6 Best Electric Vehicle & Charging Station Website Templates 2024

evocar electric vehicle charging station html template

Explore the exciting world of electric vehicles and sustainable mobility solutions with our collection of Electric Vehicle & Charging Station Website Templates. Whether you're an EV manufacturer, charging station provider, or simply an advocate for clean transportation, our templates offer a sleek and user-friendly platform to showcase your offerings. From showcasing the latest electric vehicle models to highlighting the convenience of your charging infrastructure, our templates empower you to create an engaging online presence that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers. Embrace the green revolution and drive innovation with our cutting-edge templates tailored to the electric vehicle industry.


EVehicle is a versatile HTML template designed for Electric Vehicle & Charging Station websites. It caters to a range of needs including car servicing, charging points, eco-friendly solutions, electric mobility, and more. The template offers a collection of beautifully crafted HTML templates, ready for use in creating engaging and functional websites for the electric vehicle industry. Whether you're a manufacturer or a service provider, EVehicle provides a platform to showcase your offerings effectively.

evehicle electric vehicle charging station html templateMore info / download Demo


Ecofuel is an HTML template designed for Electric Car & Charging Station websites. It's tailored for various purposes including car rental, EV charging stations, towing services, fuel stations, and more. The template features specific service pages that cater to the needs of the electric vehicle industry, providing a comprehensive platform to showcase services and information. The charging stations are equipped with fast DC chargers for efficient electric vehicle top-up. The template also includes unique pages like company profile, why choose us, research, and tests, making it a comprehensive solution for creating a successful website in the EV industry.

ecofuel electric car charging station html templateMore info / download Demo

EV Spark

EV Spark is a modern and clean HTML5 template designed for Electric Car & EV Charging Station businesses. It is also suitable for Electric Vehicle-related ventures. The template features a professional design built with Bootstrap 5, ensuring a responsive and retina-ready layout. The user-friendly nature of EV Spark eliminates the need for coding skills. The template offers a stylish and elegant way to showcase your business, providing all the essential pages and details needed to create a professional website.

ev spark electric vehicle charging stations html templateMore info / download Demo


Evocar is an Electric Vehicle & Charging Station HTML template designed for a variety of businesses, including Car Rental Companies, EV Charging Stations, Electric Vehicle Charging Points, Towing Services, Gas Stations, Electric Car Services, and more. The template provides a responsive design built on Bootstrap 5, ensuring compatibility across different devices.

With two homepage variations and thirteen inner pages, Evocar offers a comprehensive layout for your website. The template also includes Wow Animations to enhance user engagement. Please note that the images in the main file are placeholders, and the actual images are for demo purposes only. All essential elements, shapes, and graphics are included in the main template file.

evocar electric vehicle charging station html templateMore info / download Demo


Elexio is a contemporary and sleek HTML template designed specifically for Electric Vehicle-related businesses such as EV Charging Stations, Electric Vehicle Suppliers, and more. It's also suitable for Electric Bike Charging Points, Tesla Charging, Petrol Stations, Fuel Stations, Gas Stations, and Electric Car Suppliers. Elexio offers a modern and stylish design that caters to the needs of these businesses.

The template features a creative homepage design, an artistic header style, and offers unlimited style and color options. It provides flexible layouts and powerful functionality for services, booking, contact us, and other inner pages. Elexio's design is not only visually appealing but also 100% responsive, ensuring optimal performance on various devices. With features like free updates, clean code, 24/7 customer support, and thorough documentation, Elexio is built on Bootstrap 4 and is an excellent choice for building your EV-related website.

elexio electric vehicle charging station html templateMore info / download Demo


Grevo is a specialized HTML template designed for Electric Car & Bike Charging & Rental businesses. It offers a high level of customization, user-friendliness, and complete responsiveness. With Grevo, you have the flexibility to combine and customize various elements from different layout pages, enabling you to create a unique and tailored design for your website.

grevo electric mobility services html templateMore info / download Demo

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