18 Must-Try Vue.js Admin Templates: Free and Premium Options

Vue.js has gained immense popularity among web developers due to its simplicity, flexibility, and robustness. When it comes to building powerful and feature-rich admin dashboards, Vue.js admin templates can significantly accelerate the development process. In this blog post, we will explore a curated list of 10 must-try Vue.js admin templates, including both free and premium options. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, these templates can help you kickstart your admin panel project and save valuable time.

CoreUI Vue

CoreUI Vue Admin Template is distinct from other free third-party libraries and components. It is the only Open Source Vue Admin Dashboard Template constructed with an expertly prepared library of enterprise-grade UI components. You can create dependable web apps more quickly thanks to CoreUI.

Time is the most valuable thing we have, so we want to help you save it by making simple, easy-to-learn Vue.js UI components and Vue.js Admin Templates that cut development time by a lot. CoreUI saves you a lot of time and money because it has everything you need to make modern, beautiful, and responsive Vue.js apps.

coreui free vue admin templateMore info / download Demo

Vue Light Bootstrap

The Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard is a nice tool made with Bootstrap 4 and Vuejs. It will get you up and running quickly with making dashboards. The Vuejs version of the Original Light Bootstrap Dashboard is called the Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard. To use the Dashboard, you need to know a little bit about Javascript, Vue, and Vue-Router.

The code for the Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard was written by Cristi Jora, and Creative Tim was in charge of the design. The product is a big set of tools for front-end developers that can help you get your project off to a good start. We made it with the things you actually need in a dashboard in mind.

Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard has Vuejs plugins that have been carefully chosen and optimized. Everything is made to work well together. As you'll be able to see, Creative Tim's dashboard is a customized version of this product.

free vue light bootstrap dashboardMore info / download Demo

Vuestic Admin

Vuestic UI is what was used to build Vuestic Admin. Help us improve Vuestic Admin and Vuestic UI by reading our issues, following our contributing guide, and talking about it on our Discord server.

free vuestic adminMore info / download Demo

Admin One

Admin One is a simple template for an admin dashboard made with Vue.js 3 and Tailwind CSS. It is free to use and also comes in a paid version. Admin One has a responsive layout and a set of components that can be used over and over again for tables, forms, modals, and more. The final CSS file is only 27kb!”

free admin oneMore info / download Demo

Xtreme Vuesax

The Xtreme Vuesax Admin Lite template is a powerful and easy-to-use VueJs admin dashboard built on the Vue CLI, Vuex, and Vuesax component frameworks. Xtreme Vuesax Admin Lite is the best choice if you want to build a backend admin panel for your own project or for a client's project. It has features that are easy to use and can be changed in many ways. Using our free Vuejs template, you can make apps or products that look good.

free xtreme vuesax admin liteMore info / download Demo


Cork Vue 3/2, Bootstrap 5/4, and Laravel is a powerful CRM admin dashboard template for all kinds of back-end projects that is based on Bootstrap 5 and Bootstrap Vue and Sass. It comes with a bunch of working apps that make it easy to build your next back-end app.

Our CRM Admin theme has a set of well-designed demos that will save you a lot of time and work because you won't have to start from scratch. Cork Admin also has a lot of reusable parts, like buttons, maps, charts, widgets, forms, tables, and a lot of other things that you can add to your project.

cork vue admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


InstaDash is a new reporting and admin template toolkit for people who build websites and start their own businesses. It is a modern dashboard with different layouts and utility pages that are ready to use. It has some of the best apps, like the User Management Module, the email app, the chat app, the to-do app, and many others.

InstaDash is an interactive reporting dashboard. Its super clean design will make your backend app look beautiful and elegant. Your InstaDash works perfectly on all of the most popular phones, tablets, and web browsers. Each page is fully responsive and ready for retina displays, so your work will look great on any device.

instadash vuejs admin dashboardMore info / download Demo


With Bootstrap 5.0.0-beta2, Minible Vue & Vue Nuxt JS was able to create a straightforward and stunning admin template. It contains more than six alternative layouts and three modes (Dark, Light, and RTL) that are only controlled by SCSS. By modifying a few lines of code, you can easily change to any layouts or modes.

With Minible, you can start both small and large projects or update the design of an existing project. It is quick and simple to use and offers the best user experience. added files for Sketch and Adobe XD.

minible vue admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


The FinDash finance dashboard template is simple, clean, and has pages that are ready to use. With many more planned pre-builts, FinDash's symmetrical layout and incredibly sleek appearance will give your site a lovely, sophisticated appearance. All popular web browsers, tablets, and smartphones are fully compatible with this template.

findash vuejs sales dashboardMore info / download Demo


OneUI Vue Edition is a brand-new version of OneUI built entirely in Vue.js 3 and based on the style of our best-selling dashboard, OneUI 5. To enable you begin your project with the technology you like, it is available in two potent versions: one using Vue.js and the other Laravel 9 Plus Vue.js.

oneui vue edition admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


XRay is a modern medical and hospital dashboard with pages that are already set up for use. With many more pre-builts coming soon, XRay's design will make your web app look beautiful and sophisticated. This template works perfectly on all of the most popular phones, tablets, and web browsers.

xray vuejs hospital admin templateMore info / download Demo


Skote is a premium admin dashboard template in Laravel + VueJs and VueJs with developer-friendly coding that is fully featured. It is built on the Vue CLI and Vuex component architecture and supports multi-languages, Firebase, and Fack-backend authentication.

This template is a pure VueJs admin template with reusable parts; we have not used jQuery in it. There are also Sketch, Figma, and XD files available.

skote vuejs admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


Sofbox is a sleek, clean, and powerful Vue.js HTML Admin Theme for Saas, WebApp, and Software Admins. This template is a great package for any of your web projects. It has beautiful and modern UI/UX elements.

sofbox admin vuejs html admin themeMore info / download Demo


Yes, Endless Vue Theme is a pure Vue theme. You read it correctly; it is a No JQuery Vue admin theme with full features and easy integration for your project. Endless theme document will help you grasp Vue from the ground up in order to create a flawless real-world dream application.

endless vue admin templateMore info / download Demo


Vuexy Vuejs, React, Angular, HTML, and Laravel Admin Dashboard Template is the most developer-friendly and most customizable Admin Dashboard Template built on Bootstrap 4 & 5, Bootstrap Vue, and Reactstrap.

If you are a developer seeking for an admin dashboard that is developer-friendly, feature-rich, and highly configurable, Vuexy is your best option. We've adhered to the greatest industry standards to provide you with the best admin template, which is not only quick and simple to use but also extremely expandable.  You will be able to create whatever application you desire with minimal effort and the highest level of comfort and adaptability.

vuexy vuejs admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


Vuely is a fully responsive Vuejs and VuetifyJs-based admin template. Recent enhancements include Laraval, Laraval Passport Authentications, Express js, and Angular 13 versions. It comes with a multitude of pre-integrated features, including custom pages, created using an easy component structure. It has been designed to provide developers with a hassle-free development experience.

You have the ability to construct your backend panel with ease thanks to pre-designed custom pages and integrated elements such as charts, graphs, and data-tables. Vuely is translation-ready and supports RTL; it also includes numerous color variants and a dark mode, providing design freedom.

vuely vuejs design admin templateMore info / download Demo


Midone is a responsive and feature-rich admin template that runs on the TailwindCSS 3+ utility-first CSS framework. Midone is one of the greatest options available if you're a developer searching for an admin dashboard with pre-made Tailwind components that is also developer-friendly and extremely customizable. The UI elements of the template can be readily modified without leaving the HTML code, even if you are unfamiliar with the framework.

Midone is a distinctive, cutting-edge, and adaptable admin dashboard template that can be used to create backend applications, information systems, customer relationship management (CRM), or even to launch a fresh, easy project and learn TailwindCSS. We invite you to carefully examine the live preview and get a sense of all the themes and added functionality.

midone vuejs admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo


Rocketman is a fully-featured, responsive Admin Template built by the utility-first CSS framework TailwindCSS 3+. Rocketman is one of the best on the market if you are a developer searching for an admin dashboard with pre-built Tailwind components. It is very customizable and developer-friendly. Even if you are unfamiliar with the framework, you can simply modify the UI components of the template without leaving the HTML code.

Rocketman is a one-of-a-kind, modern, and adaptable Admin dashboard template that can be used to develop Backend Applications, Information systems, CRM, or even to start a new small project and learn TailwindCSS. We encourage you to examine the live preview and explore the available themes and features!

rocketman vuejs admin dashboard templateMore info / download Demo

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