23 Best Free Health and Medical WordPress Themes 2022

free health wordpress themes
free health wordpress themes

The best free health and medical care WordPress themes are made by experts in the field to fit businesses like hospitals, medical practices, clinics, health services, community health centers, pharmacies, and retail medical supply stores. With the health WordPress themes, it's easy for medical organizations and healthcare companies to set up an online presence that looks good and works well. The responsive WordPress theme works really well, and it is updated often to make sure it stays up to date with the latest standards and developments in technology.

Some interesting things about modern medicine and health care are listed here. In the category of things that have to do with medical care, you can also find appointment forms and sliders with testimonials. Even though it might seem hard to find free medical WordPress themes, I have put together a large list of options for you to choose from. We will also talk about what medical websites that offer services, information, or advice shouldn't do and what they should do instead.

Good WordPress themes are easy to use, always up to date, and work best on mobile devices. But a theme for a business in the medical field needs to include a lot more than that. It needs to look and feel professional and reassure both patients and visitors. It should also be easy for either group to find the information they need.

I've put together a list of the best free WordPress themes that can be used in hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, and health and wellness websites. You should be able to find a theme that fits your needs here if you are making a website for any kind of medical facility.

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Smart Health Pharmacy

The Bizberg theme is the parent theme, while the Smart Health Pharmacy WordPress theme is a child theme of that theme. The Smart Health Pharmacy WordPress theme can help a hospital, clinic, doctor's office, or other health-related organization improve the look and functionality of their website. This theme has been made so that it can be used on medical websites. With Smart Health Pharmacy, you have a lot of freedom to talk about your health organization in a way that doesn't leave patients with questions.

One of the easiest to use options is the Smart Health Pharmacy theme. It can be used by anyone, from people who have never written a line of code before to those who do it every day. The demo data can be imported with just one click. The theme options are based on the customizer, the design works with page builders, and both page and post layouts can be changed. These are just a few of the great things that Smart Health Pharmacy offers to all kinds of doctors and medical practices.

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Medical Business

The Bizberg theme is the “parent” theme, and the Medical Business WordPress theme is a “child” theme of the Bizberg theme. The Medical Business WordPress theme was made for businesses and organizations in the medical field, like hospitals, clinics, practices of general and specialized therapy, general and specialty practitioners of medicine, gynecologists, and physicians. It is a theme that was made specifically for websites that have something to do with health care.

When you have a medical business profile, you can talk about your health organization in a way that answers all of your patients' questions. This gives you a chance to help your patients better. The Medical Business theme is one of the most user-friendly options available because anyone can use it, even if they don't know much about coding.

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Medical Doctor

A job that has to do with health, medicine, or taking care of patients is a very important one. Because of this, you need a website that is just as strong, and our Free Doctor WordPress theme can help you do that. It can be helpful for a wide range of medical professionals, including primary care doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, cardiologists, oncologists, gynecologists, pediatricians, and anyone else who works in this field.

With this free WordPress theme made just for medical professionals, you'll have access to everything you need to sell your services on the web. No matter how much you know about coding or theme development, this theme is great for building a beautiful website, and it will work well for you no matter how much you know.

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Medical Clinic Lite

The Free Medical WordPress Theme is a beautiful theme that was made for websites about health and fitness. The Bootstrap framework was used to build the theme, which makes it easy to use. It works with a wide range of browsers and makes it possible for pages to load much faster. The navigation is easy and straightforward on all supported devices, which include desktop PCs, mobile phones, and tablet computers.

If you know how to code, you can add some custom shortcodes, CSS, and JS to your website to make it more useful. If you know anything about coding, you can improve the way your website works. It gives off a sense of professionalism while also being elegant and luxurious.

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WPCmedical is a flexible WordPress theme that, as its name suggests, is great for websites that offer professional medical services, offer consulting programs, or market healthcare facilities. The theme is also good for websites that give information about hospitals and other medical facilities. WPCmedical also offers its services to websites that focus on giving information about medical facilities.

When you use the WPCmedical platform, which puts a lot of emphasis on both performance and efficiency, you can add powerful features that come from WPC plugins to your online store. These features will give your store an air of reliability. All of the pages in the shop, including the homepage, category page, blog posts, and widgets, have been properly optimized to make sure they work as well as possible given the limitations of humans. There's no doubt that this will be the next big thing for your company.

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Medical Care

In a world where digitization is the main force, people want the best material more and more. If a company or industry wants to grow, it needs to start working right away to improve its digital content. When it comes to our health and well-being, we tend to be very careful, and it can be hard for us to trust a lot of doctors. Because of this, it is very important to look for something that is equal to the amount of effort that has been put in.

The Free Medical WordPress theme is another example of a Free Business WordPress theme. It was made to help businesses that work in the medical and health care industries market their products and services. Customers have a good impression of it because it was designed with the future in mind and has an adaptable layout system. Both of these things help it work well and reach its goals.

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Health Care Hospital

Hospital Health care is a beautiful WordPress theme for medical clinics, doctors, health care centers, hospitals, health and research centers, science laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, dentists, psychologists, vaccination centers and any health-oriented website. . This is a minimal theme with sophisticated design and offers amazing functionality for you.

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Helphealth Medical

Helphealth Medical is a clean, modern and fully responsive health and medical WordPress theme. This theme is suitable for Doctors, Clinics, Pharmacies, Stores, Dentists, Hospital Supplies, Labs, Physicians, Cosmetic Surgery, Healthcare Supplements Online Sales, Prevention Medicines, psychiatrist, physiatrist or any other commercial website. And the theme is easy to use and customize for anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge.

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Hospital Health Care

Hospital Health Care is a responsive and fully customizable theme for creating medical and hospital websites. The template design is used to design and develop websites for hospitals, doctors, clinics, health centers or community health centers, medical stores, health services, dental, pharmacies, massage spa centers, surgeons, dentists, centers of health. Hospital Health Care theme is compatible with popular WordPress plugins like Elementor Page Builder, Gutenberg, Block-Enabled, Contact Form 7, WP Super Cache and more.

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VW Healthcare

VW Healthcare is a good theme to design professional websites for hospitals, medical clinics, plastic surgeons, laser treatment centers, dermatologists, dentists, and any healthcare industry related expert or worker. It is a multipurpose theme that can be adapted for any purpose. Simple and sophisticated design designed with minimal focus is the key. This helps provide a clear and amazing view of all your medical and healthcare services.

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CCovid Medical Lite

CCovid Medical Lite WordPress theme is beautiful and clean, and its free multipurpose medical theme, used in most cases of SARS, general, dental, hospital, gynecological, veterinary clinics, nursing homes and medical websites in general, as well as personal portfolios. sites for surgeons, gynecologist, general therapist, doctors and for the entire medical sector.

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Mediclin is a Multi-Purpose Health and Medical WordPress Theme.

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Vandana Health Coach is an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly WordPress theme for coaches, mentors, speakers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. The theme has Banner with Newsletter to help you grow your email list and stay in touch with your readers. In addition, it also includes sections such as About, Services, Call to Action, Testimonials and Contact section to elegantly show your services to your visitors and convert them into customers. Vandana Health Coach is SEO friendly, speed optimized, translation ready, RTL ready and WooCommerce compatible.

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MediHealth is a free WordPress theme with responsive design and clean typography. The themes have a combination of medical and health services. The template design is used to design and develop websites for hospitals, doctors, clinics, health centers or community health centers, medical stores, health services, pharmacies, spa and massage centers. The MediHealth theme is compatible with popular WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO, Jetpack, Elementor Page Builder, Gutenberg, Block-Enabled, WooCommerce, WPML, Contact Form 7, WPForms, Wordfence Security, WP Super Cache, and more.

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Healthexx is a professional WordPress medical theme well suited for hospitals, nursing homes, general clinics, medical stores, dental websites, and general practitioners. You can easily modify the theme and layout using the live customizer at Control Panel> Appearance> Personalize.This WordPress medical theme will give your website easy access to everyone's mobile devices, tablets, and desktops with your layout. receptive. The EventPrime plugin is useful for your client. With this plugin, anyone can make an appointment. Also the theme supports contact form plugins7 so anyone can easily send messages.

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This theme is created for those in the health, beauty and wellness industries looking to build their site quickly, while still having access to a host of features. Built on the foundation of MoveAddons elements, Mexi offers a single home page along with other necessary web pages such as the About page, the services page, the contact page, the contact details page, the home page of session, registration page, blog page, etc. from health websites. On the home page, you can display the list of doctors, the list of services, the price list, the frequently asked questions and the testimonials of satisfied customers. In addition, there is the option to book an appointment from the home page.

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RT Health

RT Health is a simple, easy to use, lightweight and minimal WordPress theme ready for page builders. On top of that, it is a responsive WordPress theme, compatible with all browsers and ready for kids themes. it is a theme with incredibly powerful features. Key customizer options, one-click demo import, custom widgets, and dedicated support team are the key things you get with RT Health. Although it is a free version, they have a dedicated support team.

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Blossom Health Coach is a child theme of Blossom Coach, our popular WordPress coaching theme, dedicated to health coaches, mentors, life coaches, and influencers. Blossom Health Coach is a fully responsive and easy-to-use theme that helps you create a great converting website. This theme features a strategically placed contact form, call-to-action button, and newsletter form to urge the user to take action. It is a speed optimized theme that provides a great user experience to your visitors. Plus, it's SEO friendly and Schema.org ready, which helps your website rank higher in search engine results.

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VW Health

This free health coach WordPress theme is clean, minimal, fresh, and flexible to be used by gym trainers, health consultants, yoga classes, personal trainers, gyms, and other similar websites and businesses. It allows you to create an amazing fitness website in minutes with no prior coding knowledge required. It has a modern design that will give your website a professional look with the Bootstrap framework strengthening its base. This free health coach WordPress theme is fully responsive, all browsers supported, SEO friendly, translation ready, and RTL script compliant. It is written in clean code and follows WordPress coding standards to provide a bug-free website that runs smoothly. It has social media icons included to reach the audience from all sides. This free health coach WP theme is perfectly compatible with third-party plugins, so you can include advanced features based on your needs.

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Better Health

Better Health is a free multipurpose health WordPress theme specifically designed to meet the needs of the medical industry. It is a responsive WordPress theme that comes with demo content that you can easily build on to create your own healthcare website. It requires little to no coding experience and helps you create amazing websites in just a few clicks. You get a drag and drop feature to build pages as you want with all the elements you need. Better Health is great in design, feature rich, and gives you cool options to customize the website to make it unique and impressive.

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Being fully responsive by its very nature, the Psychologist WordPress Theme will create a flawless presentation of your therapy services on the web. The rich UI kit has a wide range of dynamic and static elements, including an intuitive carousel and website slider, for a more interactive feel to your online presence. Create pages according to your own needs, change layouts, spice them up with widgets and modules in Power Page Builder. As for the look of your site, you can create a unique style in WYSIWYG mode with Live Customizer. There are multiple header and footer options so you feel free to customize. Use the sample data installer to fill your website with demo content and get started in no time. Spread the word about your business around the world through multilingual support, this feature will help you broaden your target audience.

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Free Pregnancy WordPress Theme

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