10 Best Jewelry Website Templates 2024

There's no need to spend a fortune on a custom jewelry website when you can get a great template for a fraction of the price. Our list of jewelry website templates are stylish and easy to customize, so you can get your online store up and running in no time. Plus, our web design templates are fully responsive, so they'll look great on any device. Get started today with one of our jewelry website templates.

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Uroan Jewelry HTML5 Template is a sleek and innovative design specifically created for Jewelry eCommerce websites. Its purpose is to enhance the presentation of Jewelry Products in a sophisticated and user-friendly manner. The template incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Bootstrap 5 to ensure a contemporary and seamless user experience.

uroan jewelry store html templateMore info / download Demo


Becute is a clean and contemporary eCommerce HTML template for selling jewelry, cosmetics, and beauty products. Becute is the perfect place to begin building a website for your cosmetics, jewelry, or beauty company. This design offers a straightforward means of showcasing your products, abilities, and specialties with its clean lines and gorgeous typefaces.

Becute is a clean, contemporary, and responsive HTML template ideal for those in the aforementioned industries. All that remains is for you to create a fantastic website! Becute is a clean code that makes it simple for developers to create their own projects with outstanding functionality and a beautiful look.

There are three examples of home pages and a total of over 25 HTML pages. Becute offers the most eCommerce functionality and customization choices for creating multipurpose websites. With the Becute template, you may modify the appearance of your website quickly and easily.

becute jewelry ecommerce html templateMore info / download Demo


Regalia has a modern and sleek full-screen layout that is very impressive. It uses the Bootstrap system and includes some of the latest design trends, like parallax effects and scrolling. But users can still move from one page to another, which helps Regalia give users the best experience possible.

regalia jewelry shop html templateMore info / download Demo


Corano Jewelry Store Website template is an elite-level website template for online Jewellery Shop, Ornaments, Watch, Smart Watch, Cosmetics, and other premium product enterprises. You will be astounded by how gorgeous this entire HTML template is.

36+ HTML Pages are present on the Corano website, including 6 Unique Home Versions, 7+ Shop Style, 4+ Single Product Pages, and 10+ Blog Pages. The pages have been created with as much diversity and originality as possible. This template is compatible with all market-leading browsers because it is responsive.

corano jewelry store website templateMore info / download Demo


The Hiraola Jewelry Store HTML Template is a creative and modern HTML template for an eCommerce site that sells costume jewelry like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other similar items. This template's code is mostly creatively made and easy to use. You can easily change the look of your website, and a minified version of the style.html markup can help your website load faster.

But Hiraola is powered by Bootstrap 5, HTML5, compiled Sass with a gulp, and of course W3C validated code. Hiraola gives you two different home pages, 18 shop pages, 12 blog pages, and 10 other pages.

hiraol jewelry store html templateMore info / download Demo


Monsta Jewelry eCommerce Bootstrap 5 Template is a top-notch website template for online businesses selling jewelry, ornaments, watches, smart watches, cosmetics, and other high-end goods.

When you see how attractive this complete HTML template is, you will be amazed. Monsta has more than 37 HTML pages, including 8 different versions of the home page, 6+ shop styles, 4+ pages for a single product, and 5 blog pages. Pages have been made with the most variety and creativity possible. All of the major browsers on the market can also use this template because it is responsive.

But Monsta has used HTML5, Bootstrap 5, SASS, and CSS3. This template is a remarkable level of excellence because the layouts are very responsive and it works well with different browsers. Also, the Monsta template is very well set up for you to sell your products online.

monsta jewelry shop ecommerce bootstrap templateMore info / download Demo


This template was designed to help you create an online shop where you can sell wrist watches, table clocks, wall clocks, digital clocks, and LED clocks.

On the other side, Mirora is a premium HTML5 template that operates on CSS3 and Bootstrap4. It has 45 HTML pages, including four homepages, seven shop pages, twelve product detail pages, and five blog pages.

These pages are all pre-made and easy to modify. This website also features three distinct header styles. With Mirora, this website's merchandise can be shown in a spectacular manner.

The inventive design of Mirora is compatible with all browsers and adjusts to all screen sizes. Other required characteristics include clear markup, the use of Font Awesome icons, Google Font, Google Map, quick website loading, smooth animation, solid documentation, a quick product view, an incredible megamenu, and the absence of terminal errors.

mirora jewelry store bootstrap templateMore info / download Demo


Melani Fashion, Cosmetic, Jewelry, Watch Store HTML Template is a responsive, creative, powerful, and versatile eCommerce HTML5 Template. This modern template works well with any new device. Melani has all of the most important parts that an eCommerce site needs.

It can be changed in a lot of ways and is easy to use and fully responsive. Melani can be used for fashion, beauty, bags, watches, clothes, sunglasses, jewelry, and many other things.

This pixel-perfect template can be used for many different things and has elegant features and animation. There are a lot of things that will help you make your website stand out. All the important features are here, like 6 Home Variation, 6 Shop Pages, 5 Product Variation, 11 Blog Pages, Total 38 Pages, Built with Bootstrap 5, Made with Sass, 2000+ Icon Font, Cross Browser Support, and so on.

melani jewelry store html templateMore info / download Demo


TheBell Jewelry Furniture Shoes Store HTML Template is a nice-looking HTML5 template with a lot of useful features. Bootstrap 5 is what makes this creative and full website template work.

You can show off clothes, cosmetics, home appliances, jewelry, shoes, kitchen tools, furniture, clocks, and a lot of other things. TheBell HTML5 & CSS3, on the other hand, has a website with 39+ HTML pages and 4 different versions of the homepage. This design is responsive, so it looks the same in all browsers.

Clean Markup, Creative Design, Google Font, CSS3 Animations, Well Documented, Pixel Perfect Design, Used Font Awesome icon Fonts, Ajax MailChimp Subscribe Form, SASS, Dynamic Contact Form with Ajax, Well Commented Code, Parallax Section, Gulp.js Task Runner Ready, etc. are some of the powerful features of this template.

thebell jewelry store html templateMore info / download Demo

Jewelry Ecommerce

Jewelry is a premium HTML5 template that is both modern and creative. A beautiful style is used to make jewelry. It can be used for Ecommerce, shopping, and more by anyone.

The design of the theme is universal, and every little detail and animation effect was thought out. It's just as easy to change the images and text to fit your needs.

Jewelry is based on the bootstrap 1170px grid system, HTML5, and CSS3, and it's very easy to change. Each block of HTML and CSS is properly commented, which will help you change this template to fit your needs.

jewelry ecommerce html templateMore info / download Demo


Ysera is a robust HTML template for a jewelry store created using Bootstrap3, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. The layout is suitable for any contemporary store, vendor-based marketplace, or affiliate website. It is ideal for fashion shop, digital shop, electrical shop, games shop, food shop, gadgets shop, or any other category.

ysera jewelry shop html templateMore info / download Demo


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