90 Best Free CSS Loading & Progress Bar Examples

css3 loading
css3 loading

If you're looking to add a little bit of pizzazz to your web page, then you should definitely consider using HTML CSS to create a loading or progress bar. Not only is this a great way to add some visual interest to your page, but it can also be a helpful way to let your users know that something is happening in the background.

The HTML and CSS progress bar is a great way to keep track of your loading and progress. It's easy to use and can be customized to fit your needs. Plus, it's a great way to show off your skills to potential employers.

Free CSS Loading & Progress Bar

CSS Circle loading

css circle loading More info / download

SVG Loading icons

svg loading iconsMore info / download

Glitchy Loading Indicator

glitchy loading indicatorMore info / download

Corange Loading Screen

corange loading screenMore info / download

Hexagonal Loading Animation

hexagonal loading animationMore info / download

Staggered Wave Loading

staggered wave loadingMore info / download

Animated loading and login screen

animated loading and login screenMore info / download

Loading Animation in pure CSS3

This is an experiment to make an animation for preloader, hope you guys like it.

loading animation in pure css3 More info / download

Facebook Loading Animation Using CSS

facebook loading animation using css More info / download

CSS Loading Animation

css loading animation More info / download

Windows phone loading animation

windows phone loading animation More info / download

Pure CSS Spin Loader

pure css spin loader More info / download

CSS Gears

css gears More info / download

CSS3 Charging Battery

css3 charging battery More info / download

Loading Hourglass

loading hourglass More info / download

CSS Loading Spinners

css loading spinners More info / download

CSS3 Loading Element CSS Spinners


Buttons With Built-in Progress Meters

They will be perfect for displaying progress while submitting forms or loading content via AJAX. They will also use CSS3 styles and transitions to make them easy to customize.

Buttons-With-Built-in-Progress-MetersDemo tutorial

How to Create a Circular Progress Button

A guide on how to use Colin Garven's idea for a circular progress button. Using Jake Archibald's SVG line drawing animation technique, we are animating the circular progress and providing a success and error state to signify the ultimate status.

How-to-Create-a-Circular-Progress-ButtonDemo tutorial

Quick Tip: Add a Progress Bar to Your Site

In this fast article, we'll show you how to add a progress bar to a website using the brand-new NProgress jQuery plugin. Continue reading if you'd want to learn more! The progress bar on YouTube served the inspiration for NProgress, a jQuery plugin that displays an interactive progress bar at the top of your website. It is made up of a global object called NProgress that has a variety of methods you may use to move the progress bar along.

NProgress-jQuery-plugin-Progress-BarDemo tutorial

Pace automatic web page progress bar

You can get a lovely progress bar for your page load and ajax navigation using pace.js and a CSS theme of your choice.

Pace-automatic-web-page-progress-barDemo download

ProgressJs for loading pictures

ProgressJs is a JavaScript and CSS3 utility for creating and managing progress bars for any page object. Progress bar templates may be created or customized. It works on textboxes, textareas, and the body.

ProgressJs-for-loading-picturesDemo download

Animated Progress Bar in 4 lines of jQuery

Progress bar animation are a great tool for telling a user when something happens and when it will probably be finished. They are helpful on pages where assets need to be loaded in advance of user viewing. Because of this, it's critical that the progress bar code be lightweight so that it can load quickly when first used.

Animated-Progress-Bar-in-4-lines-of-jQuerydemo more info / download

CSS3 Loading Animation

It is 3 simple CSS3 Loading Animations. I remember that CSS3 Loading Animations are only visible in Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

CSS3-Loading-AnimationDemo More info / download

spin.js AJAX loading

Spin.js dynamically creates spinning activity indicators that can be used as resolution-independent replacement for AJAX loading GIFs

spin.js-AJAX-loadingMore info / download

Bouncy Animated Loading Animation

Animated-Loading-AnimationMore info / download

Sonic – looping loaders

Sonic, a 3k minified JS “class,” creates unique loading animations. Looping animations like a snake eating its tail work best. It draws a 6px square along a path at extremely small intervals. Arc, bezier, and line define the path.

Sonic-looping-loadersDemo More info / download

Animated Goal Progress Bar jQuery plugin

Using this plugin, you can make a jQuery-animated progress bar. Simply enter the necessary information, and the plugin will calculate your goal's progress and animate the bar. You can specify the text that will appear before and after the raised amount. If you leave the credits in the source code, you are welcome to download the plugin and use it in your individual projects.

Animated-Goal-Progress-Bar-jQuery-pluginDemo download

Progress Button Styles

a collection of progress button designs that are both flat and 3D and act as progress indicators. When the button is rotated in perspective, the progress indicator is displayed on one side of the button using 3D styles.

css3-Progress-Button-StylesDemo tutorial

Pure CSS Progress Bar

A Progress Bar implemented entirely using CSS 3 gradients, shadows, and border-radius, with a touch of animation.


Circular Progress

A JavaScript circular progress widget, dependency-free and configurable.

Circular-ProgressMore info / download


Simple idea: Add a loading bar/progress bar to angular XHR requests. It works just by adding it to your app, which is great. The interceptor manages the loading bar's status automatically, so there's no setup.

Angular-Loading-BarDemo More info / download

CSS 5 steps progress bar

CSS-5-steps-progress-barMore info / download

A simple one div loading

A-simple-one-div-loadingMore info / download

Loading Text Animation

Loading-Text-AnimationMore info / download

CSS3 – “loading” Shuriken

Just an animated shuriken that can be used as a loading indicator.

CSS3-loading-ShurikenMore info / download

Yet more CSS loading animations

CSS loading animations are all the rage. Here are some more super simple, yet elegant, styles that take advantage of border-radius and border-style.

Yet-more-CSS-loading-animationsMore info / download

CSS3 loading animation

Playing with CSS-only loading animations. No images used anywhere.

CSS3-loading-animationsMore info / download

Single Asset Image Loading

As images in the DOM are loaded by the browser, we capture the “load” event and use it to fade in our images with CSS3, hiding the traditional line-by-line loading from the user.

Single-Asset-Image-LoadingMore info / download

Single element loading animation

Single-element-loading-animationMore info / download

CSS3 Loading animations

Some css3 loading animations experiments. Have fun and remember to share what you learn

multiple-CSS3-Loading-animationsMore info / download

CSS Loading Bar

CSS-Loading-BarMore info / download

Simple loading with sass

Simple-loading-with-sassMore info / download

CSS Loading dots

CSS-Loading-dotsMore info / download

Infinite Loading Animation

26 frames loading animation using css sprites(single png) and css3 keyframe animation (written in SASS)

Infinite-Loading-AnimationMore info / download

CSS Loading Spinner

CSS-Loading-SpinnersMore info / download

Loading animation with keyframe for CSS

Loading-animation-with-keyframe-for-CSSMore info / download

pure CSS loading animation

pure-CSS-loading-animationMore info / download

Another Text loading animation effect

Another-loading-animation-effectMore info / download

Worms' pong Loading

A simple loading system using :after content + CSS3 keyframes animation

Worms-pong-LoadingMore info / download

css3 loading animation

css-loading-animationMore info / download

Loading – Animation Css3

Loading-Animation-Css3More info / download

Loading CSS3 Animation

Loading-CSS3-AnimationMore info / download

css Loading animation

Loading-animation-cddMore info / download

Loading Middle Spin

Loading-Middle-SpinMore info / download

CSS3 Loading Animation

CSS3-Loading-Animation-frameMore info / download

Facebook style loading animation in pure CSS

This loading animation is inspired by Facebook's loading animation. This is written in pure CSS and can be used on any element by adding the class name.

Facebook-style-loading-animation-in-pure-CSSMore info / download

Glowing Loading Bar

Glowing-Loading-BarMore info / download

CSS3 Progress Bar with jQuery coolness

This tutorial on how to write a CSS3 progress bar and add some cool animation, along with a jQuery counter

CSS3-Progress-Bar-with-jQuery-coolnessMore info / download

Flat Progress Bar

Flat-Progress-BarMore info / download

Pure CSS radial progress bar

Pure-CSS-radial-progress-barMore info / download

CSS3 animated loading bar

CSS3-animated-loading-barMore info / download

Skills Bar

Skills bar using HTML5 progress tag

Skills-bar-using-HTML5-progress-tagMore info / download

Negative text progress bar

Negative-text-progress-barMore info / download

Loading stripes bar

Loading-stripes-barMore info / download

Simple progress bar

Simple-progress-barMore info / download

Yummy Progress Bar

Yummy-Progress-BarMore info / download

List Bar Graph Styles v2

List-Bar-Graph-Styles-v2More info / download

Simple Progress Bar CSS/jQuery Plugin

Real simple Progress bar plugin that relies on css3 for animation. The percent is held in a data attribute.

Simple-Progress-Bar-CSS-jQuery-PluginMore info / download

Loading bar with Text

Cross-browser loading bar with jQuery.

Loading-bar-with-textMore info / download

Progess bar made with css

Progess-bar-made-with-cssMore info / download

Horizontal Bar Graph with D3

Horizontal-Bar-Graph-with-D3More info / download

Form Progress Bar

Form-Progress-BarMore info / download

Sparkle Progress Bars

Shiny Sparkle Progress bars with percentage label.

Sparkle-Progress-BarsMore info / download

List Bar-Graph Styles

List-Bar-Graph-StylesMore info / download

Multiple Progress bar/Loader

Multiple-Progress-bar-LoaderMore info / download

Progress bar profile completion

Using a progress element for a profile completion bar. Added click states to see desired behavior; in the wild the user would click a “save” or “next” button which would animate the progress bar accordingly.

Progress-bar-profile-completionMore info / download

HTML Progress Bar

HTML-Progress-BarMore info / download

css Skill bars

css-Skill-barsMore info / download

CSS3 progress bar

CSS-3-progress-barMore info / download

Skill Bar Animation with jQuery & CSS3

You have the chance to demonstrate to site visitors your and your teams' qualifications using css animation skill bar. Add a skill title, proficiency level, and color. It's a quick and vibrant way to demonstrate your familiarity with you and your group.

Skill-Bar-with-jQuery-CSS3More info / download

CSS Bar Progress percentage

CSS-Bar-Progress-percentageMore info / download

JQuery Progress Bar

JQuery-Progress-BarMore info / download

Progress Bar Indicator

Progress-Bar-IndicatorMore info / download

Circular Progress Bar

Circular-Progress-BarMore info / download

Animated Progress Bar

Animated-Progress-BarDemo More info / download

Multi-colored Progress Bars

Multi-colored-Progress-BarsDemo More info / download

Google Play rating histogram

Google-Play-rating-histogramMore info / download

implementation of loading animation bar

implementation-of-loading-animation-barMore info / download

CSS3 Loading Bar with Text

CSS3-Loading-Bar-with-TextMore info / download

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