90+ Best Restaurant Cafe Website Templates 2021

Asahi Restaurant HTML5 Template – 3 home pages

Asahi is a new modern HTML template for restaurant and food business website. The template created with Bootstrap 4.3.x and CSS. Also, Sass included in the template pack. Retina-ready landing page and individual page layout will best suit this template for all kinds of restaurant and foodservice websites, such as bakery, food, caterer, cafe, retail, bar, bistro, burger, chef, cafe, coffee shop, sushi menu, pizzeria, seafood, asian food, mexican food, italian food and many more.

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Restbeef Restaurant HTML5 Template

Steak House restaurant HTML template. With the help of our template, you can easily create a modern website for your restaurant and convey all the important information to your customers. Our design is ideal for both the steakhouse and the Italian restaurant. However, this does not mean that you cannot use it for your sushi restaurant.

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Rescaf Restaurant HTML5 Template

The Rescaf Cafe & Restaurant HTML5 Website Template is a modern, clean and professional site template that comes with 30+ valid HTML5 pages and 6+ home page variations. Rescaf offers numerous amazing functions such as restaurant, butcher, pizzeria, bakery, cafe, bar, catering, food delivery service, bistro, tavern, lounge, dinner, reservation system, table reservations and OpenTable or just a blog.

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Fika Coffeehouse HTML5 Template – 3 home pages

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Farina is an HTML coffee template designed for food companies, but its modern, minimalist design can be used for any type of business or blog.

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The HTML Restoral Food & Restaurant template with Page Builder is a modern and innovative HTML template. Restoral specializes in food and catering websites. You can use this HTML template for a bakery, bistro, hamburger, coffee, chef, kitchen, menu, pizza, reservation, restaurant, etc. During the demonstration you will notice the Food & Restaurant design and the ideal placement of options and features.

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CafeDia is modern, unique and clean design for all types of restaurant and cafe sites. This design is perfectly suited to those who wish to grow their business with food menu items for the Street Food Shop, Food Court, Bakery, Tea / Coffee Shop, Food Business and Personal Chef restaurants. CafeDia is perfectly designed with 3 unique layouts and versatile interior pages. The entire design structure is followed by modern grids for total responsiveness with cool animations, parallax effects and transitions.

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Laureel is a professional, clean, light, modern and responsive HTML restaurant template. This model comes with a great look due to the stunning UX / UI design. Laureel is suitable for a restaurant, café, café, bakery, butcher, pizzeria or commercial website based on the food delivery service. This template has more than 10 home page variants also supports RTL and LTR. It was built using the Bootstrap 4 framework with HTML5, Sass / CSS3. In addition, this offers an activated subscription form for MailChimp, including Ajax-based contact form submission.

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The Cefrax restaurant and cafe html template is a fully responsive and functional tool. The Cefrax template is ideal for restaurants, cafes, food, reservations and any type of catering and catering center. They have special features such as reservation table, menu and home page variants.

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Royate Restaurant HTML5 Template build 15 Demonstrations of homepages for Restaurant, Kitchen, Seafood Restaurant, Food Menu, Pizza, Bakery, Burger, Coffee Shop, Reservation Service, etc. Grid. The Royate template has a beautiful and unique design that will best suit your online web presence.

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FoodChow's premium HTML template provides a convenient platform for creating a localized restaurant list and a mobile food distribution market. You can create a detailed list of the best budget restaurants in a region, as well as menus, offers, discounts, prices and comparisons. A restaurant registration service is also available. All those who want to eat their favorite food will give their location and the list of all the restaurants and outlets nearby will be posted. They can not only book tables or rooms, but also place the order for home delivery in cash or through online payments.

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Caverta is a simple and clean restaurant HTML template, suitable for bar, cafe, pizza, bistro, restaurant and restaurant businesses. It includes all the features of a restaurant website (menu pages, team pages, gallery pages, contact pages and reservation pages). Caverta includes 4 home page variants, multiple headers, 5 menu page templates, 3 team page templates, 4 gallery page templates and more.

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Granny Elegant Restaurant HTML Template

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Restaura Food & Cafe

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Spice Steam Food & Drinks HTML5 Template

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Khadok Restaurant Responsive HTML5 Template

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Monde Restaurant HTML Template

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La Boom Restaurant Bistro HTML Template

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Fooday Restaurant HTML Template

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Candia is an HTML5 template that is incomparable, perfectly used for restaurants and classic bars. By being built on the advanced Boomarchitecture framework, Candia offers a layout that fully meets and capable of presenting all content on tablets and smartphones. With candia, your website will benefit from multiple niche-specific features, such as fully functional booking forms, allowing your customers to easily book their tables without any hassle or delay.

This template features 3 home page variations and 8 different blog options for your astronomy-based blogs. Online trading is a multi-billion dollar industry, and you can participate. This template allows you to create amazing online stores and distribute your products. You can even showcase your amazing galaxy as well as make important upcoming events. Try our Candia today to increase your chances of success!

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Soup – Restaurant with Online Ordering System

The soup is an HTML / CSS restaurant template based on the Bootstrap 4 framework. It includes components of the online ordering system which make it a really useful product specially devoted to modern restaurants. It includes 3 different domestic concepts and 7 color schemes, so it is ready to use a package for all. Thanks to a reactive design, it will work perfectly on any device!

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The Zayka

The Zayka is a premium HTML5 template, designed for the Restaurant, Food & Cafe websites. The template has commented on the HTML and CSS code for each section, included in the template so you can easily customize your templates to suit your needs. Unique designs, captivating cursors and innovative website building tools work seamlessly to boost your online business.

Easy to use clean and premium design and customize code quality, reactive template, creative cursors, flexibility, tons of premature pages, short codes, multiple portfolio options, multiple blog options – these are Outstanding features and quality to bring us out of the crowd.

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Resta is an upscale restaurant template and is designed for anyone in the restaurant and / or the hospitality industry. Resta was designed for owners of restaurants and bars, banquet halls, catering companies and professional bloggers who cater to the food niche.

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Groggery is a fully functional HTML5 template. It is ideal for restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries and cafes. Built with Bootstrap v3, it is perfect on all major browsers, tablets and phones.

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Pasta Restaurant

Pasta is a clean and modern website template, suitable for HTML restaurant. It is specially designed for restaurant, coffee, food or anyone working in the food industry and more. It is compatible with all types of device screens and platforms.

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Marco is a modern, unique and highly functional html template suitable for all restaurants, sushi bars, bistros, cafes, wineries, bars, pubs and other businesses related to food.

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OWL Restaurant

The OWL restaurant HTML template website is a modern, clean and professional site template. Perfect for restaurant, bakery, food industry and for personal website head wallet. Using Advanced Bootstrap 3 Framework with HTML5 / CSS3. The code clean and clear, it reacts too much – great on all devices.

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Lecker Restaurant

Lecker is Responsive One Page HTML5 Restaurant template, Building with taking care of details that beauty design and code functionality, can be used for restaurant and coffee. More features with 8 home pages.

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Dina is an HTML restaurant template with a clean and modern design. This is the best solution for cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, bakeries and all food, beverages related businesses website. The template has a fully responsive layout so it looks great on all devices.

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Red Chili

Red Chili is a clean and modern HTML template for all types of Restaurant & Fast Food Company. It is perfect for any type of restaurant, fast food service, food court, bakery, fast food, pizza, pastry shop, cafe all food businesses and personal chef websites.

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OldStory-HTML is what you actually need to make an awesome site. Created especially for Whiskey Bar and Shop, OldStory-HTML has a modern and functional design and lots of customizable features. The theme can also be interesting for the restaurant, cafe, cafe, brasserie, cocktail bar, tavern, bartender career and more.

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Food Truck

Food Truck is a Responsive Restaurant HTML template that is a great way to build your website for all Food truckers, Street vendors and small food businesses around the world. This template HTML site is created with care for you, all files are easy to edit and well organized in layers and groups.

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Loyale is a simple, elegant, fully responsive, HTML5/CSS3 template. Perfectly suited for a bar, restaurant business website.

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Thefoody is a food ordering platform that brings restaurants and food lovers together. Online ordering is easier than all other platforms. Thefoody is a HTML5 exquisite Bootstarp template with an interactive and unique concept. It focuses on business as restaurants, coffee shops.

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Food Lover

HTML Template lover food restaurant Based on Bootstrap 12 column grid Responsive Template, Anytime HTML Template restaurant has an impressive design for each of your ideas. Anytime is creative modern Bootstrap responsive. It is perfect for any restaurant, a small restaurant, takeaway, Crossing, 5 star Hotel Restaurant, Street Food, Food Court, Bakery, Cake, Coffee, Stoll tea Catering Service All food company and website staff leader.

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The L'ambiance is a restaurant first mobile template with great versatility, the sleek and stylish design, it is easy to impress your visitors.

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Saveur is a HTML5 template with an interactive and unique concept. It focuses on business as Restaurants, Bars and Pubs. It mixes a unique and interactive browsing experience with sophisticated layout and a well-organized code.

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