre-installed integrated solution for internationalization and localization (i18n), and a lot of other wonderful features. With its guidance, you will be able to build single-page applications that are not only sophisticated, but also extensive. My unwavering confidence is that this project will be of assistance to you in completing any criteria that you could have. I look forward to working with you on it.

vue element adminMore info / download Demo


M-Dashboard is a straightforward administrative dashboard that can also serve as a productivity dashboard for the purpose of monitoring and managing one's progress with regard to one's many obligations, including work. This includes monitoring and managing one's progress with regard to one's obligations. We are sending up prayers that the situation doesn't seem to be too dire.

Even though using the Dashboard does not provide a particularly difficult task, you will still need to have a rudimentary grasp of JavaScript in addition to the libraries that are detailed in the manual in order to be able to use it effectively and admin dashboard template free download.

m dashboard adminMore info / download Demo


DeskApp Admin is a free and open-source administrative template that was developed using Bootstrap 4. You are free to use this template in any manner that you see appropriate. This template offers a solid foundation for the construction of admin dashboards or back-end dashboards by merging the essential Bootstrap 4 styles with a range of powerful jQuery plugins and utilities. These may be found in the template's documentation.

This framework may be implemented on a website's front-end as well as its back-end if desired. Utilizing this framework allows for the execution of a wide variety of distinct approaches to the presentation of data. The theme makes use of a variety of libraries in order to generate charting data, calendar data, text form data, date range data, upload area data, form autocomplete data, range slider data, progress bar data, and a great deal of other data.

deskapp adminMore info / download Demo


Tabler may be used in any modern browser and is entirely sensitive to the input provided by users. By using its cutting-edge and intuitive design, you are able to create a totally functional interface that your customers will appreciate.

This will allow you to provide better service to them. Choose the appropriate layouts and components, then make any required adjustments to those elements in order to produce a design that is consistent and compelling across the board. Because of the painstaking workmanship that went into the construction of each individual component, your user interface will have a magnificent appearance. This will be a direct outcome of the work that was done.

tabler open source html dashboard templateMore info / download Demo

Jet HTML Free

Excellent design that differentiates itself from the offers of other firms that are comparable in nature. Principal unifying skeleton of the building construction (SASS, JavaScript, Typescript, Webpack, Gulp). Plugins that have their native code updated according to the criteria you provide.

Jet HTML Free is a fresh new dashboard and admin theme that was created on top of Bootstrap 5. It comes pre-packaged with a large choice of user interface (UI) components and plugin possibilities.

These components include UI components that were developed in-house, as well as those that were integrated from developers working on other projects. It has a wonderful design that has been professionally produced, and its forward-thinking design features have been fine-tuned so that they are compatible with all current online apps. In addition, it has a forward-thinking design that has been professionally crafted.

jet html free dashboard templateMore info / download Demo

Ngx Admin

The Ngx-Admin management panel is the one that is used the great majority of the time. [Case in point] [Case in point] Nebular and Angular 9+ were used in its development, and support for the Eva Design System is included. Software that is not just devoid of any financial burden but also features open source and is available for use in either private or commercial settings.

You should never again start from scratch; rather, you should build up from that point forth in every endeavor. It is highly advised that the ngx-admin front-end administration tool be packaged along with the backend in the form of a ready-made solution. This would make it easier to maintain the front end.

ngx adminMore info / download demo


The Square React application's dashboard in its standard style. Built using the most cutting-edge techniques that are now available, as well as Webpack, Babel, TypeScript, React, React Router, Redux, and styled-components, which are all highly recommended by industry experts. A Stunning User Interface Template that can be Adapted for Use in a Wide Variety of Applications made with an original design that is one of a kind and fully original.

It features rounded edges and a contemporary color palette. Be sure that it has a dynamic appearance and is appropriate with the design trends that are now in place as well as those that may arise in the future. Make sure that it is also suitable with any trends that may emerge in the future.

square react dashboard templateMore info / download Demo

Dashblocks Vue Material

The Quasar Framework, Dashblocks, Vex, and VueJS were the technologies that were employed in the process of constructing the Dash blocks Vue Material Management Template. Our primary objective is to provide you with aesthetically pleasing dashboards that are already operational out of the box, in addition to assisting you in the incorporation of In-App Analytics into your applications.

This is in addition to our primary goal of assisting you in the incorporation of In-App Analytics into your applications. When you utilize Dashblocks, you'll have the ability to rapidly and effectively include dashboards into your program in a manner that is both critical and simple. This is something that is doable due to the fact that doing things in a very easy method is an option. There is a chance that the design of these dashboards is pleasing to the sight of a human being.

dashblocks vue materialMore info / download Demo


The Aatrox admin template is superior to all others in terms of the number and variety of functions it provides. Aatrox is the perfect choice for you as a developer if you are looking for an administrative panel that is not only easy to use but also packed with features and incredibly flexible.

We construct the finest possible admin template by adhering to the very best principles that are generally accepted in our sector. This template is not only fast and straightforward to use, but it also has a high degree of scalability. In addition to having access to the greatest possible degree of convenience and flexibility, you will have total control over the design of any application that you choose.

aatrox adminMore info / download Demo


CoreUI is an admin template that was made using Bootstrap and is available for free and open source. CoreUI is included with three highly powerful iterations of the JScript framework: AngularJS, ReactJS, and VueJS. Each of these versions of JScript includes CoreUI. In terms of the amount of manageability that is supplied by a clear code and file structure, it greatly outperforms the template.

And if all of that isn't enough for you, CoreUI also includes over a thousand icons of the best possible quality and a profusion of one-of-a-kind features that are completely unique to the product. CoreUI is a software development project that is both free and open-source, and it is licensed under the MIT umbrella. You are, however, welcome to contribute to the funding of development by either making a gift via PayPal or purchasing one of our premium Bootstrap 4 admin designs.

The Bootstrap framework served as the basis for CoreUI's conception as a specialized and enlarged subset of Bootstrap. Constructed with the most up-to-date requirements and standards in mind. using the components and web frameworks that are the most widely used and presently accessible.

coreui free bootstrap admin templateDemo More info / download


AdminLTE is the name of the open-source and free Bootstrap admin template that has the most users and is the most commonly accessible. AdminLTE is a framework that provides a range of components that are reusable, responsive, and often used. It is built on top of the Bootstrap 3 framework and the CSS Admin Template. The syntax of HTML5 and CSS3 has been confirmed by the services of the W3C, and mobile devices are given priority in the design.

More than one thousand icons, including Font Awesome, Ion Icons, and Glyphicons, as well as six different skins, are compatible with a wide range of screen resolutions, from those of large desktop computers to those of small mobile devices. Compatible with a Wide Range of Resolutions, from Massive Desktops to Tiny Mobile Devices Choose a skin that is congruent with the identity of your firm, or adjust the LESS variables to make your own skin and more specifically tailored to your needs.

AdminLTE – a fully responsive responsive admin templateDemo More info / download


Quixlab is a free HTML5 admin dashboard template that was built using Bootstrap 4 and may be used by anybody. It has been upgraded to include all of the newest and most cutting-edge components and materials, and it is completely sensitive to any input provided by the user.

Additional helpful options that might be used include the employment of a gradient design, charts, progress bars, and counters for the presentation of amusing information. [Case in point] It works perfectly on displays of any size, from the most compact smartphone to the most expansive desktop computer, as well as all other sizes in between.

quixlab adminMore info / download Demo

Start HTML Free

Start HTML Free is a new Bootstrap 5 dashboard and easy admin panel template that comes packed with a ton of in-house created and third-party integrated UI components and plugin possibilities. Start HTML Free was created by Start HTML, a company that specializes in creating dashboards and admin panels. There is no cost associated with downloading Start HTML Free.

It has an attractive design that has been developed methodically, and the more complicated design components of the bootstrap basic admin template have been customized to function well with all modern web applications. Overall, the design is a success. Utilizing the template that was provided for the dashboard will provide the best possible results. It will lessen the amount of time spent on things that are typical.

start html free admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


Mazer is an administrative template that has a look that is both contemporary and elegant. This template may be used for either personal or business applications. You won't need to worry about dealing with the extra load that comes along with jQuery since this administrative topic does not depend on it.

When compared to beginning from scratch, using Mazer will enable you to save a substantial amount of time and money. It has been optimized, and it is compatible with all browsers and devices that are now available to users. It also has a high degree of responsiveness.

mazerMore info / download Demo


Rider is a new Bootstrap 5 dashboard and admin dashboard design template that comes with a never-ending supply of UI components as well as a range of plugin options for connecting third-party and in-house applications. The template can be downloaded for free here. It has a fantastic design that has been professionally crafted, and its forward-thinking design features have been fine-tuned so that they are compatible with all modern web applications.

rider admin templateMore info / download Demo

Flash Able

When compared to all of the other admin templates that are presently offered on the market, the Bootstrap 4 Lite template that is offered by Flash Able is the most comprehensive choice that can be made. It offers feature-rich pages and components in addition to code that is totally centered on the needs of the developer.

Prior to beginning development on Flash Able, performance was the key consideration that guided our decisions. While we were still in the process of building this backend application, we put it through a variety of code optimization and testing processes so that it would have a greater focus on performance.

flash ableMore info / download Demo

React Reduction

React Reduction was built using Bootstrap 4, which provides access to features such as create-react-app support. Additionally, React Reduction made use of the react-reduce directive. It is a free admin template that already has a wide range of different components; however, further components will need to be added in order to enable the Google analytics page.

react reduction free bootstrap admin templateMore info / download Demo

Mega Able

The Mega Able Bootstrap 4 Free / Lite Admin Template provides a comprehensive answer to the problem of constructing your board. It comes with a default layout version, with limited options, optimized Google, font integration, high speed, mature and sophisticated, and the extremely well organized code makes Mega Able Bootstrap 4 Lite a completely flexible solution for any type of application project back-end.

Default Layout Version It comes with a default layout version, with limited options, optimized Google, font integration, high speed, mature and sophisticated, and the extremely well organized code.

mega able free admin templateMore info / download Demo


Voler is a template for administrative panels that will make it easier for you to construct applications in a more timely manner. This will be accomplished through providing assistance to you. The Bootstrap 5 Alpha framework was used throughout the construction of this.

There is no need that the jQuery library be present. Voler has a very high level of compatibility with all modern browsers, screens, and devices that have retina display capabilities.

This incredible online canvas is completely responsive in every conceivable way, has been precisely tuned, and was painstakingly built by specialists. It will be quite easy for you to keep your website's viewers' interest for an extended period of time by using the dynamic features and understated design that Voler provides. Voler also makes it simple to develop content that is interesting and engaging for users.

volerMore info / download Demo

Material Able

Material Able Bootstrap Free is the most stylish Bootstrap 4 free admin template among all the other Lite / Free admin templates on the market. It comes with feature-rich pages and components with fully developer-centric code. Before developing Material Able, our key points were performance and design. During development, we have gone through various code optimization and testing processes to make this backend application focused on performance and design.

material ableMore info / download Demo


Volt is a free and open source Bootstrap 5 admin panel template with 100+ components, 11 example pages, and 3 plugins with Vanilla JS. Volt admin free bootstrap template was built using the latest version of Bootstrap 5 and because jQuery is no longer required as a dependency, Volt was built using only Vanilla JS.

volt bootstrap admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


Dashio It is a fully free bootstrap admin template built with Bootstrap Framework. Flat color, custom graphics, easy to customize and user-friendly code for developers Dashio offers more than 35 well-designed pages to create a complete admin for your application. It is highly adaptive with any window size, including iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet.

Dashio comes with an easy-to-comment code that can be used by beginners. It's incredibly designed and comes with many features, many reusable UI components and more to make you an excellent dashboard.

The design of the Dashio template is highly adaptive and comes with a different-sized viewpoint that supports all popular devices, including mobile devices. It is suitable for almost any web applicator, such as the admin dashboard, the project management system, the custom admin panel, the CRM, the CMS, and the application backend.

dashio bootstrap admin templateDemo More info / download


Star Admin is a free bootstrap admin template designed with Bootstrap 4. The template has a colorful, attractive but simple and elegant design. The template is well designed, with all the components carefully and carefully designed and arranged in the template. Star Admin has all the features that fit your needs, but not the cramped ones with components you would not even use.

It is an ideal tool for creating administrative panels, e-commerce systems, project management systems, content management systems or CRM solutions. Although the template has a unique design, it is easily customizable to meet your needs. Star Admin comes with a clean and well-commented code that makes it easy to use the template. This makes it an ideal choice to start your project.

staradmin free bootstrap admin templateMore info / download


Stisla is a free bootstrap admin template and will help you speed up your project, design your own dashboard user interface and users will like it. Integrated with more than 30 third-party libraries and many components, you can easily create a template html5 admin dashboard layout.

stisla free bootstrap admin templateDemo More info / download

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