20 Excellence Magazine Layout Templates for InDesign

Here is 20 excellence professional magazine layout templates for adobe InDesign that you can use for any types of magazine industry. You may a designer are finding magazine ideas to design your magazine project, so in post we are going help you to collection excellence magazine layout to meeting your design purpose.

All these magazine layout are high quality and professional design that it is very useful and save you lots of time with your design project without reinventing the wheel . So, enjoy this magazine templates collection and have good luck in making the graphic design experience more pleasurable.

1. INGMAGZ Magazine Template (60 Page)

Professional, clean, and modern magazine. You can change the fonts and replace the placeholder text with your own copy. All images can be replaced using your own. Images are not included in this file – they are just there for illustration purposes only.

INGMAGZ-Magazine-TemplateMore info / download ($29)

2. Elite Magazine (50 Pages + 2 Bonus Covers)

Elite-MagazineMore info / download ($25)

3. Indesign Magazine Template N14 (33 Pages)

Design professional and clean, all the graphics I’m working with InDesign CS6, bright color options that will help you to create an attractive magazine.

Indesign-Magazinemore info / download ($16)

4. InDesign Magazine Template (50 pages)

This iPad Magazine template comes with 32 page layouts Landscape and Portrait versions allowing you to accommodate any content you may have.

InDesign-Magazine-TemplateMore info / download ($25)

5. Indesign Magazine Template (50 Pages)

50-Pages-Indesign-Magazinemore info / download ($25)

6. Vixion – A5 Modern magazine (32 Pages)

A5-Modern-magazinemore info / download ($20)

7. Fashion Magazine Bundle 02 (40 Pages)

This is bundle collection that includes 3 design magazines full of layouts easy to edit. 2 items for print template and 1 item for tablet/ipad template.

Fashion-Magazinemore info / download ($25)

8. INDMAGZ Modern & Clean Magazine Templates (36 Pages)

Clean-Magazine-TemplatesMore info / download ($21)

9. Sport Cars and Music Modern Magazine (50 Pages + 4 Covers)

Sport-Cars-and-Music-MagazineMore info / download ($21)

10. Spa & Fitness InDesign Magazine (24 Pages)

24 Page InDesign Magazine A4 that can fit your needs, be it a company, agency, non-profit, school, etc.

Spa-&-Fitness-MagazineMore info / download ($13)

11. Typography Indesign Magazine (21 Pages)

Typography-MagazineMore info / download ($16)

12. Munmagz  Simple Magazine (44 Pages)

Clean and Simple magazine template. You can change the fonts and replace the placeholder text with your own copy. All images can be replaced using your own.

Munmagz--Simple-MagazineMore info / download ($25)

13. The D sign Magazine Template (40 Pages)

A nice and clean A4 magazine template. You can use it for a variety of subjects such as restaurant, travel, design, politics, architecture, fashion etc. Wether you use different size for headlines or fixed size typography, b/w or coloured images, one, two, three, four or five column texts you’ll have a nice result.

D-sign-MagazineMore info / download ($21)

14. Clean Travel Magazine (16 Pages)

Clean-Travel-Magazinemore info / download ($14)

15. Business Magazine Template A4  (40 pages)

Business-Magazine-TemplateMore info / download ($25)

16. Tech Magazine Template (32 pages)

Tech-Magazine-Templatemore info / download ($18)

17. Le Journal MGZ  (20 pages)

Le-Journal-MGZmore info / download ($14)

18. Designer Magazine Template (56 pages)

Designer-MagazineMore info / download ($25)

19. Interior Design Magazine Template (40 pages)

Interior-Design-MagazineMore info / download ($15)

20. Magazine Bundle 2

Magazine-Bundle-2more info / download ($25)

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