20 Beauty Hand-Drawn Typography Trend Design

Recently we use hand-drawn typography emerged as a growing trend in print and digital medias. This is due in part from the fact that designers, illustrators, and art directors are struggling to stand out in a digital age. Basic desktop publishing and word processors skills have become blase; even neighborhood garage sale signs can be printed at home rather than being scrawled in permanent marker.

In an effort to stand apart from the pedestrian usage of standard typefaces, many companies have begun to incorporate a completely new and unique font into their brand. Like the fancy calligraphy addressing a wedding invitation, the hand-drawn type is now a luxury item, much like typed print used to be not so long ago.

Here is a selection of some of the best utilized hand-drawn typography found in print and digital media:

Logos, Branding, and Packaging

In many cases, designers use images in branding to give the person, company, product, etc. a recognizable “face” to attract a specific target group. In the case of the images below, what better way to breathe life into a brand than to create a hand-written signature for it?

1. Corporate ID

inspire brand

2. Hollandaise


3. Spindle Magazine


4. Healthy Hounds


5. Laura Berglund Products

lauraberglund products

Print: Ad Layout and Posters

Here, these two posters illustrate the earthier qualities of hand-lettered typography. The artist, Tad Carpenter, beautifully integrates type with his illustrations.

8. Tad Carpenter

flickr tad carpenter

9. Project 365

project website

12. Frank PR

frankpr website

14. Alison Carmichael

alisoncarmichael website

15. Eduardo Recife

misprintedtype website

16. Hi My Name is Fiodor

fydor website

17. Adam Amaral

adam amaral website

Shadowplay Studios Films

Shadowplay Studios deserves their own category for their hand-drawn animation, illustration, and typography. Most notably, their work for the opening credits of Juno is simply amazing.

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