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20+ PHP jQuery CSS Poll Vote & Survey Code Script

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Those example php jquery css poll vote and survey script are proof of concept survey list that has way too much information to be humanly digestible. premium Poll Script is an awesome script that lets you run your own poll hosting site and it lets you earn a revenue by offering a premium membership. Moreover, this comes with many unique features that you will not find elsewhere. It has been built from scratch using the latest web technologies available such as PHP5, HTML5, and Bootstrap.

Smooth Ajax Poll is the most complete poll solution that has been made, it’s a simple yet advanced poll, entirely written in PHP/MySQL/jQuery and AJAX,it’s so user friendly and can be integrated easily on any given website that needs a poll (in less than 1 minute).
No matter how your website design is,you can edit the poll design in few seconds to suit your needs.some other features are listed below .

jQuery Vote for favorite server side language

jQuery-Vote-for-favorite-server-side-languagedownload / more info

World Cup Poll

world cup poll download / more info download

Poll Daddy example

poll daddy example download / more info download

Poll Answers

poll answers download / more info download

Angular Poll

download / more info download

Real-Time Poll Vote Results Using jQuery And HighCharts

real-time poll vote results jquerydownload / more info

Star rating

Star-rating-codedownload / more info

Proof of Concept Grid/List Surveys

Proof-of-Concept-Grid-List-Surveysdownload / more info

JavaScript Survey Pagination by Window Size

JavaScript-Survey-Paginationdownload / more info

jQuery Plugin: numericscale.js – convert list to survey

Converts an unordered list into a survey. The questions allow a “low to high” agreement response. The questions can be sub-divided into categories by using the “title” attribute of each list item. At the completion of the survey, a bar chart is displayed showing the values of each category. Answers are saved to local storage so that they can be retrieved later.

jQuery-Plugin-numericscale-convert-list-to-surveydownload / more info

wordpress CSS survey form

wordpress-CSS-survey-formdownload / more info

Simple like/dislike concept

Simple-like-dislike-conceptdownload / more info

Upvote/Downvote buttons

Upvote-Downvote-buttonsdownload / more info

CSS3 Voting buttons

CSS3-Voting-buttonsdownload / more info

PHP Easy Polls

PHP-Easy-Pollsdownload / more info

Premium PHP Poll Script

Premium-Poll-Scriptdownload / more info

PHP Voting System

PHP-Voting-Systemdownload / more info

PHP Puerto Poll Script

Puerto Poll Script is an awesome dynamic PHP/MySQL based script which allows you to create polls and display it’s result as many types and colors. It has been built from scratch using the latest web technologies available such as PHP5, HTML5, and CSS3.

PHP-Puerto-Poll-Scriptdownload / more info


JAXpoll is a web based polling widget for your web site that requires little more than a few lines of HTML in your web page after uploading the code to your web server. It does not require a database or any post installation set up. Upload the application to your server, add 3 lines of HTML to your web page, add a poll in the administration page and start your poll data collection.

JAX-polldownload / more info

Advanced PHP MySQL Polls

ExtStore Advanced Poll is a dynamic PHP/MySQL based script which allows you to create polls and display its result as many graphical figures in nice-designed popup windows. There is no restriction in the number of polls, with a single installation users can add and manage polls unlimitedly.

Advanced-PHP-MySQL-Pollsdownload / more info

CakePHP Poll Plugin

This script is a CakePHP plugin for creating, publishing and analysing online poll

CakePHP-Poll-Plugindownload / more info

Survey Engine

Survey Engine is a PHP script that is ment to helps you set up any number of surveys quickly.

Survey-Enginedownload / more info

Advanced PHP Ajax Poll System

This is a Poll System written in PHP using MySQL and jQuery.

Advanced-PHP-Ajax-Poll-Systemdownload / more info

Smooth Ajax Poll

Smooth-Ajax-Polldownload / more info

Flipper Ajax Poll

Flipper-Ajax-Polldownload / more info


mySurvey is a php and ajax system that allows you to run and create your own surveys faster and easier with ability to customize the questions, answers, the theme and the surveys. There are 3 easy steps to publish a survey: create a survey, add questions and answers and publish the survey. mySurvey supports creation of: multiple choice questions, rank order questions, rating scale questions, open ended questions, close ended questions with the questions types.

mySurvey-php-and-ajax-systemdownload / more info

IdeaFeed – Interactive User Feedback System

IdeaFeed is a feedback system which allows for the collection of different feedback properties from live users through a customizable form based survey.

This system is an intent to collect useful information for further enhancement and stability of a website whether it be in beta or production level.

IdeaFeed-Interactive-User-Feedback-Systemdownload / more info

CakePHP Survey Form Generator Plugin

This script is a CakePHP plugin for creating, publishing and analysing online surveys and forms

CakePHP-Survey-Form-Generator-Plugindownload / more info



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