50 Flat Design Amazing Templates You Want Your Site Look Like

Flat design has been one of the most interesting and promising trends. The templates on Flat design are not going to be outdone any time soon. It surely has been a while since Microsoft's Windows 8 Metro interface has appeared. A lot of water passed under the bridge since then, but it appears that flat design has one its battle against skeumorphic traditions and firmly takes the first place of the fast-growing trends on the current 2014 year.
Flat Design is not only trendy, but also easy to use for all kinds of users. It abandons all the unnecessary elements and leaves nothing superfluous. There is no attempt to create something resembling the 3D effect so desired by other web developers, thus it is easier to operate, especially when it comes to finding the information you need. Save your time, go Flat!
Flat design is not just a great answer for the newcomers. Web developers with experience has also developed a habit of leaning towards Flat-related path. For instance, one of the biggest providers of the templates in the world, TemplateMonster.com.
All you need is to find a template that suits your purposes. It all goes easy from then. You simply let TemplateMonster take care of everything for you. Skillful 24/7 support will help you arrange things JUST LIKE YOU WANT!
Take a look at some of the basic example of the Flat Themes, don't forget to click on one of them if you need to get a closer look!

Thread and Needle – Sewing Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Whether you are a professional seamstress or a sharp dresser you need a place to look for what you need. Your clients would appreciate having everything available and well-structured just one click apart.

Crafts Responsive WooCommerce Theme More info / download Demo

Home Sweet Home – Interior Design Responsive WordPress Theme

My home is my castle. And my castle – my rules. Your clients will definitely think like this and claim for each of their whims to be fulfilled. Just show them what you can do with this template.

Interior Design Responsive WordPress Theme More info / download Demo

Konnichiwa – Japanese Food Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Exotic character of Japanese cuisine attracts more and more folks recently. So you don't even need to advertise it particularly – it is just on the edge right now. A couple of mouthwatering images and the folks are all yours.

Japanese Restaurant Responsive PrestaShop Theme More info / download Demo

Blue Water – Pool Cleaning WordPress Theme

“They will pull all the odd stuff out of your pool” – says this template. Designed in clean white and sky-blue colors highlighted with bright red elements – it is just a perfect fit for a pool cleaning company.

Pool Cleaning Company WordPress Theme More info / download Demo

Prompt Help – Computer Repair Responsive Website Theme

One can hardly imagine his life without computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone even for a few days. So when something is broken it is better to be fixed as soon as possible.

Computer Repair Responsive Website Template More info / download Demo

Clean Beauty – Architecture Company Flash CMS Template

The beauty of this template is in simple round forms, snow white background and pretty fonts. This is all architecture should be about – beauty in simplicity.

Construction Company Flash CMS TemplateMore info / download Demo

Pretty Baby – Babysitter Responsive Website Template

Children are sweet and lovely, but they need much time and efforts to be put in. And sometimes parents are just not enough. This theme will help your clients to find a babysitter and make their lives a little bit easier.

Babysitter Responsive Website TemplateMore info / download Demo

Nice Trifles – Gifts Shop Responsive PrestShop Theme

No matter whether you like better to give presents or to receive them, you need a place where they would be presented. With this responsive theme you seem to find this place.

Gifts Store Responsive PrestaShop ThemeMore info / download Demo

Tick-Tock – Watch Responsive WooCommerce Theme

For not being always late like the White Rabbit a person needs watch. For selling the folks watch you need online store. And for running the online store you need this template. A simple logic chain.

Watches Responsive WooCommerce ThemeMore info / downloaddemo

Perfect Model – Professional Model Portfolio Flash CMS Template

Every model wants to be noticed. Therefore a personal portfolio on the web should be a must-have. This template underlines the beauty of the model without distracting attention to unnecessary details.

Model Agency Flash CMS TemplateMore info / download Demo

Fire Alarm – Fire Department Responsive Website Template

Famous Kurt Cobain's quote “Better to burn than to wither” is not always truth. Fire Department says it's better not to burn at all. The theme is designed without any unnecessary details no to distract the visitors from the serious matter.

Fire Department Responsive Website TemplateMore info / download Demo

Say “Cheese” – Photographer Gallery Template

This original pretty template is designed in noble bluish grey color with blurred photos at the top and standing out lightboxes. Just everything in its right place.

Photographer Portfolio Photo Gallery TemplateMore info / download Demo

Give up Smoking – E-Cigarettes ZenCart Template

Help your visitors to get rid of the harmful smoking habit. E-cigarette is a step into the future, so the website selling it should be advanced as well.

Tobacco ZenCart TemplateMore info / download Demo

Furrowing the Ocean – Yachting Responsive Jigoshop Theme

Yachting and everything one may need for it is available in on click with this template. Beautiful image at the top and compact information arrangement make this theme even more attractive.

Yachting Responsive Jigoshop ThemeMore info / download Demo

Young and Happy – Teens Club Responsive Website Template

Teenagers need much attention to be spent on. Teenagers need communication. Teenagers spent pretty lot of time on the web. To combine the three you need a teen club website. And this template is the best you can find.

Teen Club Responsive Website TemplateMore info / download Demo

Dazzling Cleanness – Cleaning Service Responsive Website Template

There is hardly a person who enjoys living in dirt. Everyone wants it to be clean around but outing in it as little efforts as possible. So cleaning service is an awesome idea that will always be on the edge. This clear theme just underlines all the benefits, because there is no need to say a lot.

Cleaning Responsive Website TemplateMore info / download Demo

Stay in Touch – Mobile Application Responsive Joomla Template

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our everyday life. And we try to stuff it with as many apps to ease and to diversify our daily routine as possible. The theme with blurred back- and sharp foreground, simple fonts and light details is a right choice for mobile app provider.

Web Development Responsive Joomla TemplateMore info / download Demo

Being Irresistible – Drug Store Responsive OpenCart Template

Being healthy and beautiful is a primeval dream of every woman. So the women audience is already all yours. You have already drawn their attention. Now you need to present what you have to propose. And it is an easy thing to do with this well-structured template.

Drug Store Responsive OpenCart TemplateMore info / download Demo

Little Secrets – Cosmetics Store VirtueMart Template

Cosmetics don't make a woman beautiful. It underlines her natural beauty. Along with this template show your visitors how diverse can be range of underlining agents.

Cosmetics Store VirtueMart TemplateMore info / download Demo

Purple Lavender – Beauty Salon Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme uses shades of purple color, which makes it look tender and caressing. Just having a look at your homepage your clients understand that in your beauty salon they will be cared of.

Beauty Salon Responsive WordPress ThemeMore info / download Demo

Vogue Victim – Fashion Blog Responsive Joomla Template

Catchy and fly main picture attracts attention. Stylish black and white color scheme leaves an odor of classic; meanwhile pastel colored lightboxes bring modern vividness.

Fashion Blog Responsive Joomla TemplateMore info / download Demo

Brilliant Luxury – Jewelry Responsive Jigoshop Theme

To sell jewelry to people you don't need a lot of words to say. Beautiful images with a short description will be pretty enough. And that is this template all about.

Jewelry Responsive Jigoshop ThemeMore info / download Demo

Advice with a Smile – Business Advisor Responsive Joomla Template

Who said that business advisors are boring nags covered with piles of papers? This template is bright and vivid. Stylish people smile you from the images. That makes you feel inclination and attraction to the advisor company.

Financial Advisor Responsive Joomla TemplateMore info / download Demo

Hello there – Mobile Store Responsive OpenCart Template

There is hardly a person to be found nowadays who doesn't have a mobile. Unless he is not a hermit who avoids communicating with anyone. The ergonomic design of this template makes it perfect for a mobile store.

Mobile Store Responsive OpenCart TemplateMore info / download Demo

Make it Spicy – Spice Shop Responsive PrestaShop Template

Spices, herbs and seasonings. It's all about scent. You can't feel the scent through the web, but you can try to reproduce it through other agents. This template uses juicy colors and fly images and makes you nearly feel the odor of spices.

Spice Shop Responsive PrestaShop ThemeMore info / downloadDemo

Straight Road – Asphalt Paving Responsive Website Template

This is kind of ungrateful business where hardly anyone knows the faces of people who did the job. This template allows you to insert the photos of you team at the bottom of the page for the people know their heroes faces.

Maintenance Services Responsive Website TemplateMore info / download Demo

Education Supplies – Stationary Responsive Magento Theme

This original theme with its lighboxes, information-reach main page, nice colors and simple fonts can be good for stationary online shop.

Stationery Responsive Magento ThemeMore info / download Demo

Always There – Communication Responsive WordPress Theme

It is always important to be in touch with your nearest and dearest. This clean theme has nice pictures, lots of information on home page and pleasant color combination.

Communications Responsive WordPress ThemeMore info / download Demo

Cheers! – Spirits ZenCart Template

Less words! They are not needed here. With this template people start understanding each other intuitively.

Food & Drink ZenCart TemplateMore info / download Demo

Digital Space – Hosting Responsive Jigoshop Theme

Bright and stylish, this theme will attract lots of visitors to your hosting store. It is well-structured, which allows people to get all the information they need without any efforts.

Hosting Responsive Jigoshop ThemeMore info / download Demo

Cultural Identity – Flag Store Responsive OpenCart Template

Since shops have gone online it became much easier for the folks to find what they need. No matter what you want to buy it is available on the web. This clear template is a perfect choice for a flag store.

Society & Culture Responsive OpenCart TemplateMore info / download Demo

Firm Steel – Steelworks Responsive Website Template

This theme uses steel grey color on white background highlighted with bright details. No odd unnecessary details. Everything you have on the page is important.

Steelworks Responsive Website TemplateMore info / download Demo

Life in Motion – Cameraman Responsive Website Template

Artists and photographers are aiming to depict the stillness of beauty; meanwhile the cameramen have a harder task. They need to catch the beauty of motion. This template is a perfect fit to provide unique and recognizable video content.

Videographer Responsive Website TemplateMore info / download Demo

Dream Trip – Travel Agency Responsive Joomla Template

A thousand mile journey starts with a single step. Let this template be the first step to your success journey.

Travel Agency Responsive Joomla TemplateMore info / download Demo

Food and Drinks – Pop-Corn Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Everyone loves pop-corn. Those who don't simply have not found the right taste yet. With your website based on this template you let them find there perfect pop-corn taste.

Food & Drink Responsive PrestaShop ThemeMore info / download Demo

Useful Trifles – Stationary VirtueMart Template

All these things are quite small, but useful. Therefore it is just awesome that they can be bought in one place. With this template all the little trifles are well-organized. So your customers will not get lost.

Stationery VirtueMart TemplateMore info / download Demo

Nice Yield – Fishing Responsive OpenCart Template

Baits, tackles, fishing-rods and a good company – that's what is needed for a successful fishing. And a clean absolutely clear and well-organized template – that's what is needed for a successful website about fishing or a fishing store.

Fishing Responsive OpenCart TemplateMore info / download Demo

Jurassic Park – Dinosaur Museum Responsive Joomla Template.

This template was not directed by Steven Spielberg, but looks like the Jurassic Park franchise itself. It is designed in dinosaur green colors with nice image grid and lots of information to discover the mystery of pre-historic life.

Amusement Park Responsive Joomla TemplateMore info / download Demo

A Piece of Cake – Business Consulting Responsive Website Template

This ergonomic template uses a successful color scheme. No bright colors. Only white and pastel tones. Nothing will distract your clients from the idea they came to you with.

Management Company Responsive Website TemplateMore info / download Demo

In the Web – IT Responsive WordPress Theme

The theme is basically divided into three parts: blurred image at the top, bright menu in the middle and snow-white information-rich bottom. This three sections come with one another perfectly good to create an ideal website for everything connected with IT business.

IT Responsive WordPress ThemeMore info / download Demo

On the Edge – Bike Shop Responsive PrestaShop Theme

There are people who feel life only being on the edge of velocity. For those who love to risk you are to have something special. This template will fit the needs even of the most demanding customer.

Bike Shop Responsive PrestaShop ThemeMore info / download Demo

Feel Secure – Security System Responsive Joomla Template

People love their home to be there castle. In Middle Ages the castles were surrounded with deep ditches with crocodiles or other nasty creatures. Today there is no need in all these tricks. People need just to visit your site and start feeling safer.

Locksmith Responsive Joomla TemplateMore info / download Demo

Perfect Home – Real Estate Responsive WordPress Template

Some wise fellow said that home is not a certain place. It is a totality of all places you feel comfortable at. This template will help you to turn this idea upside-down. Let the folks find the home of their dream.

Construction Company Responsive WordPress ThemeMore info / download Demo

Global Village – Outsourcing Company Responsive WordPress Template

This original still stylish template looks top-notch thanks to its graphite grey color globe and simple menu. It would be a perfect choise for almost every sort of company.

Outsourcing Company Responsive WordPress ThemeMore info / download Demo

HR Consulting – Human Recourses Responsive Website Template

Many people need it, but not many know where to start the search from. With this template all the information they may need is available and easy accessible.

Public Relations Responsive Website TemplateMore info / download Demo

Force in Knowledge – Book Store OpenCart Template

There is no need to write a lot about the books. Anyway until you don't take the book in your hands you will know nothing about it no matter how large is the description. This website helps you to deliver the books right in the hands of readers.

Real Books OpenCart TemplateMore info / download Demo

Still Beauty – Photographer Responsive WordPress Theme

Beauty can either guard or kill. It depends on the arms holding this weapon. Speaking about photographer, he is the one who holds the weapon… camera, I mean. On his perception depends what the viewers will see. With this portfolio theme you can show the world how you see it.

Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress ThemeMore info / download Demo

Let there be Light – Lighting Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

There is a wide range of lamps existing. To present them all in one shop you need to have a pretty large place. But it has nothing to do with online shop. To present tones of lamps you will need just a template.

Home Decor Responsive PrestaShop ThemeMore info / download Demo

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