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We are pleased to offer free and premium gaming , gaming blog, review games or online games WordPress themes make the gaming website! The portal theme game has everything for proper function. Visitors can easily register in the club game. The search box is moved-to-top button is used to develop the comfort of your website. Users must newsletter, blog and twitter section displays the latest posts and tweets can get new game updates. All the elements summarized in a single Web site design offers visitors an immersive gaming experience.

Subjects were developed for the game website. The gaming WordPress themes will appreciate the easy navigation of impressive images and web pages. The latest game is displayed in the header slider. Popular games are placed in a large banner. The rest of the games are classified. You can jump across different from one category with the help of the navigation tab of the game WordPress template. The layout style is a plane fashion. Button text is definitely drawing attention to them can be of red color.

Multi purpose Gaming WordPress Themes. It’s absolutely great for your clan or team page, game blog, game news, html5 games, lifestyle, broadcats, twitch streams. Also for players stats, reviews, table top, interviews, community, gameplay, clan, team, console, shooting,PC games, action, acrade,  survival, action-adventure, adventure, role play, 4X game, strategy, tactical role play, simulation, wargame, vehicle and life simulation, sport, race, MMO, casual, mobile, party, logic, board game, board game, educational, christian.


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Exit Game Real-Life Room Escape

Exit Game is a new WordPress theme that serves as a website for a hall escape, a game of quests, a puzzle room and other entertainment activities for family and friends. This adventure can be booked via the Booked Appointment plug-in with which the theme is compatible. Exit Game comes with a page of rooms, a blog page (of various styles), a booking page, reviews, a gallery, a FAQ, etc.

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Ludos Paradise Gaming Blog

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Arcane Gaming Community Theme

Arcane gives you the power to create massive game communities. Users can create teams and tournaments, challenge each other, watch matches, share content and more.

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Mercury is ideal for news and partner websites on casinos and gambling. Has a fully responsive design. Three custom message styles and widgets will make your online media convenient and engaging. You will be able to write articles and blog articles easily.

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eldritch gaming wordpressdemo download / more info

Lazio – Game Accessories

Game accessories online WordPress theme looking suitable for Toys and Game Accessories. This theme with a modern style and clearly. Your products will look very great with layouts of home page, shop page. All products specifications will be very easily to read on product details page. The theme also includes some premium features like quick view, product image zoom. This helps customers to find their products easily and quickly. It have some kinds of products layout on home page like carousel slider, tabs to help you organize products and introduce to your customers. You want to let customers know about coming soon and latest products? We have blog module on home page to show latest news and mailing system. The mailing system powered by MailChimp, it’s a great way to send email to your customers once your have new products.

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GRIMM – Game Development Studio

This fully responsive Game Development Studio WordPress theme, designed for small and medium companies, will greatly improve your internet presence. This is especially important for a new beginnings in the game development industry. And with our Game Development Studio WordPress theme you can easily do it!

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PixieHuge is a theme meant for eSports organizations / teams / gaming clans. The theme is built by the latest design standards in the game industry, which brings the elite/premium feeling for the end user. This theme is based for a darker color scheme, which is genuinely more attractive for gamers, eSports fans. It offers you to add unlimited teams, unlimited players, unlimited teams, to add sponsors, watch live streams, to keep track of matches. With this theme you can keep your users updated with the latest news articles, display multiple teams for multiple games. If your fans have a thing for your most popular players, they can keep track of them on their profiles.

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PixieClash is a WordPress theme for eSports tournaments, competitions and all sorts of ways for your teams to come up against the battle! The theme holds a top-level design, tailored to the audience of the game, also bringing new high-end features such as groups, parentheses and much more. PixieClash offers the ability to add teams, groups, hooks, sponsors, matches, watch incredible promo videos, buy tickets, promote your sponsors and more than 100 unique options!

pixieclash esports gaming wordpress themedownload / more info demo

PixieBolt – eSports Gaming

pixiebolt esports gaming wordpress themedownload / more info demo


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Finest Game

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Jumbo is a WordPress theme for Flash and HTML5 mobile games, which allows you to run a fully functional responsive gaming site. Jumbo comes with features such as: amazing sharing buttons, a powerful review system, last offers, hot, popular, several ad placements, integrated translator and more. All in a lightweight and easy to use.

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Gamez is responsive WordPress theme designed for games, film and music review site. Easy to install and writing simplified interface with much option lets you write beautiful magazine and make money by placing affiliate links.

gamez games editorial WordPress theme download / more info demo

DW Gamez

DW Gamez is a clean layout, great design for magazines, cool effects and animations, all in DW Gamez. This theme will make an impressive online magazine. Designed for the games magazine, but this WordPress theme is absolutely flexible and can be tuned into any website you want.

dw gamez wordpress gaming theme download / more info demo

The Arcade

The Arcade is a WordPress game theme with fully functional arcade theme for the online games website. It includes Google Material Design and its effects. The Arcade comes with all the features required by an online gaming site such as featured posts, reviews, dozens of short codes, unique widgets, news and message blocks, gallery and management Audio and video.

the arcade gaming WordPress theme download / more info demo


NewsGamer is a professional WordPress template for game magazines, newspaper publishers, magazines or advanced blogs. This theme is a great choice to create a Beautiful & Powerful Website!

newsgamer wordpress news theme download / more info demo


WordPress Theme created with passion and bloggers in mind. We would like to blog for creative gaming, gamers bloggers, designers and others clear to you and present the aesthetic and nice theme. Ruby is visually appealing and functional. It is fully reacted and it looks nice on all devices to a larger resolution and retina display and people.

rubydemo download / more info

Play Games WordPress Theme

play games WordPress themedemo download / more info


crystalskull gaming WordPress theme demo download / more info


Youplay is a creative WordPress theme games on gaming sites. It allows you to create a repository WooCommerce, bbPress forums and WordPress blog. It is a clean and flexible theme options panel Powerful management responses made to the Visual Composer wonderful work and fine-tuning.

Youplay - Gaming WordPress Template demo download / more info


Affect the Kappa! Kappa is a WordPress theme designed to help empower inspiration, everything can express your love for the games Featured Games. Market your products, more, highlights the latest gaming news, exhibits the works of fans who like to share a unique passion for creating games with Game Community review!

Kappa gaming WordPress theme demo download / more info


Gauge is the ultimate game for a wide range, you can create a review WordPress theme for each assessment item all the news this tab navigation as their central hub page that you can display videos kinds of content, such as games, movies, food an article about the image item reviews. Each item can be reviewed by both administrators and users, it can fully answer all clean and packed with modern design.

Gauge Gaming Review WordPress Theme demo download / more info

Game world WordPress Theme

Game Update drive response parallax WordPress theme and game by game portal in the world, cherries framework. Headers must maintain a clean layout and provides a burger menu that provides easy access to the attractions of any website. To showcase the visual content may use the full width image slider with captions and trendy ghost button. In addition, the game WP theme website category, boasts a contact form, boxes such as Facebook, view Social icons, newsletter subscription form, contact, popular posts in advance and Mega footer for information.

Game world WordPress Themedemo download / more info

Game Portal

game portal WordPress themedemo download / more info

Games Zone

This game WordPress theme is to provide support all this, someone can be in the game a blog or magazine, because this thing is packed using the great features and management options, so you can add a filter reviews, games , ratings, and much more you can! Many of the details of the styling options Color Picker look and feel of your website in a user-defined management area that will help, also the highest level. At the same time, we (Google fonts are integrated with WordPress theme game) means advertising options to monetize embedded fonts, you have not forgotten about changing your web site.

We also have the latest topics from appearing in our good customer feedback, as well as the guys already familiar with our short code should mention the inclusion in our calendar of events.

Games Zone - Gaming WordPress Theme demo download / more info

Game Portal WordPress Theme 52906

Response Web site, the layout of whether it is a laptop, tablet, smartphone, an optimized layout and WordPress Theme game for game-related sites that can be accessed from a variety of handheld devices makes this stylist. Cool jQuery gallery script and add more interactivity.

Game-Portal-WordPress-Theme-52906demo download / more info

Game Addict

Game Addict is a word press themes and games for family game. It allows you to create and manage clan wars including different maps, teams and games.

Game-Addict-Clan-War-Gaming-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Video Gaming

Video Games – dynamic design is all powered by WordPress Theme Game Cherry framework to attract the search for play is the variety of entertainment options for all sites. Multiple content blocks and page elements set playful mood harmony with each other. To catch the fancy of the audience, it comes with a lifetime or a nice high resolution image that can be replaced by one of his pictures themes for free. In addition to images, video, audio options are the advanced features of the built-in templates.

Video Games WordPress gaming themedemo download / more info

Game Portal Responsive WordPress Theme 52169

Game-Portal-Responsive-WordPress-Theme-52169demo download / more info


Horizon – game WordPress theme is a theme for gaming, news and entertainment content. Made using the latest CSS3, it gives you a sleek, eye-catching online magazine, blog, gaming or the possibility to create a personal project site.

Orizon – The Gaming wordpres themedemo download / more info

Gaming Fan Board WordPress Theme

Unlike other general websites, games, and resources complement the mysterious atmosphere. Online Game Review WordPress theme focuses on how to draw more players, more than General digits. That mysterious design and printing are doing our best to add a creative touch to your business. There will be many users find content widgets such as site navigation, they are a simple user engagement and allow image, video and slider.

Gaming-Board-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Gameleon  is the perfect solution for WordPress theme game magazines, newspapers, editing, publishing, reviewing, or gaming sites.

Gameleon - WordPress Magazine Game Theme demo download / more info

WooCommerce Game Theme – GameWorld

WooCommerce-Game-Theme-GameWorlddemo download / more info


XGames-Games-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Game Box

Game-Portal-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Games Responsive WordPress Theme

Games-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Game Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

Game-Portal-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Game Portal WordPress Theme

Portal-WordPress-Game-Themedemo download / more info


The game is a free game modern WordPress Theme If you set the pulse of your life and you love to deliver your business or personal theme to the next track, you need to echo this sentiment design. Here is a free WordPress theme specially selected for lovers of technology and games. It has the ability to engage our customers with an attractive set of personal or professional roles and functions of the fantastic theme Foundation. This premium WordPress theme has a large set of complementary features good looks.

BombGame – Free Gaming WordPress themedemo download / more info


Youit – Free Gaming WordPress Themedemo download / more info


The game is focused style WordPress theme game by the dark color and trim. Perfect for video game and entertainment websites. Features: – Image with large features, custom logo, custom background, footer widget, and clean typography. NewGamer uses NewTek urban theme.

NewGamer - Free Gaming WordPress Themedownload / more info


Free Gaming WordPress Theme for StarCraftdemo download / more info


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