64 Best Free CSS Graph Bar & Pie Chart Example

If you're looking for a way to make your data visualizations pop, then you need to check out HTML CSS graph bar and pie charts. These charts are easy to create a pie chart and add a touch of flair to your website or presentation.

Free CSS Graph Bar Pie Chart

HTML Graphs with Horizontal Bar Chart

This was the attempt of my hack day to try to make a meaningful graphical representation using only HTML elements. The horizontal bar chart works very accurately, but the bubble table is not due to the central position of the square (with radius of border) not in the center. From this learning, I developed a model system based on SVG, much easier to use.

html graphs horizontal bar chartMore info / download

Responsive SVG graph

The graph line and (after a short delay) labels and tick marks remain undistorted as the graph resizes with the window. Lovely. (Though my iffy formatting means the labels may be cropped if the window's tiny, as here on CodePen. Oops.)

responsive svg graphMore info / download

Charts pure Css

charts pure cssMore info / download

Morris.js charts

morris js chartsMore info / download

Chart.js Gradients

chart js gradientsMore info / download

AngularJs + d3Js + bar chart example

More info / download

Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart

horizontal stacked bar chartMore info / download

CSS Bar Chart Using HTML5 Progress

css bar chart using html progressMore info / download

Responsive and Animated Pie Charts

It is a simple css pie chart.

responsive and animated pie chartsMore info / download

Animated Stats and graph

animated stats and graph More info / download

CSS3 Animated Graph

Pure HTML and CSS3 line graph. Hovering a section highlights it with a caption. Populated and updated on an interval with AngularJS. A rotation transform is manually applied to connect the dots, and a simple CSS3 transition provides the animation.

css3 animated graph More info / download

Dynamic Line Graph w/ Raphael.js

It is a sample flexible, dynamic line graph that used a custom data object and Rahael.js to bring this about. There are solutions out there link hightcharts, but they are fairly cumbersome, don't offer a good way to fully customize the design and are filled with features you don't need.

line graph with raphaeljsMore info / download

Dashboard Graph

Early concept graph for an admin dashboard. Toggles between team overview and the individual user's data. Values are calculated based on the data, and markers are adjusted accordingly.

dashboard graphMore info / download

Simple AngularJS Graph

It always struck me that Angular could be used as a nice simple tool for visualising data. The ability to use Angular data values in inline style would allow for bar charts, graphs or pie charts to be created quite simply.

simple angularjs graphMore info / download

Animated Data Bar Chart & Graph

An interactive bar graph packed with animations and information. Built with CSS and jQuery.

animated data bar chart & graph More info / download

d3 linegraph

A d3 line graph with additional “horizontal padding” to the chart area.

d3 linegraph More info / download

Bar Chart with JS

Bar-Chart-with-JSMore info / download

CSS 3D Animated Chart

3D prisms created purely with HTML and CSS3(D) transforms, shaded with CSS gradients, animated with CSS transitions. AngularJS is used to wire up an updating dataset.

CSS-3D-Animated-ChartMore info / download

CSS3 Pie Chart

Pure CSS3 experimental charts, no JavaScript & zero image. Best viewed in Webkit browsers.

CSS3-Pie-ChartMore info / download

Circle Bar Chart

Animated circle bar chart created with D3.

Circle-Bar-ChartMore info / download

Ishtar Interactive Line Chart

Ishtar-Interactive-Line-ChartMore info / download

SVG Doughnut chart with animation and tooltip

SVG-Doughnut-chart-with-animation-and-tooltipMore info / download

Radar Chart jQuery Plugin

Radar-Chart-jQuery-PluginMore info / download

D3 Line Chart Plotting Shot Attempts

D3 line chart plotting shot attempts for an NHL hockey game. Different point styling for goals vs. shots, tooltip on hover & additional details show on click. Optional strength chart toggle which underlays 5v4, 4v5 and 5v5 events during the game.

D3-Line-Chart-Plotting-Shot-AttemptsMore info / download

Animated bar chart

Simple animated bar chart. This could be made purely in CSS once there is support for using attr() with the “height” property. This is proposed and should work in the future, though

Animated-bar-chartMore info / download

Dynamically generated 3D bar chart

Dynamically-generated-css-animated-bar-chartMore info / download

D3 Charts

D3-ChartsMore info / download

SVG Pie chart with tooltip and mouse effects

SVG-Pie-chart-with-tooltip-and-mouse-effectsMore info / download

Canvas pie chart with CSS bar chart fallback

Canvas-pie-chart-with-CSS-bar-chart-fallbackMore info / download

Bullet Chart Example

Bullet-Chart-ExampleMore info / download

Multiple Chart Example

Multiple-Chart-ExampleMore info / download

Animated chart with jQuery

Animated bar chart from existing HTML table

Animated-chart-with-jQueryMore info / download

Canvas PieChart

Canvas-PieChartMore info / download

Playing with Mustache and Google Chart

Playing-with-Mustache-and-Google-ChartMore info / download

CSS Vertical Chart

CSS-Vertical-ChartMore info / download

Adjustable Pie Chart

Adjustable-Pie-ChartMore info / download

Make Google Charts Responsive

How to make Google charts play nicely in responsive mode (as in auto adjusting to window width). By default Google charts display nicely upon reload, but not when resizing the window.

Make-Google-Charts-ResponsiveMore info / download

Basic Range Chart Example

Basic-Range-ExampleMore info / download

Basic Dotplot Example

Basic-Dotplot-ExampleMore info / download

Grouped Bar Example

Grouped-Bar-ExampleMore info / download

CSS3 Line With Data Labels Example

css3-Line-With-Data-Labels-ExampleMore info / download

Dotplot With Range Example

Dotplot-With-Range-ExampleMore info / download

Scatterplot With Annotations Example

Scatterplot-With-Annotations-ExampleMore info / download

Slopegraph Example

Slopegraph-ExampleMore info / download

Basic Boxplot Example

Basic-Boxplot-ExampleMore info / download

Multiple Line Example

Multiple-Line-ExampleMore info / download

Playing with Google Charts

My attempt at making Google Charts look better. If anyone figures out an easy way to style them with CSS, let me know.

Playing-with-Google-ChartsMore info / download

Line Chart with Chart.js

Line-Chart-with-ChartMore info / download

Customisable Animated Donut Chart

Few lines of code to create animated Donut charts. Their size and the thickness of their strokes can be easily edited via CSS. The javascript will do the rest!

Customisable-Animated-Donut-ChartMore info / download

JS Pie Chart V2

JS-Pie-Chart-V2More info / download

Responsive CSS Bar Graph

Responsive-CSS-Bar-GraphMore info / download

Triple Doughtnut Chart

Triple-Doughtnut-ChartMore info / download

d3 bounded-zoom line chart example

d3-bounded-zoom-line-chart-exampleMore info / download

3D Animation Chart Bar

3D-Animation-Chart-BarMore info / download

Dash Board Chart

Dash-Board-ChartMore info / download

Animated Dashboard Widget

Animated-Dashboard-WidgetMore info / download

Cloud storage ui

Cloud-storage-uiMore info / download

HTML 5 Canvas Polar Clock

HTML-5-Canvas-Polar-ClockMore info / download

Country Bar Chart 3D

Country-Bar-Chart-3DMore info / download

D3.js bar chart with transitions

D3-js-bar-chart-with-transitionsMore info / download

jQuery Donut Chart Widget

jQuery-Donut-Chart-WidgetMore info / download

Html CSS Graphs

Html-CSS-GraphsMore info / download

Animated 3D Bar charts

This animated and 3D bar charts are created using pure css and a few animations

Animated-3D-Bar-chartsMore info / download

Create an Interactive Graph using CSS3 & jQuery

Interactive-Graph-using-CSS3--jQueryMore info / download

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