How to protect blogger from comment spam

Want to protect your Blogger blog from spam comments? Enable comment moderation so you can accept or reject each comment individually. you can following step bellow :

  • Step1 Sign in to your Blogger account
  • Step2 Go to the settings tab. Click the link for comment settings.
  • Step3 Under “Who Can Comment?” select anyone. You’ll protect yourself from spam with steps further down the page.
  • Step4 Scroll down the page and select “Enable Comment Moderation.” You must give the email address you want the comments to come to for moderation.
  • Step5 You can further prevent spam by selecting “Show Word Verification for Comments.” This uses CAPTCHA to make the user type random letters from an image into a form before the comment is sent to you for moderation.
  • Step6 The final setting is “Comment Notification Address.” If you select this, you will receive an email when a comment is published. This isn’t necessary to select, since you receive each comment in an email to moderate before it’s published.
  • Step7 In the comment moderation email you receive, you have a link to either publish, reject, or go to the comment moderation page for your blog. If you only have one or two comments, you can click the publish or reject link right in the email. If you have many comments, you may choose to click the link to the comment moderation page on your blog. There, you can accept or reject several comments at a time.

Graham Bill
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