97+ Best Restaurant Cafe Website Templates Free & Premium

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This article we have choosing both best free and premium responsive html cafe restaurant website templates for all desserts, restaurants, foods, pizza, ice-cream, shakes, wine, cafe, drinks and other similar nature of business. For website owners who are want to create website for their business solutions as restaurants, foods or coffee shop, so this html5 templates are truly related to your website purpose. Of course, website is always an other option for promotion your business service, but for those who want to keep costs down, templates are a popular choice.

The premium and Free cafe Restaurant Website Templates are difficult to find, and quality free templates are even harder to find. All responsive html5 restaurants templates and layouts are designed by the highly qualified professionals of this field of web designing. It have all the qualities of a standard website design and that is why you never have to worry about the service of the website.


Cafe-Duke – is an awesome look, a creative idea, very easy to use, fully responsive, well documented and multifunctional Restaurant, Cafe, Bistro, Food Menu, HTML template. It can also be used to share recipes, menus, dishes, testimonials, etc., and especially for kitchen and kitchen experts. The template comes with an incredible unique concept, we also assure you that you can easily decorate your website the way you like it.

cafe-duke restaurant html5 template download / more info demo


gogreen restaurant cafe html template download / more info demo


Candia is an HTML5 template that is incomparable, perfectly used for restaurants and classic bars. By being built on the advanced Boomarchitecture framework, Candia offers a layout that fully meets and capable of presenting all content on tablets and smartphones. With candia, your website will benefit from multiple niche-specific features, such as fully functional booking forms, allowing your customers to easily book their tables without any hassle or delay.

This template features 3 home page variations and 8 different blog options for your astronomy-based blogs. Online trading is a multi-billion dollar industry, and you can participate. This template allows you to create amazing online stores and distribute your products. You can even showcase your amazing galaxy as well as make important upcoming events. Try our Candia today to increase your chances of success!

candia bar restaurant html5 template download / more info demo

Food Ordering Service

FoodDelivery is an HTML5 restaurant template beautifully designed for food ordering and online food delivery services. FoodDelivery is a perfect choice to showcase restaurant dishes, pizzas, drinks, desserts and other culinary delights in a beautiful and appetizing way. The template features a collection of pre-designed items and pages that can be useful for any restaurant. Enjoy image banners, menus, image galleries, blog layouts, and more. The template includes popular pages and sections of the website such as testimonials, contacts (Google Maps included), about us, 404 pages, our team, maintenance page, upcoming page, careers, FAQs and more. FoodDelivery also comes with pre-designed ecommerce pages, so your customers can order the dishes online.

food ordering service website templatedownload / more info demo

Soup – Restaurant with Online Ordering System

The soup is an HTML / CSS restaurant template based on the Bootstrap 4 framework. It includes components of the online ordering system which make it a really useful product specially devoted to modern restaurants. It includes 3 different domestic concepts and 7 color schemes, so it is ready to use a package for all. Thanks to a reactive design, it will work perfectly on any device!

soup restaurant online ordering system template download / more info demo

Quick Food

If you need a tasty look for your fast food website, try our Quick Food which has it all so that your audience never leaves your site. This bootstrap template features a large number of ready-to-use HTML pages that allow you to describe your fast food restaurant in the best light by introducing your chef team, comments from people on your restaurant and more! Enjoy a rich UI kit to complement your site with all the desired content and highlight all your successful quick dishes with restaurant menu and versatile gallery styles. Provide your customers with all the special meal offers with a fully responsive web slide and let them be up to date at all your events and promotions with a Newsletter subscription. Capture every audience with super tasty design backed by delicious origins, tones and Parallax animation! Head to the fast food restaurants with this coffee and restaurant style!

quick food fast food restaurant website templatedownload / more info demo

Un Caffe

A Caffè is a professional website template created in collaboration with industry experts. It is an ideal foundation for building a website for a restaurant, cafe, bar or any catering business. It is lightweight and fully responsive to ensure that it looks good and charges quickly on all devices. A Caffè is built with Bootstrap 3 and HTML5 / CSS3.

un caffe bar restaurant html template download / more info demo

Big Good Burger

big good burger fast food website templatedownload / more info demo


Freya is a template HTML 5 Bootstrap designed for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars. Our theme is specifically designed and coded for food companies. HTML files make everything clear and easy to customize. In this template, there are 6 different colors, 4 food menu styles, 5 home page layouts and many more.

freya flexible html restaurant template download / more info demo

Italian Restaurant

If you need to create an Italian restaurant, designing this Italian kitchen website template will be very helpful. A palette of brown color makes appear comfortable, elegant and appetizing, while an unusual layout makes it unforgettable for your customers. Apart from that, transparent banners and a careful combination of text and images invite viewers to click, read and order, while you will enjoy a high conversion rate. Display a physical restaurant address on the map to your customer and let them use a drop-down menu to choose the items they need. Place all your calls to action on the ghost buttons and make sure that clients of all devices will see them, as this HTML template restaurant responds.

italian restaurant responsive website templatedownload / more info demo

The Zayka

The Zayka is a premium HTML5 template, designed for the Restaurant, Food & Cafe websites. The template has commented on the HTML and CSS code for each section, included in the template so you can easily customize your templates to suit your needs. Unique designs, captivating cursors and innovative website building tools work seamlessly to boost your online business.

Easy to use clean and premium design and customize code quality, reactive template, creative cursors, flexibility, tons of premature pages, short codes, multiple portfolio options, multiple blog options – these are Outstanding features and quality to bring us out of the crowd.

the zayka restaurant food cafe html5 template download / more info demo

Fastresto Fullscreen Restaurant

Fastresto is an interactive template HTML5, a perfect template for your restaurant, cafe, hotel, travel or any type of online booking. Fastresto is a minimalist and reactive design, built with Bootstrap, using Jquery HTML5 and CSS3 with a gentle animation effect, it is easily usable with any device (desktop, tablet, mobile phone).

fastresto fullscreen restaurant template download / more info demo


Resta is an upscale restaurant template and is designed for anyone in the restaurant and / or the hospitality industry. Resta was designed for owners of restaurants and bars, banquet halls, catering companies and professional bloggers who cater to the food niche.

resta restaurant html template download / more info demo


Groggery is a fully functional HTML5 template. It is ideal for restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries and cafes. Built with Bootstrap v3, it is perfect on all major browsers, tablets and phones.

download / more info demo

Good Food

Good food is a perfect theme for recipes, or food and beverage blogs. The author placed pattern elements on the photo of grunge wood planks, which adds a unique touch to the layout. The full-screen image of Food and Beverages The site template features a plate with a mouth-watering salad.

download / more info demo

Pasta Restaurant

Pasta is a clean and modern website template, suitable for HTML restaurant. It is specially designed for restaurant, coffee, food or anyone working in the food industry and more. It is compatible with all types of device screens and platforms.

pasta restaurant html template download / more info demo

Italian Restaurant 58062

download / more info demo


Artica is a modern and creative HTML5 template. It is suitable for any restaurant, small restaurant or premium that briefly speaks of its restaurant and show all achievements, about restaurant, set menu, service, featured offer, hot off, team and restaurant interiors .

download / more info demo

Food & Wine

This site template café and restaurant is a great way to present your comfortable public place on the web. It is a versatile HTML template designed to bring joy to your visitors. They can book the best table at your online restaurant right from the home page, and with Google Map embedded in the theme they will have no problem with finding the place later.

food wine html website templatedownload / more info demo


Marco is a modern, unique and highly functional html template suitable for all restaurants, sushi bars, bistros, cafes, wineries, bars, pubs and other businesses related to food.

marco unique restaurant html5 template download / more info demo


Dacy is a Responsive HTML5 Template designed for cafes and restaurants business website. It is elegant and clean, fully responsive layout and easily customization.

download / more info demo

OWL Restaurant

The OWL restaurant HTML template website is a modern, clean and professional site template. Perfect for restaurant, bakery, food industry and for personal website head wallet. Using Advanced Bootstrap 3 Framework with HTML5 / CSS3. The code clean and clear, it reacts too much – great on all devices.

download / more info demo

Tasty Cafe

Tasty Cafe was developed for websites of cafes and restaurants. Slider, Parallax effect and background video make the layout of Cafe and Restaurant Site Template truly impressive. Chalk fonts are a brilliant addition to the general web page style. The main menu sticks to the top of the page when you start scrolling down, and stays there all the while while the visitor is on the site. The menu of the restaurant is presented with prices, which makes the site even more useful and usable.

tasty-cafe-website-templatedownload / more info demo

Lecker Restaurant

Lecker is Responsive One Page HTML5 Restaurant template, Building with taking care of details that beauty design and code functionality, can be used for restaurant and coffee. More features with 8 home pages.

download / more info demo


Dina is an HTML restaurant template with a clean and modern design. This is the best solution for cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, bakeries and all food, beverages related businesses website. The template has a fully responsive layout so it looks great on all devices.

dina-restaurant-food-html-templatedownload / more info demo


Gusteau is a responsive HTML template that is specially built for all restaurants and cafes, bar sites with powerful features, various excellent menu layouts and galleries, beautiful and unique boutique facilities. With a fresh and attractive look, Gusteau will certainly make your online store stand out among its web quarter.

gusteau elegant food html template download / more info demo

Red Chili

Red Chili is a clean and modern HTML template for all types of Restaurant & Fast Food Company. It is perfect for any type of restaurant, fast food service, food court, bakery, fast food, pizza, pastry shop, cafe all food businesses and personal chef websites.

red chili restaurant html5 template download / more info demo

La Resto

la-resto-cafe-responsive-website-templatedownload / more info demo


OldStory-HTML is what you actually need to make an awesome site. Created especially for Whiskey Bar and Shop, OldStory-HTML has a modern and functional design and lots of customizable features. The theme can also be interesting for the restaurant, cafe, cafe, brasserie, cocktail bar, tavern, bartender career and more.

oldstory-whisky-bar-restaurant-templatedownload / more info demo

Food Truck

Food Truck is a Responsive Restaurant HTML template that is a great way to build your website for all Food truckers, Street vendors and small food businesses around the world. This template HTML site is created with care for you, all files are easy to edit and well organized in layers and groups.

food truck restaurant html template download / more info demo


Dine is a unique and original template for restaurants and cafes. Perfect for building a customized website for your restaurant. Built using popular Bootstrap structure with HTML5 / CSS3. The template is 100% responsive, it will work properly in every device screen. If you like our template do not forget rate.

dine-restaurant-templatedownload / more info demo


Foodie is a clean, modern and minimalist responsive html template. It is specially designed for restaurant, coffee, food or anyone working in the food industry and more. It is built with modern technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap3.x, Font Awesome 4.x, LESS, Gulp, Modernizer, CSS3 Animation, Owl Slider and more.

foodie restaurant html template download / more info demo


delicieux restaurant html5 template download / more info demo


Loyale is a simple, elegant, fully responsive, HTML5/CSS3 template. Perfectly suited for a bar, restaurant business website.

loyale-restaurant-html5-templatedownload / more info demo


Nectarine is entirely appropriate html5 template for Food & Restaurant made with Bootstrap 3. It comes with more than 10 pages to template the maximum and easier customization. The code is clear and well commented to Nectarine more understandable and usable and with SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) font and color change is just one click!

nectarine-restaurant-templatedownload / more info demo

INTENSE Restaurant

Restaurant Web Template European captivates with its appealing design. The layout is rich in daring images in media and galleries, introducing users to the dishes on the menu. Featuring a balanced and thoughtful structure, the first template of the page has enough space to tell a brief history of the company make a gallery basic maps, post your menu, a list of upcoming events and place a quick booking. A contact form is also available. The theme provides an audio and video support.

intense restaurant html templatedownload / more info demo


Mfood is a HTML & Food Restaurent template built using framword Bootstrap HTML5 and CSS and appropriate technology for websites to restore. It is compatible with all major web browsers and works great on smartphones, tablet PCs and desktops.

mfood-restaurent-html5-templatedownload / more info demo


Thefoody is a food ordering platform that brings restaurants and food lovers together. Online ordering is easier than all other platforms. Thefoody is a HTML5 exquisite Bootstarp template with an interactive and unique concept. It focuses on business as restaurants, coffee shops.

thefoody-restaurant-system-html-templatedownload / more info demo

Food Lover

HTML Template lover food restaurant Based on Bootstrap 12 column grid Responsive Template, Anytime HTML Template restaurant has an impressive design for each of your ideas. Anytime is creative modern Bootstrap responsive. It is perfect for any restaurant, a small restaurant, takeaway, Crossing, 5 star Hotel Restaurant, Street Food, Food Court, Bakery, Cake, Coffee, Stoll tea Catering Service All food company and website staff leader.

food-lover-restaurant-html-templatedownload / more info demo


Capelette template is inspired by French picturesque villages which are full of charming little restaurants serving authentic cuisine. The template is simple, but elegant and unique. It is well documented, easy to customize and looks great on mobile devices and desktop.

la-capelette-restaurant-html-templatedownload / more info demo


Chicago is a responsive HTML template designed to create restaurant site. It comes with 9 unique restaurant Demos. The FoxSupport outstanding, documentation and free updates are included.

chicago-restaurant-templatedownload / more info demo


lavie-bootstrap-restaurants-html-templatedownload / more info demo


Button is a single page template HTML5 respond fully. It is ideal for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, bars and cafes. Built with Bootstrap v3, it looks perfect on all major browsers, tablets and phones. Key is packed with everything you need to create a new website from scratch: beautiful menu with unlimited categories, sorting and filtering capabilities, image gallery, articles and newsletters for reservation, and much more. Feel free to visit the preview link or contact us with a feature request.

touche-html-restaurant-templatedownload / more info demo


gamba-restaurant-shop-html-templatedownload / more info demo


Warungpring HTML Template is clean restaurant with a classic feel and modern. It is focused on food and beverage business as a restaurant, cafe, business cellar and also for events and Ecommerce Restaurant site.

warungpring-restaurant-html-templatedownload / more info demo


The L’ambiance is a restaurant first mobile template with great versatility, the sleek and stylish design, it is easy to impress your visitors.

lambiance-restaurant-html5-templatedownload / more info demo


Saveur is a HTML5 template with an interactive and unique concept. It focuses on business as Restaurants, Bars and Pubs. It mixes a unique and interactive browsing experience with sophisticated layout and a well-organized code.

saveur-restaurant-html5-templatedownload / more info demo


Frokost is a fully responsive HTML5 page is clean for any restaurant / cafe business. The theme includes many fun elements that are very easy to modify.

frokost-cafe-one-page-html5download / more info demo

Gaucho – Food & Restaurant HTML Template

Gaucho is an exquisite food & restaurant HTML template with a unique concept. Gaucho comes bundled with astounding features like page pre-loader, pre-built pages, full page slider, 6 preset styles and much more.

The underlying UIkit framework gives the template an immeasurable weight of flexibility and agility and optimized files without the blot of many popular frameworks.

gaucho food restaurant html template demo download / more info

Restaurant Website Template — Responsive HTML5

Tomato is a Modern, Creative & Responsive HTML5 Restaurant Template. It can also be used as Cafe Website Template, Recipe Website or any other Food Related Website. Running a Restaurant? or have a website related to Food, Cafe, Bakery, Bar, Pizza, cooking and so on. The possibilities are endless. its a carefully crafted Restaurant Website Template to meet your needs.

restaurant website template responsive html5 demo download / more info

Pasta and Ravioli Website Template 57818

pasta-ravioli-website-templatedemo download / more info

Organic | Multipurpose Restaurant HTML5 Template

A perfect template for anyone who owns a cafeteria, bar, pizza or bistro and wants their website to make an amazing impression on their visitors. Or better yet, leave them drooling over the offerings.

organic restaurant html5 template demo download / more info

Delicatos Website Template

delicatos-website-templatedemo download / more info

The Retation – Coffee, Bar and Bistr Template

retation coffee bar bistr template demo download / more info

Fast Food Restaurant Website Template 57838

fast food restaurant website template 57838demo download / more info

Elixir – Restaurant HTML Responsive Template

Elixir is a clean and professional html restaurant template perfect for cafe, Bakery, any food business and personal chef web sites. Built on the Advanced Bootstrap 3 framework with HTML5 / CSS3. Its responsive too – Will fit great on all devices.

Elixir-Restaurant-HTML-Responsive-Templatedemo download / more info

Cafe and Restaurant Responsive Website Template 57641

restaurant-responsive-website-template-57641demo download / more info


ZupaRestaurant is a clean and professional cafe site template, perfect for Restaurant, Bakery, any food business and personal chef web sites. Built on the Advanced Bootstrap 2 framework with HTML5 / CSS3. Its responsive too – Will fit great on all devices. More features with 8 Homepages (Full Screen, One Page, Video One Page, Video Full Screen One Page, Full Screen One Page, Parallax, Video Parallax, Video Full Screen), 1 Booking online, 1 Contact Form, and much more gives you more space to work with and also with a few lines of code.

ZupaRestaurantdemo download / more info

Tavern Website Template

tavern-website-templatedemo download / more info

Barnelli – Restaurant HTML5 Responsive Template

Barnelli is a minimal and highly responsive HTML5 restaurant website template designed for all you restaurateurs out there, this is not a generic “theme” that can fit into all businesses. We focused on one restaurant segment to get things done the proper way. Our theme is specifically designed and coded for food business. If you are running small restaurant, fast-food or a kebab then this is a theme for you. We have all the restaurant specific elements cover so you don’t need to worry. Barnelli understands and addresses all your needs in one simple and elegant package.

Barnell-Restaurant-HTML5-Responsive-Templatedemo download / more info

Manch Website Template

Manch is a powerful and stylish Cafe and Restaurant Website Template. Every single element of this design was finely tuned to reflect a sense of elegance and beauty of your establishment. The template is fully responsive and looks amazing on any type of device from desktops and tablets to smartphones. Coming loaded with a number of handy features, the theme can be used for crafting not only cafe and restaurant but also photography, portfolio, personal, business websites, etc. A full-width layout comes with refined menus, sliders, galleries, testimonials, services, contact details, and other elements to make your web resource both informative, easy-to-browse and visually pleasing.

Manch-website-templatedemo download / more info

Urbanrgill – HTML5 Restaurant Template

Urbanrgill – responsive HTML5 Restaurant Template for your restaurant website and various other services that you do using web.

Urbanrgill-HTML5-Restaurant-Templatedemo download / more info

Cafe Restaurant Responsive Website Template 55199

cafe-restaurant-responsive-website-template-55199demo download / more info

Padre – Cafe & Restaurant + Variant Page Builder

Padre is the perfect fit for your contemporary restaurant and cafe and eatery. Present your cafe online using a clean, easily-brandable design that seamlessly integrates with your café’s aesthetic.

Featured on Product Hunt, our Variant Page Builder makes it easier than ever to assemble, edit and bring your ideal responsive cafe website to life in minutes, not hours. Experiment with layouts, audition color schemes and insert content with images as easily as typing an email. Join over 8000 other customers using Variant Page Builder.

Padre-Cafe-Restaurantdemo download / more info

Cafe and Restaurant Responsive Website Template 55158

cafe-restaurant-responsive-template-55158demo download / more info

Tapas Bar Website Template

tapas bar website templatedemo download / more info

BBQ Restaurant Template

BBQ is a premium design best suited for html website templates for cafe and restaurant. Using it you’ll be able to impress your potential diners with breathtaking visuals, sleek looking food menu, and great sliders. The template is fully responsive and comes packed with a custom mobile menu, which makes it a truly cross browser compatible solution. Integrated Google map and easy to reach contact details guarantee users will reach you in the most convenient way. Valid code, HTML plus JS animation and a number of other handy options make it easier to maintain the theme.

BBQ-Restaurant-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

European Restaurant Responsive Website Template

European-Restaurant-Responsive-Website-Template-52421demo Restaurant Website Template

Burger House — Restaurant HTML Template

Burger House an interesting HTML5 template for your restaurant which is based on the Twitter Bootstrap 3 and compatible with devices such as phones and tablets Its clean, simplicity are suitable to illustrate your work and innovate for your website.

Burger-House-Restaurant-HTML-Templatedemo download / more info

BBQ Restaurant Responsive Website Template

52378-bigdemo download / more info

FoodUp — Food & Restaurant HTML Template

FoodUp – Multi Page Oriented Template with pretty clean and simple design perfect for and Food & Restaurant Business. Created, specially for food services. Has many functional blocks, shortcodes, including modal windows, dropdowns and many other cool items.

FoodUp-Food-Restaurant-HTML-Templatedemo download / more info

Mexican Restaurant Responsive Website Template

52291-bigdemo download / more info

Majesty – Responsive Restaurant HTML5 Template

Majesty-Responsive-Restaurant-HTML5-Templatedemo download / more info

Lambert – Restaurant / Cafe / Pub Template

A “Lambert – Responsive Restaurant / Pub / Cafe Template” is perfect if you like a clean and modern design. Lambert is a clean and professional site template, perfect for Restaurant, Bakery, any food business and personal chef web sites. More features with 6 Homepages (Video , Carousel , Slideshow) – one and multi page version for versions for each option

Lambert-Restaurant-Templatedemo download / more info

Tapas Restaurant Responsive Website Template

52136-bigdemo download / more info

Chocolat – Bootstrap Restaurant Template

Chocolat is a Responsive Bootstrap HTML5 Template ideal for the hospitality industry including restaurants, bars, nightclubs, resorts, hotels and lodging.

Chocolat-Bootstrap-Restaurant-Templatedemo download / more info

Material-Responsive Restaurant/Cafe HTML Template

Material Design – Modern, responsive Page for for restaurants, Hotel, Cafe, Lounge, Bars websites, designed with material design in core. This has typical descriptive pages like Home, About, Chef-Bio, Menu, Contact, Gallery Contact, Services and Reservation page with working php form, 5 Menu types, and revolution slider.

Material-Responsive-Restaurantdemo download / more info

Ambrosia – Creative Restaurant HTML5 Template

Ambrosia is a modern-look HTML template which creates new online experience for your Restaurant or Coffee shop. Three creative options with elegant design provide a great chance to tell your customers interested stories behind each tasty and eye-catchy cuisine

Ambrosia-Creative-Restaurant-HTML5-Templatedemo download / more info

Hungry – A One-Page HTML Restaurant Template

Hungry is a creative, single-page HTML5 template thats ideal for Restaurants. Impress your potential diners with a full screen background slider, parallax scrolling effects, and a slick looking food menu. It even comes with its own reservation form, which is easy to configure!

Hungry-One-Page-HTML-Restaurant-Templatedemo download / more info

Italliano – Clean Premium Restaurant Template

Italliano is clean and light One-page fully responsive HTML restaurant template. It is suitable for any restaurant, a small restaurant or a premium that would briefly talk about his restaurant and show all the achievements, menus and restaurant interiors. Template is designed to comply with these requirements and all the latest trends of web design.

Italliano-Clean-Premium-Restaurant-Templatedemo download / more info

Triven – Restaurant & Winery Site Template

Triven-Restaurant-Winery-Site-Templatedemo download / more info

Frattini | A Premium Restaurant, Cakes and Coffee Shop Template

Frattini comes with three layout Coffee shop, Restaurant and Cake Bakery. frattini is clean and modern one page site template for Food / Restaurant / Cafe / Coffee Shop websites. It’s unique, & flexible. The template is ideal for bakeries, ice cream shops, restaurants, Coffee shop and any site related to food industry or others.

Frattini-Premium-Restaurant-Coffee-Shop-Templatedemo download / more info

Vienna – Responsive Restaurant Template

Vienna is a premium responsive restaurant website template and is designed for anyone in the restaurant and/or hospitality industry. Vienna was designed for restaurant and bar owners, banquet halls, catering companies, hospitality venues and professional bloggers who cater to the food niche.

Vienna-Responsive-Restaurant-Templatedemo download / more info

The Spice Lounge – Restaurant / Cafe HTML5 Template

The Spice Lounge is a Responsive HTML 5 Bootstrap restaurant template designed for Restaurants, Cafe, Bars websites. Html files make everything clear and easy to customize. In this template there are 16 different vibrant colors to choose from.

The-Spice-Lounge-Restaurant-Cafe-HTML5-Templatedemo download / more info

Kataleya – Restaurant Pizza Coffee HTML Template

Kataleya is not over bloated all purpose template. We built it with restaurant, pizza and coffee shop owners in mind. A clean tasty design template perfect for your business.

Kataley-Restaurant-Pizza-Coffee-HTML-Templatedemo download / more info

Berg – Restaurant Dedicated HTML5 Template

Berg is no ordinary HTML restaurant template for your restaurant business. We have put a lot of time, thoughts and effort into making this template.

Berg-Restaurant-Dedicated-HTML5-Templatedemo download / more info

Cafe Slide – Responsive Restaurant HTML5 Template

 Cafe-Slide-Responsive-Restaurant-HTML5-Templatedemo download / more info

Resteto – One-page Restaurant Premium Template

Resteto is modern and creative one-page fully responsive one page restaurant templates. It is suitable for any restaurant, a small restaurant or a premium that would briefly talk about his restaurant and show all the achievements, menus and restaurant interiors. Template is designed to comply with these requirements and all the latest trends of web design.

Resteto-One-page-Restaurant-Premium-Templatedemo download / more info

Yummie – One Page Animated Parallax Cafe HTML Template

Yummie is a responsive one page parallax HTML & CSS3 Cafe Template. It is based on Twitter Bootstrap v3.0. The layout is optimized for mobile devices and it works without errors on all major browsers.

Yummie-Animated-Parallax-Cafe-HTML-Templatedemo download / more info

Good Ol’ Wine – Wine and Winery Template

“Good Ol’ Wine” is a responsive restaurant template perfectly suited for presentation of winery and wines. It offers everything a site needs in a very elegant and unique way.

Good-Ol-Wine-Wine-and-Winery-Templatedemo download / more info

White Rock – Restaurant & Winery Site Template

White-Rock-Restaurant-Winery-Site-Templatedemo download / more info

Cafe and Restaurant Responsive Website Template

Cafe-Restaurant-Responsive-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

Pedra Cafe Restaurant Responsive Website Template

Pedra-Cafe-Restaurant-Responsive-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

Fast Food Restaurant Responsive Website Template

Fast-Food-Restaurant-Responsive-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

Italian Restaurant HTML5 Website Template

Italian-Restaurant-HTML5-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

European Restaurant Responsive Website Template

European-Restaurant-Responsive-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

Steakhouse Responsive Website Template

 Steakhouse-Responsive-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

European Restaurant HTML5Website Template

European-Restaurant-HTML5Website-Templatedemo download / more info

Seafood Restaurant Responsive Website Template

Seafood-Restaurant-Responsive-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

Vietnamese Restaurant Responsive Website Template

Vietnamese-Restaurant-Responsive-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

Mexican Restaurant Responsive Website Template

Mexican-Restaurant-Responsive-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

Steakhouse HTML5 Website Template

Steakhouse-HTML5-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

BBQ Restaurant Responsive Website Template

BBQ-Restaurant-Responsive-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

Cafe Responsive HTML5 Website Template

Cafe-Responsive-HTML5-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

Cafe Responsive Website Template

Cafe-Responsive-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

BBQ Restaurant HTML5 Website Template

BBQ-Restaurant-HTML5-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

Indian Restaurant Template

Indian-Restaurant-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

European Restaurant HTML Website Template

European-Restaurant-HTML-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

European Restaurant Responsive Template

European-Restaurant-Responsive-Templatedemo download / more info

California – Restaurant Hotel Coffee Bar Website

California – Restaurant Coffee Bar Hotel Website Template is a fully configurable and easy to use responsive website template with HTML5 Video Background Support and a lot of other great features. It has been specifically designed to be easily customized and it’s created for creatives who want to make under construction page in few minutes.

California - Restaurant Hotel Coffee Bar Websitedemo  download / more info

Sweet Cake – Responsive HTML5 One Page Theme

Sweet Cake is a one page Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Theme perfect for your business. The graphic is very sweet and creative, is ideal for bakeries, ice cream shops, restaurants and cake designers but if you want you can change the colors to adapt the theme for all activities.

Sweet Cake Responsive HTML5 One Page Themedemo download / more info

Free HTML Cafe and Restaurant Website Templates:

Restaurant – Free Restaurant Cafe HTML5 Template with Bootstrap 3

Restaurant is a free restaurant website template with Bootstrap 3, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery! A very elegant, responsive, one page restaurant page template. Very clean and professional design! With awesome jQuery effects and CSS animations. This is one of the best free restaurant cafe html5 template so far with bootstrap!

Free-Restaurant-Cafe-HTML5-Templatedemo download / more info

Cafe & Restaurant Free Website Template

Cafe & Restaurant Free Website Template – the tasty morsel that has just been released and is ready to use. This design will show off your restaurant or any other entertainment place in a professional way. It will inform people about its services and offers and drive traffic towards your site and business. The theme will work great for food & drink, brewery, gifts, hobbies & crafts and many other websites.

 Cafe-Restaurant-Free-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

Italian Restaurant – Free HTML5 Restaurant Template

Feel free to grab clean and chic Free HTML5 restaurant templates featuring harmonious balance between professional execution and artistic touch.

Italian-Restaurant-Free-HTML5-Restaurant-Templatedemo download / more info

Meatking – A Restaurant Website Design Template

MeatKing is a responsive free html5 restaurant template. It’s an ultra responsive HTML Template for Restaurants or Food based shops. A very unique and super elegant responsive template created from powerful Bootstrap 3 Framework. Modern design essence and CSS3 animations makes it very stylish and eye catchy.

Restaurant-Website-Design-Templatedemo download / more info

Scandinavian Chic – Free HTML5 Restaurant Template

Welcome the fresh goodie that is complimented with a Scandinavian design, that is popular today for its simplicity and beauty. Function and aesthetics are the key points of this Free HTML5 template for Restaurant Site that will certainly raise the interest of your potential clients. I hope, you’ll like a well-balanced look and good functionality of this template.

Scandinavian-Chic-Free-HTML5-Restaurant-Templatedemo download / more info

Leroy – Free Restaurant Bootstrap Template

Free-Restaurant-Bootstrap-Template-Leroydemo download / more info

Coffee Pazza – Free One page restaurant template

Coffee-Pazza-Free-One-page-restaurant-templatedemo download / more info

Free Restaurant Website Template

It is associated with natural and healthy food – that is a good advertising for a restaurant. Easy on the eye, this design features everything you need to promote your place to the visitors.

Free-Restaurant-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

Tasty- Free Foods Website Template

What will you get in case you pick it? The chosen soft colors complement the whole idea of the site and make it yummy for the visitors. Such color scheme solution is ideal for sites of this sphere, ‘cause makes their whole look sappy and mouth-watering.

 Tasty-Free-Foods-Website-Templatedemo download / more info

Menu – Free Restaurant Bootstrap template

menu-Free-Restaurant-Bootstrap-templatedemo download / more info

Food Template – Free Restaurant Bootstrap template

Food-Template-Free-Restaurant-Bootstrap-templatedemo download / more info

Vintage – Free Restaurant template

Vintage-Free-Restaurant-Website-templatedemo download / more info

Love and Fight – Free Restaurant Responsive Web Template

Free-Restaurant-Responsive-Web-Templatedemo download / more info

Multicuisine – Free Responsive Restaurant Template

The Multicuisine a Restaurant Mobile web template can be used to start a website for Restaurants, hotels, Food points, Snacks points. we are using Responsive slider, lightbox plugin for web and Mobile Templates.

Multicuisine-Free-Responsive-Restaurant-Website-Templatedemo  download / more info download

Cuisine – Free HTML5 Restaurant Responsive Template

Cuisine - Free HTML5 Restaurant Responsive Templatedemo  download / more info

Coffee Shop – Free Responsive Website Template

The Coffee Shop a coffee shops Mobile web template can be used to start a website for coffee day, barista coffee pubs, coffee pubs, Food points, Snacks points.

Coffee Shop - Free Responsive Website Templatedemo  download / more info

Free Principato HTML5 and CSS Template

Principato is a restaurant or culinary themed HTML5 and CSS3 template though it could be used for any other niche as well.

Principato HTML5 and CSS Templatedemo Download

Spicy Food – free food corners responsive Website Template

Spicy-Food--free-food-corners-responsive-Website-Templatedemo  download / more info

GoodCook – Free Recipes Template

It is a fresh free website template and it’s coming for you! This week it’s the premium free template for a recipes website, with a nice appetizing background image. There’s also a slider in the header area which will also make a website based on this template more convenient in use.

GoodCook - Recipes Template demo download

Delicious – Free Restaurant HTML5 Website Template

Delicious - Free Restaurant HTML5 Website Templatedemo  download / more info

Free Food Delivery

Here is fresh free restaurant website template for a food delivery website – it has a jQuery coin slider in the website header area for convenient content displaying.

Food Delivery website templatedemo download

Free Food Website Template with jQuery Slideshow

Food Website Template with jQuery Slideshowdemo download

Free Restaurant Website Template with jQuery Slider

This Free Website Template for Restaurant Business with jQuery slider is the fresh goodie we’ve produced for you, our dear readers. Armed with creativity and strong desire to start a good project, you can easily do it with the help of today’s freebie.

Restaurant Business html5 templatedemo download / more info

Free Wine & Foods HTML5 Template

Free-Wine-Foods-HTML5-Templatedemo download / more info

Superior – Free HTML5 Restaurant Website Template

Superior-Free-HTML5-Restaurant-Website-Templatedemo download / more info


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