50+ Free WordPress Personal Blog Themes 2018

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Looking free WordPress personal blog themes for your blogging, it is simple and clean design but powerful and responsive design themes for blogging that it is absolutely easy create blog posting as you want. In this collection, we are going to show you best free personal blog themes for personal blogs that it is easy for you for creating website to showcase your work achievement or share knowledge on the internet. Build a blog is not difficult if you choose WordPress CMS for manage your blog because WordPress more powerful and easy to write and edit your articles.

Anyways, before you buy any premium WordPress themes, you should look out which option that they provide us on the themes. In this article, we have collection useful free personal blog themes to help you easy to find the best themes for personal blogs.


Kent is a clean free personal blog themes designed for writers who want to focus on writing content. It’s the perfect theme for people who want to tell stories. Kent includes custom header, social links, and footer widget options to allow you to lay out your site exactly as you wish.

Kent clean free WordPress personal blog themedemo download / more info


Eemeli is a WordPress theme that is perfect fit for business, personal or blog sites. It has beautiful Front Page template where you can show your important content, testimonials and Callout links. Toivo Lite is an accessible, translation-ready theme which supports plenty of features like Right to Left languages and Schema.org microdata.

Eemeli personal blog themedemo download / more info


Fictive is WordPress theme with a custom header image, a Gravatar, and links to your favorite social networks. Use Post Formats to dress up your content, add a custom menu and widgets, or keep it simple with a fixed-position header.

Fictive personal blog theme demo download / more info

Metro pirate

Metro pirate is a metro personal WordPress theme for blogging, with a minimalist, clean design. The theme is dominated by a white background with a colorful grid style. Metro pirate has a fully responsive layout, and comes with many useful customization options.

metro - personal blog themedownload / more info


Quidus is a blog WordPress theme. It is retina ready, has unlimited colors, 6 post formats, loads of customization options and content focused layout.

quidus - personal blog themedemo download / more info


Yuuta is a clean WordPress theme designed to serve as a visual diary. Due to support of all post formats you can create a pretty diversified blog.

yuutademo download / more info

Urban Bold

Urban Bold is a a refreshingly simply WordPress theme with clean lines and makes great use of your imagery for a bold aesthetic. Urban Bold also offers some handy customization options so you can add your own logo, favicon, and switch up the theme colors without having to know any coding.

urban bolddemo download / more info

MH Cicero

This is the WordPress theme of MH Cicero. MH Cicero lite is ideal for creative blogs and offers a beautiful flat design. This modern blog WordPress theme is 100% responsive and you can create up-to-date and appealing websites. You may present your content in a casual and simple, but yet beautiful and attractive way. In case you need more features and options to customize your website, you can upgrade to the premium version of MH Cicero.

mh vicerodemo download / more info

Themify Base

themify-basedemo download / more info


Radiate is a free clean, creative and light retina ready responsive WordPress theme supporting parallax header image. It integrates primary color option, custom background, custom css and few other features through WordPress customizer. The theme is translation ready and you can get free support or Find the perfect theme blog

radiatedemo download / more info

DW Timeline

DWTimeline is a WordPress theme for blogging and portfolio. Supporting Bootstrap 3 and Theme Wrappers.

dw-timelinedemo download / more info

WP RootStrap

WP RootStrap is a flat and minimal design WordPress theme powered by Twitter Bootstrap 3.0. It has unique designed for SEO optimization with faster page loading. It can be used as a started theme for development of any website. It has lots of theme hook to help developer for further development. The flat look starter theme having a lot of theme functionality to manage logo fav icon and social media profile etc. The theme can be used for any kind of blog or news websites. This is fully responsive theme, works perfectly with any mobile devices or tablet.

wp rootstrapdemo download / more info


ThemeSmarts is proud to present our very first flat design WordPress theme, Euclid is very flexible it can be a blogging theme and can switch to a multipurpose theme if needed. Euclid is very stylish aside from being the first blogging theme we also designed the theme with flat Stylish design in mind.

euclid - personal blog themedemo download / more info


Ignite is a clean responsive WordPress theme for blogging. Customize your site with Ignite’s built-in social media icons and logo uploaded. Then, make your logo pixel-perfect with the logo size and position tools. Additional features are available with Ignite Plus.

ignite - personal blog themedemo download / more info


Free Flat is a personal WordPress theme design developed by YoArts. We like to say that Flat is both beautiful and charming at the same time.

flatdemo download / more info


Tracks is totally WordPress theme for blogging meaning your content will look great on desktops, tablets, phones, and everything in-between.

tracksdemo download / more info


Anew is a WordPress theme in classic personal tumblog style. Fully featured, responsive and high resolution. Anew gives much content variety with all 10 post formats shown in a unique way.

anew - personal blog themedemo download / more info


dropdemo download / more info

Ex Astris

Ex Astris is a WordPress theme for the excellent Stargazer theme from Theme Hybrid. This bold theme was designed for blogger. Make it your own with a customer header and custom background.

ex astrisdemo download / more info


Writr is a responsive WordPress theme— from desktop to mobile, and everything in between. The design will adapt to any screen without sacrificing usability or design integrity.

writrdemo download / more info

Socially Awkward

socially awkwarddemo download / more info


momentsdemo download / more info


Bridging the gap between minimalist themes built for mass appeal and fully textured and colorful themes built for clients.

raveldemo download / more info


Zhao is a stylish WordPress theme with left aligned layout, a dark background and Tumblr-style post format. The theme offers a header image option and a header intro text

zhaodemo download / more info


Lefty is a WordPress theme that use to share and express your thoughts, reviews, ideas, opinions, work or anything else you choose with the rest of the world. We also have an optional Free shortcode plugin to add extra functionality to your WordPress Experience

leftydemo download / more info


chundemo download / more info

DW Minion

DWMinion is a WordPress theme that is designed with minimal and simple layout. Perfect for personal blog and mobile ready.

dw miniondemo download / more info


Sparkling is a clean, modern flat design WordPress theme developed using Bootstrap 3. This frontend framework makes this theme optimized for smartphones, tablets, desktops and any other device. With pixel perfect design, awesome widgets and full-screen slider it makes it to stand out between other free WordPress blogging themes.

sparklingdemo download / more info


pinboard - personal blog theme

demo download / more info

Premium Personal Blog Themes:


A vanilia is a personal blog WordPress theme, Vanilia has got all the trendy features that will make you the center of attention. It is packed with 6 custom post types, infinite colors, responsive design, retina display, touch-enabled carousel, slider with parallax backgrounds and many more terrific things. Vanilia is aware that readability plays a crucial role in the success of a blog and hence, gives strong emphasis on the same. It gives content and readers top most priority that is bound to bring your rocking results. Have a look at the demo and you will get all the groovy details.

Vanilia-Wordpress-Blogging-Themedemo download / more info


Tell your own exciting stories with Courage. A beautiful designed clean personal blog WordPress theme which gives you the freedom to focus on your content and enhance it with great images.

Including an awesome Layoutbuilder and based on the UIkit Frontend Framework it is a piece of cake to create content based on the latest web technologies to provide your customers a stunning user experience.

In addition Courage provides only the options you really need. Yet it is still very flexible. Choose between different blog styles or theme color styles. Thanks to the WordPress customizer changes are made immediately.

Clean-WordPress-Blogging-Themedemo download / more info


Editor is a responsive personal blog WordPress theme created for bloggers with a minimalist design and optimized for mobile.

Editor-WordPress-Theme-for-Bloggersdemo download / more info


Ganter is a modern personal personal blog WordPress theme with an awesome design, Fully responsive, Multiple layouts, Customizable header, Built-in reviews system, Mega dropdown menu, Multiple sidebars layouts, great theme options and lots of other features

Ganter-Responsive-WordPress-Blogging-Themedemo download / more info


Sondos is an awesome personal blog WordPress theme which brings simple and clean design. It’s very flexible, fully customizable by WordPress Customizer. It’s a perfect fit for photographers, artists, writers, or people looking for a theme with clean design to share their photos, galleries, videos and articles.

Sondos-WordPress-Blogging-Themedemo download / more info


Nano is a responsive personal blog WordPress theme and easy to manage WordPress theme, we decided to keep things simple and to keep them fast, so we built Nano. Nano is all about speed and efficiency, carefully crafted with SEO features that make your blog visible to your audience and easily customizable so you can set it up just the way you like it, whether you want to keep it simple or add some Oomph to your website, Nano is the perfect fit for you.

Nano-Minimalist-Highly-Customizable-WP-Blogdemo download / more info


BuzzBlog is a simple, clean, personal, modern and professional personal blog WordPress theme ideal for spreading stories. It’s totally responsive so it adapts to your style as well as the device it’s viewed on.

BuzzBlog-Clean-Personal-WordPress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Magtastico is a responsive masonry personal blog WordPress theme. With its clean and modern layout, unlimited color options and great design you’re sure to fall head over heels for this theme.

Magtastico-Responsive-Masonry-Blog-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


MarketBlog-Premium-Blog-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


Aniva-Elegant-Responsive-WordPress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


GoBlog is a blog style personal blog WordPress theme. It supports 8 post formats (Standard, Gallery, Link, Quote, Video, Image, Status and Audio). For video and audio post formats, it is really easy to embed video and audio files to posts. This theme has beautiful slider just below header for intro text or anything like that. For standard articles, the main focus is on content.

GoBlog-Responsive-WordPress-Blogging-Themedemo download / more info


Pratico is a Responsive, modern and professional personal blog WordPress theme. It’s very flexible and fully customizable.

Pratico-Retina-Responsive-WordPress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Smoothie is a Retina Responsive personal blog WordPress theme with beautiful clean modern design and powerful admin options. You can post audio, video ,photos and share with the people friends. It comes with post formats (video, audio, image, gallery, standard, aside, link, quote), You can choose from two type of home page layouts choose colors background fonts and more

Smoothie---Retina-Responsive-WordPress-Personal-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Fabulous is a modern personal blog WordPress theme for photography blog with a classic style that is never out of fashion. Perfect for bloggers, photographer, designers, developers and more this theme puts the spotlight on your content (where it should be). Use it as a blogging or a portfolio!

Fabulous-Responsive-Masonry-Blogging-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Wharton is lightweight and simple personal blog WordPress theme. Wharton can be used as photoblog-style WordPress theme for sharing your thoughts, videos, articles, quotes, audio – you can even embed Twitter status and Facebook statuses.

Wharton-Big-Bold-WordPress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Feather-Clean-Flat-Responsive-WordPress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Vivid is an extremely easily customization personal blog WordPress theme with multiple options you can choose from, watch you website change live with our fantastic use of the native customizer from WordPress, alter things like font types, icons, colors, elements and images with a simple click of a button

Vivid-Customizable-Responsive-Personal-Blogdemo download / more info


SeaShell is a professional personal blog WordPress theme, created by experienced WordPress developers. Perfect choice for your personal blog, niche blog, corporate blog, marketing blog, authority blog or any type of creative blog.

SeaShell-Modern-Responsive-WordPress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Develop-Responsive-Blog-WordPress-HTML5-CSS3-Themedemo download / more info

John Doe’s

John Doe’s Blog is a simple, clean, personal and modern and personal blog WordPress theme ideal for spreading stories. It’s totally responsive so it adapts to your style as well as the device it’s viewed on.

John-Doe-Blog-Clean-Wordpress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Payge is a clean, creative personal blog WordPress theme perfect for your stories and projects to shine. It features 9 custom post formats and beautiful attention to detail. It’s totally responsive & has a superb clean layout that makes sure the focus is on your content.

Payge-Clean-Crisp-Blogging-Themedemo download / more info


Carino is simple, clean personal blog WordPress theme. This theme give full control to modify and customize styling, layouts, colors… and has a lot of features.

Carino-Retina-Responsive-Wordpress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Hooray-Premium-Wordpress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Breeze is a fantastic personal blog WordPress theme designed to make your blogging experience as simple and seamless as possible.

Breeze-Minimalist-Responsive-Personal-Blogdemo download / more info


Nerdy-A-WordPress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Basata-Retina-Responsive-Wordpress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Arcadia-Responsive-WordPress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Cassia-Responsive-WordPress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Blogist is clean and beautiful personal blog WordPress theme with responsive layout and elegant styling.

Blogist-Personal-Blog-themedemo download / more info


Charisma is a Premium personal blog WordPress theme with clean design Very easy to customize, with multiple header Design

Charisma-Premium-Wordpress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


tdMinimal-Responsive-Blog-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Blogify-Flat-Responsive-WordPress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Bliss-Personal-Minimalist-Wordpress-Blog-Themedemo download / more info


Fashionista is perfect personal blog WordPress theme for fashion, photographers, models, celebrity gossip, or any other type of personal or professional blog. The clean masonry layout allows you to attractively showcase posts on your homepage and within categories.

Fashionistademo download / more info


MilliResponsiveBlogdemo download / more info


Pravda is a super-duper customizable, ultra responsive, retina-ready personal blog WordPress theme that everybody wants.

PravdaResponsiveBlogThemedemo download / more info


Captain is a powerful WordPress theme made for brave bloggers who share various types of information such as images, videos, audio, quotes, galleries, and more!

CaptainBlogThemedemo download / more info


BasicCleanThemedemo download / more info


Duplex is a clean WordPress theme, perfect for sharing your world. Duplex is all about posting what currently matters to you. Whether it’s graphics, videos, music, or photography, you can always find a space for it with Duplex.

PersonalBlogWPdemo download / more info


Quarter is a fully minimalistic design and responsive WordPress theme, suited for blogging. Quarter developed on the Zurb Foundation framework for responsive development so it look beautiful at any screen size.

WordPressBloggingThemedemo download / more info



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