38 Best Video & Movie WordPress Themes 2023

Are you looking for a responsive design WordPress theme for your video and movie website? If so, you've come to the right place. Our collection of video and movie WordPress themes are perfect for creating a professional and stylish website for your video movie business.

With a range of features and options, you can easily find a theme that suits your needs and preferences. So browse our selection and find the perfect WordPress theme for your video and movie website today!


A contemporary and responsive WordPress theme is Movflx. It has a unique design, two home page variations, and many catalog and detail pages. It is appropriate for online movies, movie reviews, online television, TV programs, and TV series. So feel free to construct whatever using this.

movflx video movie wordpress themeMore info / download Demo


For movie studios, filmmakers, film agencies, film festivals, and cinema, use the Mirel WordPress theme. Create a stunning website for yourself or your video business by starting with us.

mirel movie studios filmmakers wordpressMore info / download Demo


The Coppola theme, which we developed for websites for movie theaters, directors, and film production firms, makes it simpler to locate your target audience, which is crucial for the success of any movie.

coppola movie film productionMore info / download Demo


NextBit is a premium responsive wordpress theme with a cutting-edge design that is also fully original and optimized for mobile devices.

nextbit tv internet providerMore info / download Demo


With the aid of VidMov, a wordpress movie theme that concentrates on video and audio, streaming and playing video on a website is simple.

vidmov videoMore info / download Demo


You might establish a Video Sharing and Upload website with other writers, publish your own work on the online, or share your favorite movies with the world over the web. Utilize StreamTube if you want to view videos.

streamtube videoMore info / download Demo


Automattic's Aztec movie themes makes it much simpler to stream audio and video on your website. This is simply one of the many benefits of using the movie and tv shows.

aztec videoMore info / download Demo


Frames is the perfect option if you need a Filmmaker WordPress theme, a movie studio theme, or a theme designed just for filmmakers. It may be used by any creative firm, organization, or individual.

frames movieMore info / download Demo


Automattic designed the ViewTube theme for WordPress. It emphasizes video-based content. When using this, streaming, videos, films, and reviews will be the most useful.


viewtube video wordpress themeMore info / download Demo


Streamlab is now the most powerful and comprehensive Responsive Video platform available on the market. A WordPress theme designed with the thought that WordPress would be used for video websites in mind.

streamlab video streaming themeMore info / download Demo


Streamit is a WordPress theme that may be useful for over-the-top (OTT) video streaming services. This design exudes a feeling of sophistication and order.

streamit video streaming themeMore info / download Demo


 You may quickly create your own website by importing demonstrations of already-made websites. These websites are currently accessible through the Internet.

noxe movie studios themeMore info / download Demo


You will get a complete collection of templates for displaying films and movies, full compatibility with the Elementor page builder, and anything else your video production firm might ever require. You should immediately begin producing your next great film.

pelicula video production themeMore info / download Demo


Leitmotif is a movie, theater, and film production theme that is created, framed, and timed so that you may acquire a stunning website for your studio or anything else related to movies right now.

leitmotif movie film studio themeMore info / download Demo


Internet service and satellite television providers Mirasat gives out The WordPress theme was created from the ground up to be compatible with high-speed Internet, streaming television and movies, and online video.

mirasat satellite tv wordpress themeMore info / download Demo


The Mato WordPress theme is a great option that might be very helpful for individual filmmakers, film companies, and film festivals in addition to the film industry as a whole.

mato filmmakers wordpress themeMore info / download Demo


Vodi Video is a WordPress theme designed for websites that discuss films, television programs, movie review, videos, streaming services, critiques, and entertainment in general.

vodi video wordpress themeMore info / download Demo


Using the free Vayvo theme for WordPress simplifies the process of streaming audio and video on a website. This theme may be downloaded from the WordPress theme library at any time.

vayvo media streaming themeMore info / download Demo


We're going to show you around a great WordPress theme that was made with movie studios and filmmakers in mind, and we're going to do it right now. We can help you make a website that is both unique and in style.

spool movie studios wordpress themeDemo More info / download


If you want to find a theme for a movie studio or a Filmmaker WordPress theme, just type “filmmaker” into the search engine.

formota filmmakers wordpress themeDemo More info / download


Elite Video Player, a popular plug-in, is what makes Viem work. You can use this advanced and one-of-a-kind video player to show off your videos on your website.

viem video wordpress themeDemo More info / download


Build a great website for movie fans that will blow their minds and change the way they think about movies forever.

cinerama theme movieDemo More info / download


VidoRev is a WordPress theme that works well for video and film blogs, online magazines, and other types of online publications.

vidorev video wordpress themeDemo More info / download


Superflick is a modern and visually appealing WordPress theme that is perfect for movie studios, video artists, filmmakers, vloggers, agencies, and anyone else who wants to show their video work online.

superflick video oriented wordpress themeDemo More info / download


Filmic can be used by any creative company, group, team, or person to make their own film studio, filmmaker center, film production site, or other film-related website. Filmic is free for creative people to use because it is open source.

filmic movie studio wordpress themeDemo More info / download


Circle is a multipurpose film, video themes for wordpress that suitable for any creative agencies, Film Actor, Film Studio, Film Director. It come with 7 beautiful homepage and special functions you can choose source for video, film from Youtube, Vimeo or from your Self Hosted to help you can easy manage your work.

circle film video wordpress themeDemo More info / download


Vlogger is a professional video & tutorials wordpress theme perfect for Video Tutorials, YouTubers, Online Courses and video blogs. It is easy to monetize every type of video content, from fun videos to professional tutorials.

vlogger video tutorials wordpress themeDemo More info / download


Huber is a multi-purpose review theme. It is powerful, interactive, and cutting edge. Huber has a hub system that sets it apart from other themes. Hubs contain a post or a page that has details about a movie.

huber movie review wordpress themeMore info / download Demo


Viseo is another theme ideal for movies. This theme can be easily customized and it has many features for you to use to show off your movie. Viseo comes with many features like Drag and Drop Page builder and you have unlimited colors to pick from. It has built-in audio and video player that supports all devices.

viseo video podcast wordpress theme More info / download Demo


Nine Studio is very suitable for any creative agency / company / team / person to build their own movie studio / Film Center / Film Production / Vlog sites and any type of movie website can use the WordPress video theme.

nine studio film maker wordpress theme More info / download Demo


AmyMovie is a flexible and easy-to-customize movie and theater theme that can be used on a wide range of websites.

amymovie movie cinema wordpress theme More info / download Demo


The most robust and expansive Responsive WordPress Video Theme created especially for the video site is called Betube.

betube video wp theme More info / download Demo


The theme for WordPress strongest for web-based video. Built on our themed, real Mag largest video market, VideoPro has more unique features that help you build any type of video sites. Whether it is about gaming, film, news, entertainment, science .

videopro-video-wordpress-themeMore info / download Demo


Vlog is a gorgeously designed WordPress theme that has a big emphasis on video photography. With sophisticated presentations and innovative ways to exhibit your films and articles, it also excellently meets the requirements of complicated magazine websites, as you might guess.

vlog video blog WordPress theme More info / download Demo


Movie Me is designed to showcase movies, projects, videos, and much more. Videos and images can be changed quickly. These websites' high conversion rates explain why they are so well-liked.

Movie-Me-Responsive-WordPress-ThemeDemo More info / download


Videotube provides a sleek and contemporary platform for doing just that, whether you're embedding preexisting films from industry heavyweights like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu or exhibiting your own efforts.

VideoTube-Responsive-Video-WordPress-ThemeDemo More info / download


A cutting-edge option for video hosting websites, video portfolios, and magazines is True Mag. The greatest UI, UX, and SEO practices are used in the construction of True Mag. The WordPress video theme is the ideal option for distributing your incredible content to audiences.

True-Mag-Wordpress-Video-Theme-Magazine-StyleDemo More info / download


SocialPlay, a highly flexible and totally responsive movie WordPress theme, introduces a distinctive trend for your media syncing/sharing website with its crafty design and fantastic appearance.

SocialPlay-Media-Sharing-Wordpress-Video-ThemeDemo More info / download