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30 Best Shopify Themes for Your Store 2018

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Summer 2018 seems to be a nice time to improve business strategy. If you are serious about increasing your sales, don’t miss eCommerce. When used properly, online selling becomes the most powerful, fast, and easy way to develop a shop. Managing a worthy web store means finding new people to enlarge the audience. Would you like to be a part of the global market? In this case, let’s see how you can find your place under the sun! First off, you need to find an eye-catching template and Shopify premium themes will help you. Without a doubt, making business online allows you to save money. You won’t need to pay a rent or something like this. Moreover, thanks to a well-built site, a user can speed up working process. There’re so many things you can do, so let’s see how you can launch an online shop.

m.a.l.l. – Clean and Minimalist Clothing Store Shopify Theme

m.a.l.l. - Clothing Store Shopify Thememore info / download demo

We decided to start with this clean and minimal Shopify premium theme for a clothing store – m.a.l.l. This soft template was designed to provide your website with a brilliant look. Thus, m.a.l.l. comes with multiple visual effects and features to organize the design of a web shop. Among these functions, you can see a marvelous Parallax effect.

SuitUP – Ready-made and Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Theme

SuitUP - Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Thememore info / download demo

This is a fully multipurpose premium Shopify template, which allows creating as many online shops as you need and even more! To provide you with all the necessary features, SuitUP has 7 different sets for the ready-made stores. Each of these sets comes with 20+ pre-designed pages. They are so easy-to-use!

Tronex – Unbelievable, Fast, and Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Tronex Multipurpose Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Tronex is the next Shopify theme, which provides you with an unbelievable multipurpose functionality. Also, this premium product has unlimited filter options. With it, you get a comfortable navigation to make the online shop a real go-to place! What is more, Tronex has pretty fast page load, clean code, responsive design, and much more!

Meoow – Cute and User-friendly Pet Shop Shopify Theme

Meeow - Cute Pet Shop Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Here is a sweet pet shop theme you can use to set up a popular project without running out of the budget. As you can see, Meeow is a multi-currency product, which makes your website more convenient. To say more, it will be easier for foreign search engines to find your website thanks to the feature.

Body Builder – Advantageous Sports Nutrition Shopify Theme

Body Builder - Sport Nutrition Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Needless to say, menu is the thing you should work hard on. Many users already know how many advantages one gets with MegaMenu. It improves SEO and creates a wonderful navigation at the same time. Plus, the plugin also makes your site design look beautiful and minimalist. Check Body Builder’s demo to see it.

Nokshi – Beautiful Handmade & Craft eCommerce Shopify Theme

Nokshi - Handmade & Craft eCommerce Shopify Thememore info / download demo

If you are looking for a classy and premium Shopify theme to run a professional website for handmade and craft shop, check Nokshi. This template has everything and anything you may want to use for an online shop. For example, using Nokshi, website owner can easily highlight their best products and show them on the main page.

Tmart – Neat, Progressive, and Minimalist Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Tmart - Minimalist Multipurpose Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Tmart is another charming premium Shopify theme for eCommerce purposes. It’s multifunctional and allows you to become a happy owner of a progressive web shop with a neat design. With the help of Tmart, you will be able to select various categories and subcategories for your products. It makes finding the needed item an easy thing.

Shopy – Well-featured and Voguish Fashion Shopify Theme

Shopy Fashion Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Running a fashion related website (especially when it’s eCommerce) you definitely know that SEO is a must-have. It comes for Search Engine Optimization and makes the easiest way to develop your business. Thanks to this smart mechanism, any search engine will be able to find your project. SEO helps Google to index the site among its analogs.

Stuff – Responsive and Sweet Furniture Shopify Theme

Stuff - Furniture Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Next, to get success, you should get a totally responsive eCommerce site. It should be 100% mobile-friendly and look nice on any device. This step will enlarge the audience of your online shop. Did you know that these days over 50% of all traffic comes from mobiles? People get to use it anytime they need, so view out Stuff.

Lilac Odor – Trendy and Attractive Perfume Shop Shopify Theme

Lilac Odor - Perfume Shop Shopify Thememore info / download demo

It’s always important to make a breathtaking promo for your products. Thus, you should use different trendy web design features. Don’t miss simple functions, as they can also bring you success. Among such features, there is Simple Slider. It lets user emphasize the needed products and showcase them in a magical way.

Kardone – Easy-to-manage and Multilingual Auto Parts Shopify Theme

Auto Parts Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Well, Kardone is an easy-to-manage premium Shopify template, made for autos and auto parts. It’s fully customizable, which means that users of all knowledge levels can work with Kardone. By the way, this theme is multilingual. The feature will also boost your search results. It attracts the searches that work with the native speaking sites only.

Dress Shop – Sophisticated Wedding Dress Online Shop Shopify Theme

Dress Shop - Sophisticated Wedding Dress Online Shop Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Dress Shop is a marvelous eCommerce Shopify theme. Crafted for a wedding dress online shop, the theme was supplied with a soft gallery. It is sortable, so you will be able to sort all your visual content. Are you ready to charm a visitor and create a shining first impression?

Soundking – Hip Electronics Online Shopify Theme

Soundking - Electronics Online Shopify Thememore info / download demo

As all the worthy premium Shopify themes, Soundking is a multi-currency electronics product. To make a long story short, Soundking comes with cool sorting options. On the other hand, this visually pleasing template is crossbrowser compatible. It works great and looks magnificent in all the possible browsers. Visitors will be able to enter the shop anytime.

Diventis – Creative Diving Equipment Online Store Shopify Theme

Diventis - Diving Equipment Online Store Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Buying this premium Shopify theme, a user gets a bunch of must-haves and many trendy options. With it, you will be able to create a pleasing background for the web shop using Background Video feature. What is more, the pack of Diventis contains Parallax scrolling, so you will certainly do your best with this theme!

Ezone – Premium and Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Ezone - Multipurpose Shopify Thememore info / download demo

As you can see, multipurpose themes are in vogue, so let’s view out one more premium Shopify template. Here is Ezone, which has such sets of layouts as fashion, fruits, pizza, books, electronics… In addition, with the help of Ezone, you can build a hip online shop related to handcraft, furniture, drinks, sports, etc. Every set is a bundle of absolutely pre-designed pages for contacts, home, maps, team, and other important sections.

Dexitex – Convenient Grocery Online Store Shopify Theme

Dexitex - Convenient Grocery Online Store Shopify Thememore info / download demo

When building a winning online shop, the future website owner should always think of convenience. To become a go-to place, your web shop needs flexible settings and a top search form. Also, we recommend you to enrich its design with a handy contact form to stay in touch with shoppers.

Multifly – High-productivity Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Multifly - Multipurpose Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Featured with multiple high-productivity options, Multifly allows a stress-free and fast website building. As the name of this premium Shopify theme says. Multifly is multifunctional but it’s not the only advantage of the product. The home page of Multily is totally customizable as well as all the other pages. You can edit them effortlessly.

Swimwear Hut – Eye-pleasing Swimwear Store Shopify Theme

Swimwear Hut - Swimwear Store Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Without a doubt, web space gives us so many attention-grabbing web design things! Here is a fresh must-have you should definitely try for the online shop you build. It’s called Deal of the Day and helps website owner to showcase their best products. Using Deal of the Day, one will easily emphasize the needed offers to attract more people.

Game Space – Cool Video Games Store Shopify Theme

Game Space - Cool Video Games Store Shopify Thememore info / download demo

The next feature we want you to use for a brilliant online shop design is called Collection list. It lets website guests manage beautiful collections using the products you sell. What is more, the collections are sharable. It means that people will be able to post them via social media. As a result, your site gets more traffic.

Careeto – Fancy Car Parts Online Store Shopify Theme

Careeto - Fancy Car Parts Online Store Shopify Thememore info / download demo

What else should you know to become a glad owner of a unique and popular web shop? Well, we recommend you to add smart sorting. For example, use Brands feature to organize the content of the shop. With it, a potential customer will find the item they are looking for rapidly.

YourStylist – Stunning Hair Salon Shopify Theme

YourStylist - Hair Salon Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Would you like to build a stunning website for your hair salon and sell its products? In this case, don’t miss YourStylist! This premium Shopify template comes with the Ajax-based options. It means that the visitors of the site will be able to do all the actions without reloading the page. For example, adding products to cart.

Furnish – Minimal eCommerce Furniture Shopify Theme

Furnish - Minimal eCommerce Furniture Shopify Thememore info / download demo

First things first, Furnish allows you to work with such vital features as Product Review and Product Share. Both features will help you to get a trustworthy relationship with prospects. Also, this eCommerce template contains Related Product function. You can use it without having extra skills and get more views and even sales!

SNKR – Easy in Use Sneakers Store Shopify Theme

SNKR - Sneakers Store Shopify Thememore info / download demo

In the pack of SNKP one can see lots of voguish functions. However, this shoes Shopify theme contains many important things as well. Therefore, you can try adding easy-to-use maps. These detailed maps will guide prospects to your website. To say more, there will be even the shortest way shown!

Vanessa – Clothing Store Shopify Theme

Vanessa - Clothing Store Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Vanessa is a gorgeous clothing store premium Shopify theme, which has a lightweight web design. The template features Product Quick View. Thus, the visitors of your future online shop will be able to see your goods without wasting their time. Using the feature, you can showcase any detail of the product.

Mira – Lightweight Shopify Theme

Mira - Minimal Shopify Thememore info / download demo

When it comes to Mira, this minimal Shopify theme contains any ready-to-use blog pages. You may be shocked but blogs are still popular. Don’t forget to use it and become closer to your audience! In addition, Mira has impressing slider options. You get Nivo Slider, Video Slider, Slick Slider, Animated Text Slider…

Smart – Drag & Drop Shopify Theme

Smart - Drag & Drop Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Firstly, Handpicked Products is another online shop option to look for. Same to Featured Products, the function offers website owner to promote their top items. Secondly, Smart also provides a user with New Arrivals section. Would you like to highlight your new products? Feel free to do it with the help of Smart’s package.

Hurst – Furniture Shopify Theme

Hurst - Furniture Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Social media has been the biggest part of our life for ages! For these simple reasons, you need the online shop to make friends with all the well-known social networks. That’s why Hurst comes with Instafeed that will be shown on your main page. Moreover, there is a handy Twitterfeed.

AutoZach – Auto Parts Shopify Theme

AutoZach - Auto Parts Shopify Thememore info / download demo

The next industrial Shopify theme calls AutoZach. It was made for the users of all the skill levels. Working with this unbelievable theme, a website owner gets smartly created visual options. One of them is Product Carousel. It organizes the products of the shop in a neat and attractive way.

Game Console – Bright Gaming Shopify Theme

Game Console - Bright Gaming Shopify Thememore info / download demo

Do you want to chose the colors for your online shop and change them anytime you need? As said in ‘Details’. Game Console comes with a modern Theme Color Switcher. The feature provides a user with various color options and allows changing the style in a single click. Try it!

Subas – Stress-free Electronics Store Shopify Theme

Subas - Electronics store Shopify Thememore info / download demo

To end with, let’s open the live demo of Subas. Here is a well-featured and professionally styled electronics Shopify theme. There is a powerful control panel and a user-friendly interface. Therefore, you won’t face problems when customizing the template. Additionally, this premium Shopify theme has a SEO-friendly code.


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