67+ jQuery CSS3 Animation Examples Like Flash Animation

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Looking best animated examples script? We have collection best jquery css3 animation examples & coding, it is useful example to learn animated and created using CSS3 jQuery. Animated example using CSS3 key frames, jquery, JavaScript function and animation properties. You can check out the code below to see how each examples is animated. Timing is the most important part here as each of the animation is to be animated correctly to make the perfect animate.

CSS3 Working Clock

Working CSS3 analog clock, using CSS animations and shapes, without any images or JavaScript.

CSS3 Working Clock demo download

CSS3 Animated Clouds

Just some CSS3 Animations to recreate the sky.

CSS3 Animated Clouds demo download

CSS3 animated weather icons

css3 animated weather icons demo download

CSS3 Loading animations

Some css3 loading animations experiments. Have fun and remember to share what you learn 🙂

css3 loading animations demo download

3D revolving planet using CSS3

A great idea and combination of two concepts. Awesome work. Yeah, with just a little tidying of the scale and animation, this could be even cooler. Great work!

3d revolving planet using css3 demo download

CSS3 Text Animation Effect

css3 text animation effect demo download

CSS 3D Animated Chart

3D prisms created purely with HTML and CSS3(D) transforms, shaded with CSS gradients, animated with CSS transitions. AngularJS is used to wire up an updating dataset.

css-3d-animated-chartdemo download

CSS3 Snow Animation

css3 snow animation demo download

CSS3 Loading Animation

css3 loading animation demo download

Hamburger Icon CSS3 ONLY Animation

hamburger icon css3 only animation demo download


A pure CSS3 experiment I created. I could do with reducing the number of divs used to create the body parts. I also need to streamline the animations.

css3-at-atdemo download

Gran Turismo

gran-turismodemo download

CSS 3D Solar System

css 3d solar system demo download

CSS3 only Smoke animation

This the css3-only version of the animation I created for The Treasure of Front-end Island conference website. The smoke balls are created without images and the animations are obtained without javascript.

css3 only smoke animationdemo download

CSS3 Based Animated Logo

css3 based animated logo demo download

ie10 css 3d cube – cross browser

ie10 css 3d cube - cross browser demo download

CSS3 Flame Sprites Animation

css3 flame sprites animationdemo download

Pure CSS3 Batman Logo -webkit- CSS3 Animated Flying

pure css3 batman logodemo download

CSS-only Weather App Concept

css-only weather app concept demo download

Nature View CSS3 Animation

nature-view-css3-animationdemo download


catwalk css3demo download

3D Kiosk CSS3

3d kiosk css3 demo download

CSS3 Animated Graph

Pure HTML and CSS3 line graph. Hovering a section highlights it with a caption. Populated and updated on an interval with AngularJS. A rotation transform is manually applied to connect the dots, and a simple CSS3 transition provides the animation.

css3 animated graph demo download

HTML forms 3D rotation using CSS3

html forms 3d rotation using css3 demo download

CSS3 Connecting animation

css3 connecting animation demo download

jQuery Steps Animation

demo showing the animation-timing-function: steps() in combination with a sprite sheet.

jQuery-Steps-Animationdownload / more info

Advanced animation path

Animation with SVG techniques that will help you on your daily web dev route. This particular post is dedicated to defining advanced animation path.

Advanced-animation-pathdownload / more info

Animate on scroll with wow.js

Animate-on-scroll-with-wowdownload / more info

CSS Sprite Sheet Animations – Explained

A brief explanation of CSS sprite sheet animations

CSS-Sprite-Sheet-Animationsdownload / more info

Animated Logo for Herr Brueckers

Animated-Logo-for-Herr-Brueckersdownload / more info

Drawing Advanced animation path

Drawing-Advanced-animation-pathdownload / more info

Endless jQuery Gallery Animation

Endless-jQuery-Gallery-Animationdownload / more info

CSS/SVG Animated Circles

CSS-SVG-Animated-Circlesdownload / more info

SVG animation via CSS

Exploring How to Animate SVG based on the Tuts by Noah Blon on Nettuts. Just thought to try the new css3 animation I learned. I used the icons ‘Small Icons’ by Nick Frost & Greg Lapin downloaded on icemelon just for demo purposes.

SVG-animation-via-CSSdownload / more info

CSS3 Parallax Fighter Jet Animation from MySkins Studio

It is another css3 animation of Fighter jets made with Css3 parallax and Keyframes. Both the jet planes as well the background has a linear keyframe animation.

CSS3-Parallax-Fighter-Jet-Animationdownload / more info

svg Animated logo

svg-Animated-logodownload / more info

CSS3 Flat Circle/Round Icon Animation

CSS3-Flat-Circle-Round-Icon-Animationdownload / more info

Animating with setTimeout

A little example about the timing animation with setTimeout moving a ball around the display.

Animating-with-setTimeoutdownload / more info

SUN svg animation with CSS

SUN-svg-animation-with-CSSdownload / more info

jquery animation effect

Simple jquery animation using the effects property

jquery-animation-effectdownload / more info

Earth orbit CSS animation

Earth-orbit-CSS-animationdownload / more info

CSS3 Animated Bird Fly

CSS3-Animated-Birddownload / more info

CSS3 Atom Animation

CSS3-Atom-Animationdownload / more info

3D JS Animated Clock

Built for Javascript Animated Clock Challenge at JOMWEB.my. Learnt to use CSS3 3D effects and JQuery for the simple animation.

Tested to be working on Chrome 28.0 and Firefox 22.0. However it’s not working on IE 10 due to some JQuery access denied error, which I didn’t bother to fix. 🙂

3D-JS-Animated-Clockdownload / more info

Animated London Eye in just 2 elements

Animated-London-Eye-in-just-2-elementsdownload / more info

Drag Race Animation

Drag Race Animation only css & html

Drag-Race-Animationdownload / more info

Pure Animated CSS birthday cake

Pure-Animated-CSS-birthday-cakedownload / more info

Animated Logo

It’s a cool Animataion logo.used to website.it looks more elegant

Animated-Logodownload / more info

CSS3 animated company logo

Animated CSS3 demo of a company logo. Only made with HTML and CSS3.

CSS3-animated-company-logodownload / more info

Camera Icon Animated

Camera-Icon-Animateddownload / more info

Orange car Animated Single element

Orange-car-Animated-Single-elementdownload / more info

Animated CSS wifi icon

Animated-CSS-wifi-icondownload / more info

Animated single element responsive (CSS) weather icons

This is a little set of animated single element CSS weather icons. Note that most of the animating is done on pseudo-elements.

Animated-single-element-responsive-CSS-weather-iconsdownload / more info

Animated Dashboard Widget

Animated-Dashboard-Widgetdownload / more info

CSS3 Animated Pepsi Can

CSS3-Animated-Pepsi-Candownload / more info

Pure CSS3 Animated Fish Tank

Pure-CSS3-Animated-Fish-Tankdownload / more info

Pure CSS animated 3D Primitives

This is a set of basic 3D primitives coded and animated in pure CSS3. Later will be more.

Pure-CSS-animated-3D-Primitivesdownload / more info

Animated Coming Soon Page

It designed a “coming soon” placeholder page for a client recently and decided to add a “special something” for visitors with modern browsers.

Animated-Coming-Soon-Pagedownload / more info

Dancing Animated / Manga Girl

Very cute dancing anime girl animated and created using only CSS3! The whole body of the dancing girl is made using basic CSS shapes and some advance use of CSS properties like borders, shadows and gradients, etc.

The girl is animated using CSS3 keyframes and animation properties. You can check out the code below to see how each part is animated. Timing is the most important part here as each of the body part is to be animated correctly to make the dance perfect.

Dancing-Animated-Girldownload / more info

Windows 8 logo in pure CSS3 with animation

Windows 8 logo with window animation created in 5 minutes with the help of CSS3. It is created with the help of perspective transform in CSS3 which is then animated using the animation and keyframes properties.

Windows-8-logo-in-pure-CSS3-with-animationdownload / more info

The Laughing Man Animated Logo

The Laughing Man (笑い男) is a notorious hacker in the anime series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, well known for superimposing his animated logo over his face by hacking into the cybernetic eyes of onlookers.

The-Laughing-Man-Animated-Logodownload / more info

css3 jQuery gear animation

css3-jquery-gear-animationdownload / more info

Single Elem Skype Call Animation

My attempt to recreate the mobile Skype (I viewed it on an iPad) call animation in one element with just CSS.

Single-Elem-Skype-Call-Animationdownload / more info

PIO single element border animation

PIO-single-element-border-animationdownload / more info

flying bird animation – Single element css

flying-bird-animation-Single-element-cssdownload / more info

HTML5 Canvas Grass Animation

HTML5-Canvas-Grass-Animationdownload / more info

css3 animation Phenakistoscope

Image animation with keyframes CSS3 “steps(x, end)”

css3-animation-Phenakistoscopedownload / more info


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