41 Best Education Website Templates Free & Premium

If you're looking for a modern design education website template, you've come to the right place. Our selection of education website templates is second to none, and we're sure you'll find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you're a colleges schools, university, or organization dedicated to education, we have a responsive website template that's right for you.

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Scholarl is an HTML5 template for a Learning Management System that is clean, trendy, and up-to-date. Any academy, college, training program, institute, online course, school, training center, or university will find it very useful.

scholarl online learning education html templateMore info / download Demo



It can be used for any type of online learning platform, including those for schools and universities online courses website services. The Acadu Online Learning & Education Template features an eye-catching, one of a kind design that will enhance the performance of your online web presence.

acadu education html templateMore info / download Demo

Dreams LMS

The best learning management system (LMS) platform is called DreamsLMS (LMS). You can improve your e-learning skills by using the online learning and course templates that are already out there.

dreams lms education html templateMore info / download Demo


EduBlink is the finest option for building an education website. This premium education template features 11 unique homepage demos and 45+ inner pages, each with well built blocks that are simple to change and adapt to your needs.

edublink education course html templateMore info / download Demo


Educrat, the most amazing LMS template for online courses, education, and LMS platforms, will elevate your e-learning content. With over 72 organized and layered HTML files, Educrat is the ideal option for launching a new LMS project.

educrat education course html templateMore info / download Demo


Ledu is a new innovative and clean HTML template for online training and education websites!

ledu education html templateMore info / download Demo


The Eduker Online Course & Education Template is a sleek and contemporary React, Next js, Express js, Mongodb, Bootstrap Education Template.

eduker react education templateMore info / download Demo


Echooling is a clean, contemporary, and distinctive LMS HTML template with a gorgeous layout and distinctive features. It includes high-quality 07 Prebuilt Home Pages and a variety of built-in inner pages, such as course pages, events pages and different blog layouts, among others.

echooling education html templateMore info / download Demo


Sanu is a cutting-edge, responsive HTML template made just for college and university websites! The template is ideally suited for educational institutions, school websites, university websites, etc. CSS and Bootstrap 5.x are used to construct the template.

sanu college university html templateMore info / download Demo


EduVibe is a comprehensive education solution consisting of a Bootstrap 5-supported, clean and modern Education HTML Template.

eduvibe education html templateMore info / download Demo


CoursePlus is a wonderfully designed user interface for contemporary e-Learning application website templates. It features an original and contemporary menu and was created using the most cutting-edge techniques.

courseplus learning management html templateMore info / download Demo


Educal Online Education & Courses React, Bootstrap5 Education Template. This React template features three distinct homepage demos with 17+ pages of crafted blocks that are simple to change and adapt to your needs.

educal education react nextjs templateMore info / download Demo

Educavo React

The Educavo React Online Courses & Education Template includes 11 high-quality, pre-built Home Pages and other inside pages, such as Course Pages, Teachers Pages, and multiple blog layouts, among others.

educavo react educationMore info / download Demo

Speak Education

The Speak Education consists of 4 homepage demos and 25+ HTML pages with precisely built blocks that are simple to change and adapt to your specifications.

speak educationMore info / download Demo


It includes high-quality 04 Multi Homepages and 25+ inside pages, as well as several pre-built fantastic pages, such as Courses pages, Courses Single pages, and multiple blog layouts, among others.

dlear education htmlMore info / download Demo


Educal Education Template is a tidy and contemporary HTML5 and Bootstrap education template. This template features three distinct homepage demos with 17+ HTML pages that are easily editable and customize to suit your needs.

educal education htmlMore info / download Demo


Skola HTML is a high-quality and well-coded HTML Bootstrap template built specifically to meet the requirements of an LMS.

skola lms online coursesMore info / download Demo


Edomi This Template is meant for all types of Online Education and eLearning courses, and it is also ideal for online educational training course marketplace directories.

edomi bootstrap educationMore info / download Demo


A language course The HTML5 template is an effective tool for creating a contemporary education website. Language schools and translation agencies rely largely on their websites today. For online success, you must have a well developed website.

verbonixMore info / download Demo


Elomoas is a Boostrap 4-based, modern, and expert-looking HTML5 template for online education and learning. This is incredibly adaptable and looks great on mobile devices and tablets.

elomoasMore info / download Demo


Educato Online Education HTML Template type of educational program, including University, School, Online Course, UI/UX Course, Language Learning Program, and more.

educatoMore info / download Demo


Using ReactJS, NextJS, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap 5.x, and Sass, the template was constructed. It has enabled its Progressive Web App (PWA) with an integrated Stripe Payment mechanism. The template includes 10+ homepage example versions for various school and training.

edemyMore info / download Demo


Edukat Education and LMS is a Responsive Education and Learning Management System HTML5 Template that includes 25+ pages and 2 variants of the home page.

edukatMore info / download Demo


It is a completely working template built on the most recent version of the Twitter Bootstrap framework, which makes its elements easily flexible and movable.

socimoMore info / download Demo


This template is appropriate for anyone who wishes to create a website for education or e-learning.

lebariMore info / download Demo


The HTML5 and Bootstrap-based Educavo Education Template is a modern template for education websites that you can find online.

educavo education html templateMore info / download Demo

Odemy Angular

Odemy is a cutting-edge Angular template that was built from the ground up to make it as easy as possible to design software that can be used in online education and training.

odemy angular online courses educationMore info / download Demo


If you offer online learning and related services, the MaxCoach Education HTML Template is a great way to build a website that looks both professional and appealing.

maxcoach education bootstrap templateMore info / download Demo

Edumy LMS Online

Edumy is both an LMS online education course and a school HTML template that you can use to make websites for online education programs and kindergartens that look great and are easy for everyone to understand.

edumy school html templateMore info / download Demo


Eudica was made for all kinds of online education and elearning programs, but it can also help businesses that act as multifunctional marketplace directories for online educational training courses.

eudica education courses html templateMore info / download Demo


In addition to the four beautiful home pages, this template has 58 or more useful pages inside the document. The customization is easy, and the instructions that come with the purchase are very clear.

aduca education lms html templateMore info / download Demo


This template gives you five different homepage demos and more than twenty-two other HTML pages that are smartly divided into blocks that are easy to change and can be changed to fit the needs of your business.

edulearn education bootstrap templateDemo More info / download


HTML 5 was used to make the new and cutting-edge UDEMA educational website template.

udema educational site templateDemo More info / download


The academic HTML5 template was made with schools, colleges, universities, and other learning centers in mind.

academics education html template More info / download Demo


The StudyPress HTML5 template is classy, up-to-date, and unique all at the same time. It has ten index multi-page demonstrations and nine index single-page demonstrations.

studypress-education-html5-templateMore info / download Demo


The responsive HTML5 design of the LEARN website template makes it a good choice for making educational websites like those for courses, workshops, and lessons.

LEARN-Courses-Workshop-Educational-templateDemo More info / download

Free Education Website Templates

Eduland Free

Eduland is a free HTML5 education website template that was made with HTML5 and Bootstrap 4.

eduland free bootstrap education website templateMore info / download Demo

Eduprix Free

Bootstrap 5 is used to build Eduprix, a free website template for educational institutions that was made just for them.

eduprix free html education website templateMore info / download Demo

Learner Free

A learner is qualified to take classes not only in schools, colleges, and universities, but also through online educational platforms.

learner free education bootstrap templateMore info / download Demo

Mentor Free

This free website template gives you a choice of page layouts and sections where you can talk about the company, its teachers, and its courses.

mentor education bootstrap website templateMore info / download Demo