10 Free HTML 404 Error Page Website Template

Free html 404 error page website templates are useful pages for pages not found on website. Why the 404 page? It's a page that tells your visitors when they go to a specific page that no longer exists! These high-quality 404 page errors can be yours whenever you want. The main feature of these pages is that they are not like traditional error pages, with a message “the page cannot be found” a pale, uninteresting and boring pattern.

Building a web application is not an easy task and the present giveaway is helping web developers and designers who need a sample HTML 404 page for their application. It has a clear 404 error message and in seconds the user will know that he lost and page not found. I hope this 404 page design will save you time and you would like to add it to your project. Broken links are common and unavoidable on the web, so having a good 404 error page is perhaps as important as having great website content.

Use free 404 error page templates to put our stylish custom pages in place of the default 404 page and allow random visitors to land on an error page, stay on your website, and explore it further. Download the 404 error from free html5 templates for your website. And keep your visitors, even if you have a broken link or a user is looking for something that is no longer there.


Quatro is a creative pack of 404 pages. It has a clean and modern design that is absolutely perfect for your blog, portfolios and agency websites. Quatro is available in three variants: static, slideshow and particle background, just like our other web site templates, it is fully reactive and ready to rehearse, which means it would be great, neat and clean on any device From mobile to office.

quatro free 404 page templateMore info / download Demo

Free 404 Error Page Responsive website Template

Free-404-Error-Page-Responsive-website-TemplateDemo More info / download

Ohh – Free 404 Error Website Template

 Ohh-Free-404-Error-Website-TemplateDemo More info / download

Free 404 Event Page Not Found Website Template

Free-404-Event-Page-Not-Found-Website-TemplateDemo More info / download

Poses – Free 404 page not found Web template

 Poses-Free-404-page-not-found-mobile-templateDemo More info / download

Blue Pattern 404 Page Not Found Template

blue pattern page not found templateDemo More info / download

Fuel 404 page not found web template

Free Fuel 404 pagenot found template for company websites, Portfolio websites, Personal websites. If url is not available in server this template will be shown as automatically.

fuel page not found web templateDemo More info / download

Woody 404 Page Not Found Website Template

Woody-404-Page-Not-Found-Website-TemplateDemo More info / download

Oops 404 Page Not Found Website Template

Oops-404-Page-Not-Found-Website-TemplateDemo More info / download

Error 404 Mobile Website Template

Error-404-Mobile-Website-TemplateDemo More info / download

Deadlink 404 Page Not found web Template

Deadlink-404-Page-Not-found-Mobile-web-TemplateDemo More info / download

Green Glossy – Free 404 Page Not Found Web Template

Green-Glossy-Free-404-Page-Not-Found-Web-TemplateDemo More info / download

HUGE Error Pages 404 Template

huge error pages templateMore info / download Demo

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