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38 Best Job Board WordPress Themes Free & Premium

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Control the site using this application job board WordPress themes are easy to manage the admin panel for online jobs and powerful web applications. Themes support the option for the agency’s web site where you can search each to find faster, work resumes candidates, post-operation. Look for themes for all types of businesses, all are compatible with a normal job boards and recruitment agencies.

Yes, you have news from us about this topic the job forum is easy to use for all my employment counseling job clients. We will be here for you to use, in a way that you can have a theme based on the custom code template working engine to get the most out of your employment board. It has features such as stylish design combined with plug-ins in order to maintain a good appearance for your board.

Job forum themes was developed by the WordPress developer developers, below the top of all kinds of perfect WP work manager and add-on that you can use to make the web page more professional. This means that you can choose the right add-on in WP Admin Dashboard, a formal knowledge works smooth as all your silk needs. You can also choose the web design company to build your custom work site for your application.

Main characteristics of the working topics is to allow users to publish their submission to the front. Publish your job, resume, and find a new job easy. After submitting the site administrator can review each submission. You can also create a summary, it can be applied to a user operation. They want to leave the message on use and their potential employee can choose again. This can be seen in the front-end application for the user.


The Workio Job Board WordPress theme is a complete Job Board WordPress theme that allows you to create a useful and easy to use website for job listings. Using the Workio theme, you can create a comprehensive and fully responsive job portal, a professional platform to administer the human resources management, recruitment or job posting website. Workio is not just a job board theme, it is the best WordPress job portal template choice for anyone who wants a simple job script that makes money.

more info / download demo


The Jetapo Job Board WordPress theme is a complete Job Board WordPress theme that allows you to create a useful and easy to use website for job listings.

more info / download demo


Kormosala Job Board WordPress Theme is a complete Job Board WordPress theme that lets you create a useful and easy-to-use job vacancy website. Using the Kormosala theme, you can create a comprehensive and fully responsive job portal, a career platform for running a human resources management, recruitment or job posting website. Kormosala isn’t just a job board theme, it’s the best choice of WordPress job portal template for anyone who wants a simple and profitable work script.

more info / download demo


Fitsica is an advanced dashboard WordPress theme built with Elementor which is the best handcrafted page builder for WordPress with over a million active users. It brings you the solution to create a site of job offers concerning fitness, gym and yoga. Fitsica comes with 5 home pages and all the necessary pages. It is full of options, both for applicants and for employers. Employers and candidates fell easily and easily to register, log in to find jobs, post jobs, job details, manage their profiles, blogs, resumes, apps from Dashboard.

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Jobup Job Board WordPress Theme is a complete Job Board WordPress theme that lets you create a useful and easy-to-use job vacancy website. Using the Workup theme, you can create a complete and fully responsive job portal, a career platform for running a human resources management, recruiting or job posting website. Workup is not just a job board theme, it’s the best choice of WordPress job portal template for anyone who wants a simple and profitable work script.

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Jobica is an advanced job board theme in terms of technological jobs, which covers all the features required to create a profitable job board site. The job theme is based on Jobmonster which is one of the best selling themes on Themeforest with over 3500 satisfied customers and tons of powerful features. Jobica is the perfect choice for candidates to find relevant jobs, employers to hire professionals and recruiters for these two targets.

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The WordPress CareerUp Job Board theme is a comprehensive WordPress Job Board theme that allows to create useful and easy-to-use job vacancy website. Using the CareerUp theme, you can create a comprehensive and fully responsive job portal, a career platform for running a human resources management, recruitment or job posting website. CareerUp isn’t just a job site theme, it’s the best choice of WordPress job portal template for anyone who wants a simple and profitable work script.

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Meraki is the perfect solution for Job Board businesses & Listings. It comes with our in-house made Job Listings plugin: ModelTheme Listings Manager.

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If you are looking for an online job site, you will be looking for a lot of information you can find to find the best job portal for your needs. Website containing a good online layout and reliable navigation features that you can find in this job portal theme.

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Oficiona, WordPress Job Board Theme, is a complete WordPress theme for job postings website to manage jobs, candidates, employers, payments, etc. on a single platform. It includes a complete dashboard for employers and candidates, a job offer and job search, online functionality, dynamic ajax search, and more. Oficiona is for those who wish to launch a recruitment website and who meet all the requirements of a public or business-oriented website. Oficiona can be used to create a recruitment agency site, a job listing site or a separate job site for all companies.

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demo more info / download


Neo Job Board is designed with a thorough understanding of the industry to connect employers and candidates. The theme is easy to use and personalize even if you’re new to WordPress – it’s also user-friendly with users and seekers. It will be useful to show professional websites for job sites that require advanced advanced features and powerful features to provide useful services to users.

demo more info / download


The WordPress theme of the Job Board is an advanced WordPress theme of the Job Board. It contains all the features required to create a successful job portal website. Nokri is a complete and easy-to-use website. Using Nokri WordPress Theme, you can create a comprehensive and fully responsive website, a career platform for managing human resources management, recruitment, freelance or recruitment websites. The panels have convenient search filters that everyone can easily manage.

demo more info / download


demo more info / download


Jobhunt is an easy-to-use, clearly coded and fast WordPress Job Board theme built on the principle of separation of concerns for WP Job Manager. It supports all the features of the WP Task Manager, such as filterable job listings, job submissions, the employer dashboard, and job submissions.

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Job Board WordPress Theme: The Creerfy Theme by Eyecix is a comprehensive job board WordPress theme that allows you to create a useful and easy-to-use job listings website. By using the Creerfy theme, you can create a fully responsive job portal, job placement site. The Creerfy theme was built with the plan to make it compatible with streams of famous jobs as indeed. Creerfy is not just a job board theme, it’s the best WordPress portal theme choice for anyone who wants to create a simple, fully responsive work portal.

demo more info / download


Craftory is a dedicated directory style listing site, you know like Craigslist, Airbnb , RatedPeople, WerkSpot, kind of agreement where ordinary people can download a task they can do – or a service they could provide – and be paid to do what they love. Everyone wins! Craftory is complete with user profiles for customers (users) and Craftsman (vendors), notifications and messages that allow vendors and users to discuss and manage jobs, as well as a system of notes and testimonials and even more.

craftory job board wordpress theme demo more info / download


StaffScout is packed with a variety of stunning layouts, tons of beautiful elements & flexible options ideal for job boards.

staffscout job board wordpress theme demo more info / download


This job board theme is loaded with options, both for recruiter and for candidates that your job listing WordPress website is as easy to use as possible, from both the perspective of administrators and visitors. As InJob theme includes front end submission forms, job posting, the registration and application processes all takes place using custom forms, rather than via the WordPress backend.

demo more info / download


Cariera is a professional oriented WordPress Theme carefully crafted for Employers and Candidates. It is the expert on job boards, stats and listings. Try it out with different homepages and super easy one-click demo importer which sets your website up and running within minutes. Cariera is built with tons of premium quality plugins integrated. You will get it with Visual Composer as one of the most popular page builders and tons of its custom featured elements. And that’s not all… Being able to customize every single layout aspect is Cariera’s unique strength. Unlimited colors, movable sidebars, google fonts, multiple headers & footer and combining it with one of the most popular plugins Slider Revolution to make amazing galleries and sliders and give your website a stunning effect.

demo more info / download

JobsFinder – Job Portal

jobsfinder job portal wordpress theme more info / download demo

JobTheme – Job Portal

jobtheme job portal responsive wordpress thememore info / download demo

Professional Employment

professional employment job wordpress thememore info / download demo


If you are interested in creating to high-quality and eye attractive website ; JobCareer subject of a feature-rich one is perfect. Chimpanzees start a new studio theme of JobCareer. It is well suited for employment and recruitment agencies on a great user friendly theme JobCareer looking for talented candidates.

It is a custom theme of other options you can adjust completely unlimited colors, fonts, and change your website. Simple administration tools pack with this theme you can sort the list by location, based on the job type, category, and other parameters. This theme provides information on topics that are convincing enough for this by default, but can be a better developer. This job theme is easily built into the payment gateway for trade and advanced sorting algorithms for easy navigation through lists.

jobcareerdemo more info / download


Work Scout is a job board theme all WordPress features for the development of the popular free WordPress plugin Job Manager. It’s beautifully simple to integrate and expand some of the features and plug-ins you can extend to build your own feature rich job market!

workscout job board WordPress theme demo more info / download


Jobseek is the perfect job app WordPress theme solution for recruitment agencies and human resources. It is the perfect app for website that your customers can provide career evolution, a new project for a just a great opportunity for freelance employment. Jobseek is loaded with all the candidates, recruitment options. Jobs management firms publishing, editing, and working events and company profile, the candidate can do the same with a resume.

jobseek job board WordPress theme demo more info / download


Job board or job portal application website requires a number specific functions of the business. The job board WordPress theme flexibly born as a bridge to connect employers and candidates. Colorful and artistic displays, with custom WordPress theme was dedicated to the treatment of all the small elements. Clean code-only job functions, easy installation and customization, Jobmonster will be the best choice for professional online job board website.

Job-Board-WordPress-Theme-2027demo more info / download


Response layout, frontend submission, advanced job search functions, List of payment operations and more: JobBoard are tons of great premium feature, good, clean and has a simple design resumes and job listings, job directories or job market reaction job board WordPress theme.

JobBoard-Responsive-Job-Market-Themedemo more info / download


WPJobus-Job-Board-and-Resumes-WordPress-Themedemo more info / download


 Jobera-Job-Portal-WordPress-Themedemo more info / download


Jobify is a powerful job app theme for create a list of job for a website has never been difficult  – you can use the easiest possible job board WordPress theme. You can creating a community of employers and future employees. Like the others, users have their phones, contact, email or address and detail information on the online job. Now they can search the list of jobs in the palm of their hands. Jobify allows users to search jobs and submit the list to a more mobile-friendly with the response function.

Jobify-WordPress-Job-Board-Themedemo more info / download

Nine to Five

Do you want to operate your own job site? 50 powerful customization options, the board clean and simple WordPress theme that allows you to set the perfect WordPress theme. Reaction Design now is support for phone and tablet, you can display a list of tasks beautifully on mobile devices that includes. Simple task switching options on / off in response to the design in the theme settings that can provide a great mobile experience for visitors.

Premium-WordPress-Jobs-Themedemo more info / download


PetSitter is the perfect choice of job boards WordPress theme for anyone to create a website that lists the jobs associated with the site of the center pets or pets. But I do not feel restricted! It can be easily customized to suit your needs. Theme Options comes back – PetSitter contains one of the greatest options panel. You can easy change color theme. PetSitter comes with a lot of short code to create any type of content that you need.

PetSitter-Job-Board-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo more info / download


Jobeleon is the first free job board WordPress theme, you can perform a simple function of at least WPJB custom design entirely new level. It look minimal, flat WordPress theme taken note of the recent trend towards that have integrated Jobeleon.

Jobeleon-Free-WordPress-Job-Board-Themedemo more info / download

Robojob Lite

RoboJob Lite is the new best free WordPress Job theme. Running a job site or a listing site becomes a lot more easier. It is a WP Job Manager powered WordPress theme for job sites. Since this is powered by a powerful and actively maintained WP Job Manager Plugin, there are a lot of extensions available, which mean a lot of possibilities.

demo more info / download


Jobile is a lightweight, fast, clean and super flexible bootstrap based responsive theme for your job portal website. With this theme you can create your own careers / openings website for your business. Jobile theme can also be used to create classified ads, blog , business or personal websites also. Jobile has got theme options to manage general settings and also custom widget to manage social icons and text areas in the footer.

demo more info / download


Jobpress you a very special job board WordPress theme free download.This theme also provide option that allow user registered users and administrators can submit a list of jobs on the site, you can review and publish. The theme includes a WordPress custom menus, custom post types and custom taxonomies, custom page, ready with features and custom widgets.

Jobpress-Free-Job-Board-WordPress-Themesdemo more info / download

WP Job Manager

Free-open-source-job-board-plugin-for-WordPress more info / download


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