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50 Best Free Admin Templates for Web Panel Dashboard 2020

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In this post, we are going to show you best free bootstrap admin templates for create admin bootstrap websites and it’s ease to use for control panel, admin dashboard of your web application. Those admin html5 templates was design with professional layout and coding as HTML5 , CSS3, jQuery plugin and also improve more user friendly interface easy for using both user and developer.

The free bootstrap admin templates is built with the bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS, and JQuery framework. It works on all major web browsers, desktops and all smart phones. It is very easy to customize and the user friendly template of developer. It has a huge collection of UI components with the latest jQuery & bootstrap plug-ins. It can be used for any type of web applications eCommerce dashboard, custom admin panel, project management admin, crm, cms, etc. This is the easiest and fastest way to create your web application project.

In fact, web designer and developer may need of a great free bootstrap admin panel dashboard templates. It becomes highly necessary for the admin templates to be very flexible and fixed all screen solution both mobile and computer version in every respect. The admin panel design must be simple, professional and easy to use. For an free admin templates the important thing is not the design but the functionality.


Dashio It is a fully free bootstrap admin template built with Bootstrap Framework. Flat color, custom graphics, easy to customize and user-friendly code for developers Dashio offers more than 35 well-designed pages to create a complete admin for your application. It is highly adaptive with any window size, including iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet. Dashio comes with an easy-to-comment code that can be used by beginners. It’s incredibly designed and comes with many features, many reusable UI components and more to make you an excellent dashboard.

The design of the Dashio template is highly adaptive and comes with a different-sized viewpoint that supports all popular devices, including mobile devices. It is suitable for almost any web applicator, such as the admin dashboard, the project management system, the custom admin panel, the CRM, the CMS, and the application backend.

demo more info / download


Star Admin is a free bootstrap admin template designed with Bootstrap 4. The template has a colorful, attractive but simple and elegant design. The template is well designed, with all the components carefully and carefully designed and arranged in the template.

Star Admin has all the features that fit your needs, but not the cramped ones with components you would not even use. It is an ideal tool for creating administrative panels, e-commerce systems, project management systems, content management systems or CRM solutions.

Although the template has a unique design, it is easily customizable to meet your needs. Star Admin comes with a clean and well-commented code that makes it easy to use the template. This makes it an ideal choice to start your project.

more info / download


Stisla is a free bootstrap admin template and will help you speed up your project, design your own dashboard user interface and users will like it. Integrated with more than 30 third-party libraries and many components, you can easily create a dashboard layout.

demo more info / download


AdminKit is a free professional Web UI Kit & Dashboard template based on Bootstrap that comes with hundreds of UI components, forms, tables, charts, pages and icons.

more info / download demo


The free and responsive Regal Bootstrap admin template has easy-to-understand code and detailed documentation. The template is incredibly flexible and easy to customize, as the SASS preprocessor is used for styling. The template is powered by the Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML, CSS and SASS framework. It also comes with several layouts, user interface elements, tables, graphics and other components.

more info / download demo


Purple Admin is a free bootstrap admin template built with Bootstrap 4. The template is colorful, attractive but simple and elegant. The theme is well designed, with all the components carefully and carefully designed and arranged in the template. Purple Admin contains all the features that meet your needs but are not cluttered with components that you would not even use. It is an excellent choice for building management panels, e-commerce systems, project management systems, CMS or CRM.

demo more info / download


Kapella is a responsive Bootstrap admin template that presents an elegantly designed horizontal menu. Built with Bootstrap 4, SASS, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS, Kapella offers a nice selection of layouts, widgets and essentials. The simple design, clean code and detailed documentation of the Kapella admin template are sure to impress you. Kapella emphasizes functionality, aesthetics and user-friendliness to guarantee an optimal user experience.

more info / download demo


Bubbly is the newest member of the Bootstrapious admin template family. Its design language follows current trends – subtle shadows, pastel colors, rounded corners and Main dashboard with 10 different widget types. This free bootstrap admin template contains 5 responsive HTML pages, all in 6 color variants.

demo more info / download


Majestic Admin is a simple but powerful free Bootstrap admin template that is built with the Bootstrap framework, SASS, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS. The spectacular design, usability and ease of customization of Majestic Admin make it suitable for building different types of admin websites. This well-documented template has high responsiveness to make websites look great on desktops and mobile devices.

The wide range of useful dashboard elements and other essential features available with this template will make the process of creating and customizing websites much easier. The clean, well-written code of the Majestic admin theme is easy to understand even for beginners.

more info / download demo


Robust is a free bootstrap admin template, you will also find a user interface for your project. For those who are starting out well, this best free admin template will help you launch your project without any financial investment. You can choose from the selection of components, items, and maps that are available in template packages when you create your custom dashboard. Robust is mobile responsive, so it should work on both small and large screens. Robust includes animation effects and other elements of the user interface to make your dashboard more appealing.

demo more info / download


RoyalUI is a very responsive model built with the latest version of Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, jQuery and SASS. There are many practical dashboard elements, useful tools, and other features in this template. This Bootstrap administration model also has excellent documentation, high reactivity and clean code. The breathtaking design of RoyalUI Admin Template and its excellent customization options make website customization a fairly simple process. Multi-browser compatibility of the responsive RoyalUI ensures a smooth user experience.

more info / download demo

Arbano VueJS Admin

Arbano is a free bootstrap admin template built with Bootstrap 4 and VueJS. It comes with a clean code of high quality and superb design; Therefore, you can develop a big project quickly. Arbano’s fully responsive layout supports any size display. This is a free ViewJs admin template with a modular base.

The admin template created with Vuejs contains more than 30 custom items, such as forms, charts, maps, progress bar, and more. It’s very easy to customize. Menu items can be added or edited from a single nav.js file. You do not need to touch other files.

demo more info / download


AdminLTE is the post popular open source and free bootstrap admin template. Built on top of Bootstrap 3 framework, AdminLTE provides a range of reusable, responsive, and commonly used components.


  • Verified HTML5 and CSS3 syntax by W3C services.
  • Mobile first design. Fits many resolutions, from large desktops to small mobile devices
  • 1000+ Icons, Featuring Font Awesome, Ion Icons, and Glyphicons.
  • 6 Skins, Choose a skin that matches your branding or edit the LESS variables to create your own and more.

AdminLTE – a fully responsive responsive admin templatedemo more info / download

Material Admin

Material Admin is a free bootstrap admin template built entirely using Google’s Material Design for the Web framework, which complies with the guidelines for material design. It comes with the basic components and a set of predefined pages needed to lay the foundation for any application. And a set of more advanced components and features are available in Material Admin Pro.

demo more info / download

SimDash Admin

SimDash is a free bootstrap admin template created with HTML, JavaScript and CSS3. This free HTML dashboard template will help you create a sleek administrator. This free admin template has many features for recovery. You can view the demo link on the page to get an idea of what the free dashboard template will look like. If you choose SimDash, you will be able to use many widgets and add many panels to your dashboard. Some of the options include an online ordering list, a menu list, order progress, and a to-do list. Some sliders can be filtered by custom ranges, sales numbers, and more.

demo more info / download


CoreUI is a Open Source free bootstrap admin template. CoreUI is come with 3 powerful js framework version AngularJS, ReactJS and VueJS. It goes well beyond the template so far of manage through a transparent code and file structure. And if that is not enough, it’s just add the CoreUI consists bunch of unique features and over 1000 high quality icons.

CoreUI is an open source project under MIT license and completely free. However, the efforts needed to maintain and develop new features for the project are not sustainable without adequate financial support. You can support development by donating to PayPal or by purchasing one of our premium bootstrap 4 admin templates.

CoreUI was designed as its own extended version of Bootstrap. Built according to the latest standards. Based on the most popular components and web frameworks.

coreui free bootstrap admin templatedemo more info / download

Stellar Admin

The Stellar free bootstrap admin template is based entirely on the latest version of Bootstrap 4. Stellar Admin is designed to reflect the simplicity and slender composition and elements of the user interface and is coded to perfection with a well-organized code . This makes it easy to change its appearance to anything you want on your admin panel. Stellar Admin is a perfect choice for creating any kind of simple or complex back end applications or other web applications.

demo more info / download

Focus Admin

Focus admin is a lightweight, sophisticated, resourceful, reliable, easy-to-use and free bootstrap admin template. One of the biggest differences between Focus and the other templates is that Focus brings together some great features in the Graphics departments. There is an extended form wizard feature that you can use to create your own step-by-step forms. In the Graphics section, you can choose from several huge jQuery graphics libraries that will simplify data analysis.

The goal is much more than a dashboard, it’s a fully functional management platform. Focus includes impressive analytics capabilities for graphing and graphing capabilities to simplify reporting and analysis, making your data usable. Focus Admin can give your back-end an exact appearance from the first day. The adaptive modular design of Bootstrap ensures that Focus Admin is properly rendered on all devices and browsers.

demo more info / download

Nixon Admin

Nixon is a free bootstrap admin template built with HTML, CSS and Javascript that you can use to power your application. Although it is a free html dashboard template, it presents a quality design. There is a good mix of colors and fonts that makes it attractive. The layout is spacious, giving your users the space they need.

Nixon has many features that will help you achieve a superior dashboard. This handcrafted template includes three page templates to help you add essential areas to your dashboard. You’ll also find 11 UI components to add useful content to your pages, including quick alerts, nested objects, portlets, nested objects, and tasks.

demo more info / download

Angular Material Dashboard

demo more info / download

SB Admin 2

SB Admin 2 is an free bootstrap admin template, dashboard or free web application interface with powerful jQuery plug-ins for extended functionality. SB Admin 2 Bootstrap admin theme, dashboard template, or Webapp user interface. The theme includes a variety of custom jQuery plug-ins to add extended functionality beyond the built-in features of the Bootstrap UI.

SB Admin 2 - free bootstrap admin themedemo more info / download

Basix Admin

Basix admin is a beautiful and free bootstrap admin template built by Vue.js and Bootstrap. It is registered under a MIT license. It has more than 60 widgets and over 2000 free icons that give you the flexibility to create a nice admin panel. It contains all the necessary components to help you create any type of admin panel.

More than 60 widgets in this template give you great flexibility to create any type of design according to your choice. Customization is very easy, like drop-down menus, separators, badges, etc. We have defined navigation as a component. You must open any file. All you need is on nav.js. It features more than 80 component variants that help you enrich your dashboard to a new level. The Basix administrator template is packed with features that will help you easily create websites.

demo more info / download

Monster Admin

Monster free bootstrap admin template with a fully responsive layout design built with Bootstrap 3. Whether you’re working for a CMS, CRM or SAAS-based project, Monster Admin has the necessary amplification of the latest tools to offer you the right experience. It includes custom forms and graphics libraries for dynamic data management and an easily accessible code base for making additional changes and adjustments. With a lightweight design, the Monster Admin template offers some relief to all the sophisticated and sophisticated dashboard templates you’ve already reviewed.

demo more info / download

SB Admin

SB Admin is a free bootstrap admin template, it have 4 styles along with a variety of powerful jQuery plugins to create a powerful framework for creating web apps, admin panels, or back-end dashboards. It is 100% free and open source, use it for any purpose.

SB Admin - free admin template for Bootstrap 3demo more info / download


Matrix admin is a free bootstrap admin template with Clean, Minimal, Flat and Metro. You will find too many options with this theme. It’s absolutely free to download and you can use it for a personal project or client.

matrix admin free html dashboard template more info / download demo

Modular Admin

Modular Admin is an open source free bootstrap admin template built modular on Bootstrap 4, facilitating scaling, editing and maintenance. This is a comprehensive dashboard for web applications, designed to speed up the process of developing the background. The main goal is to accelerate Web development efforts by providing configurable and ready modules. It is coded in different modules to allow you to choose the ones you want and to avoid unnecessary spaces and to update them individually without any problem.

Totally modular, with many unique features, it will help you build your next awesome product. This framework is easily customizable and the theme features are responsive layout, Bootstrap 4.x, Sass, graphics, template engine, pages and more. The template engine uses Handlebars js, which makes it easy to write a small template with HTML and reuse it in the project. There are Flot & Morris chart options that you can use to create the GUI of any statistical data. This support also facilitates the deployment and maintenance of updates.

demo more info / download


React Director is a free bootstrap admin template powered by Facebook’s ReactJS and Bootstrap. It has a huge collection of composable React UI components (most Bootstrap components have been ported to React).

more info / download demo

Nice Admin

Nice Admin is a powerful free bootstrap admin template based on Bootstrap framework, it provides a clean and intuitive design that is focused on User Experience. The custom plugins include carefully customize to fit with the overall look of the theme, working seamlessly across all browsers, tablets and phones. It includes advanced examples of charts, form validation and maps.

Nice Admin - Free Admin Bootstrap Theme demo more info / download


Miminium is a free bootstrap admin template with a new design, inspired by Google’s material design. We are very excited to introduce our concept on materials through an easy to use and very beautiful set of components. Dashboard material was built on the popular Bootstrap framework and it comes with a couple of third-party plugins redesigned to fit with the rest of the elements.

more info / download demo


Color is the name of an free bootstrap admin template built with fascinating looks and robust functionality using the Bootstrap framework to meet your business needs.

more info / download demo


SHOPPY is a Web based free bootstrap admin template built on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. This dynamic and versatile admin template surely makes the top-of-list in its category with cleverly coded and visually stunning nature, and it has a plethora of elements embedded evenly and in fact a stand-out choice.

more info / download demo


Ultra modern template is clean free bootstrap admin template comes with tons of well designed features and is a stylish board template, easy to use and integrate, cleanly encoded, beautifully styled, responsive design and fixed with unique widgets, properly coded.

more info / download demo


POOLED is a clean, flat elegant design and free bootstrap admin template based on the Bootstrap system and powered by jQuery. It is a Cross-navigation supporting all new browsers compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

pooled free admin bootstrap templatemore info / download demo


Baxter is a flat design concept free bootstrap admin template. It is a general clean look bold admin template for the job status contains a lot of web application user interface elements and widgets. It is completely bootstrapped + 3 framework, response management built in HTML5 and CSS3, Media query, a dashboard template.

baxster free admin panel flat bootstrap templatedemo more info / download

Easy Flat Admin

Easy admin panel is a flat design concept free bootstrap admin template. It is plain bold look, minimal look clean, flat Bootstrap template for the job status contains a lot of web application user interface elements and widgets. It is completely bootstrap + 3 framework, response management built in HTML5 and CSS3, Media query, a dashboard template.

Easy Admin Paneldemo more info / download

Minimal Admin

The minimum is a flat admin panel dashboard concept. It have web widget admin panel includes many user interface elements and clean look template for the job status.

minimal-admin-panel-flat-bootstrap-templatedemo more info / download


Novus is a colorful free bootstrap admin template built with HTML5 Bootstrap, offering users fast, simple performance. The highly-responsive layout has been crafted with care and dedication to minimize time spent on small tasks, leaving more free for more important elements.

novus free admin panel bootstrap templatedemo more info / download

Binary Admin

Binary is a free bootstrap admin template using bootstrap framework i.e it will work smoothly on mobiles,laptops, desktops,etc.

Binary Admin - FREE BOOTSTRAP ADMIN TEMPLATEdemo more info / download


Edmin is yet another free bootstrap admin template with jQuery plugins that is perfect for your projects. It provides an easy to use modern and flat user interface design and a fully responsive layout that is compatible with handheld devices such as phones and tablets.

Edmin - New Free Bootstrap Admin Templatedemo more info / download


DashGum is a simple & elegant free bootstrap admin template. It comes with 15 pages to start your panel as soon as possible. With DashGum you have charts, tables, a lot of panels, calendars, notifications, to do lists and more. Grab our free theme and enjoy it.

DashGum - simple & elegant admin paneldemo more info / download


TemplateVamp is a fully functional and customization free bootstrap admin template that leverages the power and flexibility of HTML5 & CSS3. It can be used as a front-end toolkit for rapidly developing web applications that are lightweight, faster, and mobile-friendly; a great starting point.

TemplateVamp - customization free admin templatedemo more info / download


Metronic admin Bootstrap template 3.3.5 & AngularJS 1.3 frameworks. Metronic can be used for any type of web applications: custom admin panels, admin dashboards, eCommerce backends, CMS, CRM, SAAS. Metronic has a sleek, clean and intuitive metro & flat balanced design* which makes your next project look awesome and yet user friendly. Metronic has a huge collection of plugins and UI components and works seamlessly on all major web browsers, tablets and phones.

Metronic admin Bootstrap template 3.3.5demo more info / download

Dore jQuery Admin Template

Elisyam is a web app and jquery admin dashboard template release from themeforest for September 2018, it is complete package build to help you create a custom and unique user interface for your project.

demo more info / download


Ubold is a fully featured premium admin dashboard template built on top of awesome Bootstrap 3.3.5, modern web technology HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. It has many ready to use hand crafted components. The theme is fully responsive and easy to customize. The code is super easy to understand and gives power to any developer to turn this theme into real web application.

ubolddemo more info / download


Flatkit Admin App UI Kit demo more info / download


Limitless is a new professional admin dashboard template, based on Bootstrap framework. Limitless is a powerful and super flexible tool, which suits best for any kind of web application. Includes 1 main and 3 alternative layouts, 1000+ commented HTML pages, 1000+ components with different features and options, 100+ plugins and extensions etc. Limitless includes Starter kit – a set of blank pages, that will make your developer’s life much easier. Limitless template is fully responsive, which means that it looks perfect on mobiles and tablets.

Limitless app kit is fully based on LESS pre-processor, includes 100+ commented LESS files. Each file corresponds to a single component, layout, page, plugin or extension – so you can easily find necessary piece of code and edit it for your needs. The package includes both normal and minified CSS files, compiled from LESS.

Limitless - Responsive Web Application Kit demo more info / download

Fuse – AngularJS Material

Fuse - AngularJS Material Design Admin Template demo more info / download

Altair Material Design Premium Template

Altair is a professional HTML5/CSS3 Material Design template based on UIkit Framework and jQuery Library. This template has been built with Bower (package manager), Gulp (streaming build tool) and Handlebars.js (templating system).

Altair HTML5 Material Design templatedemo more info / download


angulr Admin web application template with Bootstrap admin web app 3 and AngularJS. Using grunt and bower with bootstrap and angular, features nested views & routing and lazy load for large project.

angulr Admin web application templatedemo more info / download


Remark is a premium admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap. There are a huge of powerful components build with Less css which makes it easy to modify.

It’s the latest collection in our highly reliable libraries, its componets cover the best practices on web and mobile. It can be easily integrated into your projects, allowing you to create solutions for your future designs quickly.

Remark premium admin dashboard template

demo more info / download


OneUI is a super flexible UI framework admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap that will enable you to build your backend and frontend pages using the same fast and powerful layout. It is created to save you time and be as lightweight as possible. Completely modular with many unique features, it will help you build your next awesome product.

OneUI admin template based on Bootstrapdemo more info / download


Materialize is a Material Design Admin bootstrap template is the excellent responsive google material design inspired multipurpose admin template.

Materialize Material Design Admin Template demo more info / download


Clip-Two is an advanced, responsive dashboard admin template built with AngularJS, the Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework. This template is mobile friendly and ready for you to customize it any way you want to use it. It comes with 2 complete themes: Clip-Two Admin and Clip-Two Admin RTL Version.

Bootstrap-Admin-Template-with-AngularJSdemo more info / download


Meet Pages The easiest and fastest way to create a web-based user interface for your dashboard or application. Our beautifully designed user interface includes hundreds of customizable features. Each layout is just a starting point, you can adapt it in your own way.

Pages-Responsive-Admin-Dashboard-Templatedemo more info / download


Atlant – is a powerful admin template based on Bootstrap 3.3.0. Template is fully responsive and retina ready which means it is compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. In downloaded package you will find .less files, documentation, clean and commented source code. Atlant is easy to use and customize, also you will find lots of ready to use elements.

Atlant-Bootstrap-Admin-Templatedemo more info / download


AppUI is a fully responsive and full featured Web App and Admin dashboard Template powered by the popular Bootstrap 3.2 framework. It is built with web developers in mind and focuses on providing a great User Experience with a modern design, fast User Interface and many awesome features.

AppUI-Bootstrap-Admin-Web-App-Templatedemo more info / download


Porto-Admin-Responsive-HTML5-Templatedemo more info / download


mAdmin is minimalist admin template built on Bootstrap 3.2 Framework with full responsive technique. It’s a multiform template with two style and more than 20 color themes, so you can use mAdmin for many types of web applications like custom admin panel, admin dashboard, application backend, etc.

mAdmin-Responsive-Multi-Style-Admin-Templatedemo more info / download


ProUI-Responsive-Admin-Dashboard-Templatedemo more info / download


Bucket Admin is a premium admin dashboard template with flat design concept. Flat color, Customized Chart, Easy to customize and developer friendly code.

Bucket-Admin-Bootstrap-3-Responsive-Flat-Dashboarddemo more info / download


Webarch is a multipurpose admin dashboard template built on top of Twitter Boostrap.

Webarch - Responsive Admin Dashboard Templatedemo more info / download


FlatLab is a Premium Admin Dashboard template with real flat design concept. Flat color, clean content placement, easy customization and professional coding is its core power. FlatLab is a fully responsive admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 3.0.2 Framework, modern web technology HTML5 and CSS3.

FlatLab - Bootstrap 3 Responsive Admin Templatedemo more info / download


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