72 Best Music Website Templates Free & Premium

Music Website Templates

In this collection, we are going to show you professional free & premium html music website templates for creating music site or entertainment blog and specially designed for singers, bands, musicians, DJs, music schools, etc.. If you are finding templates for creating website in the music industry such DJs, music and Bands, Singers, Music portals, Recording Studio, Music Band & Party animals for online music, This high quality band music website templates will be the best choose that suitable for website purpose.

When you see, we continue to produce stylish black free music website templates, and this time is the third huge collection music templates. Assuming that visually appealing layout Apart Thank you kindly also features a gallery with jQuery to present all of the photos and the cooling in the header of the main jQuery page. Thought-out structure of a stylish design element runs plus a good starting point for music project template.

Muzik VueJS, HTML Music Streaming

Muzik is a modern and minimal html and vuejs template for music and song streaming platforms. It’s a modern, clean-looking dashboard. With modern and impressive UI / UX elements, this template is a perfect package for any of your music streaming related web applications.

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Symphonius Music Band HTML5 Template

Symphonius is a one page HTML template for musicians, actors, creative groups, or as a personal page.

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Listen App Angular 8 Music Streaming HTML Template

Listen App is an Angular 8 music streaming app that works with bootstrap 4, SASS, HTML, and wonderful jquery modules. It is a modern, clean and clear responsive template suitable for Music Business and online music streaming application. The template contains 2 light and dark versions and you can also customize the sidebar, header and audio player in 7 pre-built color variants.

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Tunein Online Music Store HTML5 Template – 4 Home Pages

Tunein Music Store HTML template is suitable for contemporary online radio, radio station company, music band, stylish DJ, attractive singer, artists office, cultural event agency, and websites of entertainment companies. The theme includes 4 home page layouts that allow you to provide all the necessary information about DJ compilations, radio hits, discography services, radio resident solutions, and any upcoming music events. With Rare Radio, you can showcase your photo and video galleries of organized or planned events. The template can also be interesting for music producers, musicians, or anyone in the music industry or on a blog.

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Kube Music HTML5 Template – 3 Home Pages

KUBE is a clean, modern and fully responsive HTML template. It is designed for music, record label, band, artist, agency, creative studio, freelance, personal, corporate digital, business or any type of person or business that wants to show their work, services and in a professional way. The uniqueness of KUBE Template is due to its stunningly beautiful designs and easy-to-use website template solution that maximizes user satisfaction. It is built using the bootstrap 4.2 framework, works fully responsive, easy to customize, well commented codes, and SEO friendly.

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Voyceo Recording Studio HTML5 Template

Voyceo is a premium HTML template. It is retina ready, fully responsive and compatible with all types of mobile devices. This article is dedicated (you can create a website based on it) recording studio, sound studio, musician, singer, vocalist, dj, music band, etc. You can save time and money with our Voyceo HTML template. We have integrated it with specific features: booking forms, player, gallery / instagram widget, slider, etc. Don’t hesitate and buy our HTML wesbite Voyceo template.

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Rekord Ajaxify Music Podcast HTML5 Template

The registry is a bootstrap-based HTML template. Suitable for singer bands and event directors. It has a modern, flat look with line icons and various skins. The template is completely Ajaxify, which means that the tracks will continue to play even if you visit other pages.

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TuneHill Music Band HTML5 Template

TuneHill Music Band Template is a responsive one page HTML5, CSS3 template. This template is built with the world’s most popular responsive CSS framework Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and so many modern technologies. follows standard design guidelines that make it sleek, clean, intuitive, and easy to use. It’s easy to customize and the template code is very clean.

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Bepop Non-stop Music HTML5 Template

Bepop is an html template for artists, musicians, bands, record labels. has genres, charts, and artist pages with a seamless music player that is perfect for music web apps or audio platforms.

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Oumaila Music Band HTML5 Template

OUMAILA is a modern music musician and band template, allowing bands and musician to introduce themselves with a single, fully loaded, simple scrolling page with lots of sections so people know lots of information.

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Listen Online Music Streaming

Listen App is an online music streaming application that works with the bootstrap 4, SASS, HTML and jquery modules. This is a modern, clear and clear HTML responsive template for Music Business and the online music streaming app. The template contains 2 light and dark versions, and you can also customize the sidebar, header, and audio player in 7 preset color variants. And many more to come.

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The TuneHill music group template is a template of an HTML5 responsive page, CSS3. This template is built with the world’s most popular responsive CSS infrastructure, Bootstrap, HTML5, jQuery and many modern technologies. follows the standard design guidelines that make it elegant, clean, intuitive and user-friendly. It is easy to customize and the template code is very clean.

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Devaid Music Band and Musician Template

Devaid is an HTML5 template music. It is designed with Bootstrap4, ideal for any type of audio file management, album, genres, artist and sell audio files to your client. We have carefully checked the usability. Well-structured code and easy-to-use documentation help you customize the template.

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Bepop Non Stop Music Template

Bebop is a html template for artists, musicians, bands and record companies. it features genres, charts and artist pages with non-stop music player, perfect for a music web application or audio platform.

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BeatsWave is a great choice for managing audio files, albums, bands, artists, musicians and selling audio files to your customers. It offers a creative and trendy design that never fails to be appreciated by users. This template can be used to help your customers and fans learn more about you and your music, or purchase your audio or other products.

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Miraculous Online Music Store HTML Template

Miraculous Online Music Store is a responsive and neat HTML template for the music business or streaming music online. The template contains mainly two versions, clear and dark, and comes with 25 valid HTML5 and CSS3 pages based on the Bootstrap Twitter grid system, a unique, elegant and elegant homepage with a detailed price chart.

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Adonis Music System Template

Adonis Music System Template is for anyone interested in the music store, social network based on music and community, musicians, etc. The template features dozens of unique features and layouts that allow you to create a professional music store. This template includes a player with six different layouts. This player will play music simultaneously without any interruption while browsing the pages. Users will appreciate the animated elements during loading, viewing window and ajax loading.

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Meta Video Social HTML Template

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Milando Music Portal HTML Template

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Mousiqua Music Band html Template

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Alea HTML Music Streaming

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MusicForest Music Blog Artist

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Dj Bishop Html Template

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Singer Music Singer HTML Template

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Meloo Music Playback HTML Template

Meloo is a fully responsive single page template that was created primarily for DJs and music producers. It was done using AJAX, now you can be sure that the music will not stop playing during page navigation. Meloo also has a built-in premium music player that can easily cope with SoundCloud tracks or playlists.

meloo music playback html templatedemo more info / download


Soundlab is a template for music groups, professional deejays, singers and for any music industry artist who wants to show his talent and sound to the world.

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Blast is a responsive HTML Template for music sites, template has user-friendly modern design, build with HTML, CSS and JS. It is perfect choice for your recording studio, record label and also creative and personal websites. Components are well organized, which contributes to an easy customization.

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FreeSpirit is a Unique stand out HTML template aesthetically designed and crafted for music festivals and events.its feature rich styling makes it perfect for party, concerts, night clubs and music industry.The Design comes with custom crafted clean menu styles and layouts makes it’s presence loud and clear among the rest.

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Beats is a Responsive Music html Template, build with latest version of bootstrap framework. You can use it for any kind music, radio, band, musical blog, musical shop, entertainment,  related website.

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Duotone is a Spotify Inspired One Page Responsive Parallax music website Template for bands and musicians. Duotone is a feature packed carefully crafted responsive website template for music, musicians and bands. The colorful & lively design is inspired from Spotify Design.

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The musician is a music website template adapted to the music web site, music website, music website and music site. If you are a DJ, a music group, a musician or a music blogger, look no further, it is a music website template for you.

The musician is equipped with excellent options, such as Soundcloud widgets so that you can easily link your music website with your Souncloud account, complete discography preview elements where you can use links to connect to iTunes, which Is an exceptional feature for bands, musicians and DJs.

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Mixmusic is a modern and stylish responsive music/HTML5 DJ template, help you manage audio, albums, genres, artist and sell audio files to your customer. This musical template is easy to navigate, customization, easy to understand. In my opinion, this will help your customers and fans to learn more about you and your music.

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This HTML template is perfect for a radio station site, in fact it includes an MP3 Stream Radio Player working, compatible with any web radio with an available mp3 stream available.

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MusicBase is an ideal choice for customers who want to design an incredible music site. It offers a clean, modern design that never fails to impress. This template can be used to improve a music Web page.

musicbase band artist html template more info / download demo


SONIK is an effective and impressive music website for any Producer, DJ, band with the new Sonik HTML One Page template.

sonik-one-page-music-html-templatemore info / download demo


Playbit is responsive and professionally designed ready to use web template for the music industry. Playbit is suitable for bands, DJs, musicians, music producer, music event or other related music festival. Although you can make a creative portfolio showcase with it. It is very easy to customize both expert and novice users.

playbit bootstrap music template more info / download demo


Harmony is a responsive music html5 template, you can manage audio, album, genre, artist and sell audio files to your client. This customizable easy musical style, easy to navigate and understand. I think it will help your customers and fans to learn more about you and your music.

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Pulse is an html template designed for web music, audio, radio. t is easy to use and customize. This template comes with dark gray, light themes, black, also site template of the application and of the landing page.

pulse music audio html template more info / download demo


musicbeat-music-band-html-templatemore info / download demo


soundcast podcast html templatemore info / download demo


Muziq is a template for music bands, professional deejays, singers and for any artist related to the music industry who want to show off his talent and sounds to the world.

muziq-music-band-musician-html-templatemore info / download demo


ACURA is a complete, dynamic story and the story can be a fun and fascinating way of easy HTML template for Music, Bands and DJ to use. The full all weekend and needed to run the site! Down menu, just a few clicks on the video, music, street sections and galleries – all in a single integrated interface! Full-screen images and precise typography animations and parallax scrolling mixed high performance, incredible experience to visitors browsing experience.

aqura html5 music templatedemo more info / download


Poison is a responsive HTML template based on bootstrap 3. It is best for music bands, clubs and events.

Poison-Music-HTML-One-Page-Templatedemo more info / download


Groovy is a music website template for online music app. Built using AngularJs and Bootstrap it provides a fully usable music app with user’s playlist functionality, Albums, Artists, users profile pages, sign in pages, front page and a lot more.

Groovy is built to be adapted to your needs and data is fetched already using HTTP request simulating a cloud based environment, all you need to change is the endpoint for where to get the data from. Just point to your server and your done!

Groovy-angularJS-Music-App-Templatedemo more info / download


TARDO – is a responsive music website template, retina ready and modern template created firstly for DJs and Producers. Present yourself in a fashion way without any limitation. Everything will look pixel perfect on any device, on any aspect ratio as it is developed with SVG and mobile first approach. The code is easy to read, easy to maintain and fully valid CSS3 / HTML5. The whole styling is SASS generated for even easier maintaince. Video & parallax available, among other features.

TARDOdemo more info / download


SoundPro is a music website template for singers, artists, music bands or musical events. It isn’t just a template, it’s complete website solution for multiple music lovers that will always looks beautiful and unique

SoundPro-Responsive-Music-Band-Event-Templatedemo more info / download


Musik-Music-Web-Application-Templatedemo more info / download


Rockon is a multi page music website template with very Modern and Clean Design built with HTML5 and CSS3 JS. It is perfect Choice for your Night Club, Club, Rocking Band, Rock Star Portffolios, Events, Dance and Party Organisation and Also Creative and personal websites.It can be customized easily to suit your wishes.

Rockon-Responsive-HTML-Templatedemo more info / download

Sonorama – Onepage Music Template

Sonorama is a template for music bands, profesional deejays, singers and for any artist related with the music industry that want to show his talent and sounds to the world

Sonorama-Onepage-Music-Templatedemo more info / download


WeRock-Music-Event-Website-Templatedemo more info / download


Beat it’s a unique one-page HTML5 Template, especially designed & developed for bands, music events and any kind of performers linked to the music and dance industry like DJ’s, singers, musicians and dance groups.This template offers a lot of useful features that will help your work stand out from the crowd.

Beat-One-Page-HTML5-Music-Band-Templatedemo more info / download

Recording Studio Responsive Website Template

Recording-Studio-Responsive-Website-Templatedemo more info / download

Singer Responsive Website Template

Singer-Responsive-Website-Templatedemo more info / download

Singer Responsive Website Template

Singer-Responsive-HTML5-Templatedemo more info / download

Singer Responsive HTML Website Template

Singer-Responsive-HTML-Templatedemo more info / download

Country Music HTML

Share your love with high quality creations with the music site template, which can be used to educate talented musicians, their album releases, long-awaited performances and other important events. With a range of pre-made HTML pages, you can hire brilliant artists, tell the story of representatives from different musical directions, describe in detail the premise of your favorite genre. With a well-woven structure, the template features versatile configurations that you can configure with Novi Builder to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Based on the Bootstrap 4 grid, the design will quickly adapt to several screen sizes and will be flawless to navigate on different devices. Give visitors the opportunity to enjoy their favorite music and embed the audio on your site. By completing subscribers to the newsletter, fans will never miss an important event or new industry updates. Visitors will be able to register on your site on the fly with a login form. With a contact form, users can request additional information and know the founders of your organization.

country music musician website templatemore info / download demo

Recording Studio Website Template

Recording Studio Website Templatedemo more info / download

Music Portal Website Template

Music Portal Website Templatedemo more info / download

Music Page Website Template

You play in a band and want to introduce it to a wider audience? You are going to need a website for that. But a professionally designed site may cost you an arm and a leg. Things are different with this music band web template. It was specially created so you could build a compelling looking portal for your group all by yourself. The template is launched with an assortment of cool effects that ensure a hot style and advanced usability.

Music-Page-Website-Templatedemo more info / download

Vera Burton

This singer web template was created for an actor’s website. The most beautiful shots are showcased in an image-based slider. Welcome section is placed on a black text block under it. Latest news are above the embedded fresh videos. Three more content areas cover the most important events from actor’s professional life. Simple contact form lets the viewer quickly write a message to the site owner. Big colored social media buttons above the footer let the users follow the actor on their social media profiles.

Vera Burton Singer Website Templatedemo more info / download

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