How to Remove Unwant Links from WordPress Footer

In face some free WordPress theme not allow you to change the footer credit link. If you are using WordPress themes created by others , it is essential that you maintain the credit link .But there are some cases where the creator links to some health or gambling sites to the WordPress theme footer .

These links would affect the search engine rankings of the linking blog . Credit links on WordPress theme footer are usually encrypted and normal users will not be able to remove those unwanted links .So here I am dealing with a very simple  method to remove unwant credit links from WordPress footer . We can play with any part of the  WordPress themes ,if they are  released under GP license . You don’t need to be an experience PHP programmer to remove credit links from WordPress footer . Before you remove this credit link read license carefully.

– The first step you need to go download software for open php file Notepad++ .and then go to open WordPress theme in your computer.

open Footer.php with Notepad++

you will see code encrypted like image bellow :

Screenshots  credit links from WordPress theme footer .

– Using Firefox browser to view source code footer with no encrypted code .
=> Open Firefox browser => view your theme (website) => right click => view page source (see on image bellow)
And then find <div id=”footer”> at the footer page
Select from  <div id=”footer”> to </html>and then copy this select source code
=> Go to footer.php remove all encrypted code and past code that you have copy from firefox.
=> Save it. Good luck.

These are actaully the code for encrypted footer section containing unwanted credit links .

Now you have removed unwanted credit links from your WordPress footer . Save the footer.PHP and Open up your blog to see what happens now .

( Please note that you should maintain credit links for copyrighted WordPress themes )