20 Best Podcast WordPress Themes 2023

If you're looking for a great WordPress podcast theme, look no further than our collection of themes. With our themes, you can easily create a professional-looking podcast website that's perfect for promoting your show and attracting new listeners. Plus, our themes are responsive and easy to use, so you'll be able to get your site up and running in no time. Check out our WordPress podcast themes today and take your show to the next level.

A podcast WordPress theme is the perfect way to show off your audio content and keep your website looking professional. With a wide range of styles and features to choose from, you can find the perfect theme for your podcast. Whether you want a simple design or something more complex, a podcast WordPress theme can help you create a great website for your audio content.


Tuber is a podcast WordPress theme with podcast plugins and a simple, clean design. It comes with over 20 ready-made podcast episodes, so you can get the word out about your show in no time with just some clicks!

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This is a remarkable simple podcast WordPress theme and Podcast WordPress Plugin, design to help you record and publish your podcast easily. With the help of the Ncmaz theme and plugin you can have a beautiful show guide, embed player, multiple audio formats and more.

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Getting a podcast or audio website up and running is made a lot less difficult with the assistance of Livecast, which is a wordpress podcast theme that includes all of the necessary tools and components. If you utilize this technology, getting your very own podcast up and going won't take nearly as much time as you may think. The theme comes with a broad variety of useful podcast features and components that are excellent for usage inside the podcasting firm.

These features and components can be accessed via the podcasting company's dashboard. The podcasting industry is a perfect fit for the use of these characteristics and components. Livecast is equipped with a robust audio player and gives users the opportunity to include material not just from Apple Podcast but also from other major podcasting sources. Livecast gives users the option to incorporate content from other noteworthy podcasting providers.

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Podover is an all encompassing tool set that was created with the specific intention of catering to postmasters, vlogs, and other types of multi media websites. The audio podcast website that you establish with Podover will already be preloaded with all the features that you want, making it simple for you to set it up and keep it updated. Because our structure is so adaptable, it can handle not just individual podcasts, but also enormous podcasting networks that include a wide range of presenters and episodes.

You may also use our wordpress themes for podcasts to launch online radio stations that provide their audiences with live audio broadcasts by taking use of this feature. We designed more than three distinct configurable example homepages, four various podcast page listing formats, and endless inner page designs that can be imported with simply the click of a button on the mouse.

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Castora is an exceptional wordpress themes for podcasts that was designed to cater to the specific needs of video bloggers, podcasters, and other sorts of websites that focus on multi media content. One of its advantages is a site design that is spick-and-span and up to date. Additionally, it will direct the attention of your viewers to the episodes of your podcast. Castora is a stunning collection of layouts that have been developed specifically for video bloggers and podcasters to use on their websites.

Free to download and use, it includes a comprehensive selection of features, one of which is a powerful audio player, and it is also available in its entirety. While working on this WordPress theme, our team reviewed some of the most recent advancements made in the field of website design. Castora is designed to be utilized by any kind of podcasters, vloggers, and other creators of multi media material, in addition to any kind of web design company.

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A wonderful WordPress with a design that is both modern and functional, audio files, VMware combines the two qualities in its layout. It is an excellent choice for anyone who is thinking of developing a website for a radio station company, an internet radio station, or an artist bureau. It possesses all the qualities that are necessary in order to provide its customers with an experience that is both simple and entertaining.

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The Aztec WordPress Theme offers a framework that supports the streaming of audio and video material, in addition to being user-friendly. When you make a purchase of this theme, you will have access to a wide variety of cutting-edge features, such as an eCommerce Membership Platform, a Video Player, and a Drag and Drop Page Builder, amongst others, depending on which of those features you want to use.

aztec video streaming membership themeMore info / download Demo

Voiceful Podcast Blogging

A podcast blog wordpress theme that was developed specifically for bloggers and podcasters, taking into consideration the most recent technological advancements in the field of podcasting as they were being generated at the time the theme was developed. It is easy to use, it is optimized for use on mobile devices, and it comes with an integrated social media player that makes it simple to embed your own MP3 files as well as those from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and any other website that is compatible with WordPress.

voiceful podcast blogging wordpress themeMore info / download Demo


Discover the wonderful theme known as Resonator, which is going to be of great assistance to you in getting your very own personal podcast up and running in a flash. The theme comes with a plethora of helpful features and components that are ideal for the podcasting industry and are included in its base package. A powerful audio player is one of these components and characteristics, together with the capacity to include content from Apple Podcast and several other well-known platforms.

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The Streamlab Responsive Video Platform is the most powerful and all encompassing of its kind. WordPress theme that was developed specifically for installation on video related websites. This rss feed theme gives off an air of refined elegance and orderliness in its presentation. Due to its outstanding array of one of a kind features and attractive UI/UX elements.

streamlab video streaming wordpress themeMore info / download Demo


The Episody best wordpress themes for podcast sites was developed specifically with podcasters in mind as the intended audience in mind while it was being developed. Packed with all the functionality that you require in order for your Podcast website to run on WordPress, including all the customize choices that you would desire for your website. You have the power to create your very own self-hosted podcast program, replete with a gorgeous built-in sticky player that features live visualize.

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A number of different kinds of multi media podcasting platforms websites were taken into consideration during the development of the video blogging and best podcast theme WordPress content management system. It is a wonderful option for a podcasting theme. It provides a simple and up-to-date structure for the site, which presents your podcast episodes to your audience in a manner that is approachable for them.

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Rare Radio

Rare Radio is a WordPress theme with a modern look and a practical layout. It is so vivid and beautiful at the same time that it takes your breath away.

rare radio music radio station podcast wordpress themeMore info / download


Megaphone is a full-featured WordPress theme that was made to help you set up and manage a website for your audio podcast quickly. It was made so that you would spend less time and effort on it. It was made so that less time and work would be needed to do these things.

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WpCast is the easiest and most professional way to build an audio podcast website with WordPress. It's also the easiest. It also has a music player that will play music over and over again, and it works with both Google Podcast and Apple Podcast.

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If you want to show your work in a way that is both clear and interesting, this WordPress Theme is the best choice. It comes with a wide range of options that you can change.

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A theme that is both visually appealing and technically sound, and that can be used in both audio and video podcasts. Castilo is the best choice if you want to start a podcast, keep full control over your website and feed, and do it for less money than you could with any of the other options you have right now.

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Vlog Podcast

The videography part of the Vlog WordPress videos theme is done well, and the design gives it a lot of attention. You can use it to make a blog with video posts.

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Free Podcast

The Podcast theme is a free option that WordPress gives to podcasters, YouTubers, people with a big online presence, and bloggers. This option is called the Podcast theme. Teal is one of the colors that can be chosen from the list.

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Audio Podcast Free

Audio Podcast is one of the few well-made best free podcast wordpress themes. It was made with a basic style in mind to show audio, DJ music, music streaming, SEO Podcasts, and video, as well as audio streaming services like Spotify.

The Audio Free Podcast WordPress Theme was made with a basic look to show audio, DJ music, music streaming, and SEO Podcasts. The Audio Podcast was made with a lot of care and thought put into every detail.

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