How to Validate CSS3

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CSS3 is most important for web designers  and  to keep your code clean and valid, whether it is xHTML, CSS, or even Javascript and PHP. All of these languages are constantly updating, and sometimes it can be hard to keep track of how to validate them. Today I will discuss with you how you can validate for CSS3, what you need to add a link on your website to standard valid sources

How to CSS3 Validation

If any of you have validated before, then you will know to use W3C’s validation Service; the one I have linked to is specifically for CSS, but you can find the xHTML validation service on the same page.

By default, this service will validate for CSS level 2.1. This is fine for the majority of modern websites, but with CSS3 creeping from around the corner, it useful to stay validated. Fortunately, it is very easy to change the validation service to validate for CSS3.

  • Step 1: Type the address of your style-sheet into the text input field titled “Address:”.
  • Step 2: Click More Options, just below the input field.


  • Step 3: Select CSS Level 3 for the “Profile:” attribute.
  • Step 4: The other settings are fine, just click the “Check” button to see if your style-sheet is valid!

A few things that are worth noting:

  • CSS3 is not a finished language as of yet, use it at your own risk!
  • -moz and -webkit rules are not currently valid CSS3 properties – they are br

Example of CSS Valid


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