10 Best Laravel Admin & Dashboard Templates 2024

Elevate Your Laravel Projects with Our Curated Collection of Admin & Dashboard Templates! Our latest blog post is a must-read for Laravel enthusiasts seeking to enhance their web applications. Dive into a handpicked selection of powerful and versatile admin and dashboard templates tailored specifically for Laravel. From feature-rich dashboards to elegant admin interfaces, these templates are designed to streamline your development process and elevate the user experience. Discover the perfect fusion of Laravel's capabilities with stunning UI designs and advanced functionalities. Join us as we explore the world of Laravel Admin & Dashboard Templates and uncover the key to creating exceptional web applications.


Steex is a comprehensive admin and dashboard template built using Vue 3 & Laravel + Vuejs with Vite and Bootstrap-vue-next & Bootstrap 5.3.0-alpha2. It offers authentication features (Login, Register, Forgot Password with email, Lock screen) using Axios, facilitating quick project initiation. Steex serves a wide range of purposes, from web apps and eCommerce platforms to CRMs and real estate projects. It boasts full responsiveness and support for RTL (right-to-left) languages, ensuring optimal display on various devices.

steex vue laravel admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


Skote is a premium admin dashboard template that seamlessly combines React and Laravel 10, complete with Laravel API Authentication and code that's developer-friendly. Unlike traditional templates, Skote is built purely with React + Laravel, omitting jQuery entirely and relying on component-based design.

Its elegant, clean, and minimalistic layout offers Dark and Light Layouts, including RTL support. With its versatile design, Skote can be employed to create various web applications such as SAAS interfaces, eCommerce platforms, CRMs, CMSs, job portals, project management apps, and administrative panels.

skote react laravel admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


Synto is an outstanding Laravel admin template enriched with the capabilities of Tailwind CSS. Featuring a blend of strong features and refined design, this php laravel dashboard template offers a smooth and effective solution for admin dashboards.

Built on the foundation of Laravel, a renowned PHP web framework, Synto leverages its extensive tools and functionalities to construct dynamic and scalable web applications. The synergy with Tailwind CSS, known for its utility-first approach, empowers Synto's admin template to facilitate the creation of visually stunning and adaptable laravel dashboard admin panels.

synto laravel tailwind admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


NobleUI Laravel is a dynamic and lightweight dashboard template built on Laravel 9 and Bootstrap 5x Framework. With an extensive collection of reusable UI components and integration of the latest jQuery plugins, it offers a powerful toolkit for web projects. Styles are simplified through SASS, ensuring easy editing and comprehension. This fully responsive Laravel 8 admin dashboard functions seamlessly across major web browsers and devices. Notable features include Laravel 9 compatibility, Bootstrap 5.1.3 foundation, SASS-based styling, jQuery 3.6.0 integration, and package management via NPM.

nobleui laravel admin templateMore info / download Demo


Cork – Vue 3/2, Bootstrap 5/4 & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template is a robust CRM admin dashboard template that leverages Bootstrap 5 & Bootstrap Vue along with Sass. Designed for diverse back-end projects, it offers a plethora of features to simplify development. This template includes functional apps that facilitate the creation of back-end applications effortlessly.

The CRM Admin theme offers a variety of meticulously designed demos, saving time and effort by eliminating the need to start from scratch. Cork Admin provides a wide range of reusable components such as buttons, maps, charts, widgets, forms, and tables. These elements can be seamlessly integrated into your project. The responsive design ensures adaptability to mobile devices of all sizes, enhancing the user experience.

cork vuejs laravel admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


Vuexy is an Admin Dashboard Template designed for developers who seek a user-friendly and customizable solution. Available for various frameworks like Vuejs, React, HTML, Laravel, and ASP.NET, it adheres to top industry standards to provide an efficient admin template. With a focus on speed, usability, and scalability, Vuexy empowers developers to effortlessly create diverse applications. Its features and flexibility make it a valuable tool for building applications with minimal complications.

vuexy laravel admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


DashCode is a top-tier admin dashboard template optimized for developers. It supports multiple frameworks, including React, Vue-3, and integrates with Tailwind CSS & Headless UI. DashCode emphasizes clean code and developer-friendliness, and it offers a plethora of features such as multiple dashboards, themes, layouts, and built-in customization options. With an assortment of components and pages, DashCode simplifies the development process, making it efficient and versatile.

dashcode laravel dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


Gull is a contemporary admin template and UI framework based on Bootstrap 4, offering a complete Laravel version. With full responsiveness, it's crafted using SASS, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery plugins. Equipped with developer-friendly tools like Gulp, Babel, and Browsersync, Gull is ideal for creating versatile applications, including admin panels, dashboards, accounting software, project management tools, chat apps, eCommerce backends, and more. It excels at handling diverse datasets for input, visualization, and output, catering to various application needs.

gull bootstrap laravel admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


Materialize is a top-selling admin template that draws inspiration from Google's Material Design. Its responsive layout and exceptional support have garnered customer affection, establishing it as a trusted and comprehensive Material Design Admin Template in the market. With an extensive collection of material design widgets and UI elements, Materialize seamlessly functions across major browsers, tablets, and phones. Its user-friendly nature, intuitive interface, and enjoyable usage contribute to its appeal.

Highly versatile, Materialize empowers users to create a wide array of web applications, including SaaS platforms, project management tools, eCommerce backends, CRM systems, analytics applications, banking apps, and educational apps. Its adaptability and range of features make it a preferred choice for various development projects.

materialize laravel design admin templateMore info / download Demo


Lineone is a versatile Admin and Webapp UI Kit that utilizes the Utility-first CSS framework, TailwindCSS v3. This kit encompasses a wide range of reusable elements, components, layouts, forms, dashboards, and webapps that can be integrated into your projects. Lineone stands out as a potent, highly responsive, contemporary, and adaptable UI Kit, suitable for constructing diverse modern web applications. It accommodates the creation of various interfaces, such as SaaS platforms, customized admin panels, dashboards, CRM systems, content management systems (CMS), learning management systems (LMS), and e-commerce panels, among others.

lineone tailwind css admin template laravelMore info / download Demo


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