20 Best Free Hotel WordPress Themes 2024

Looking for a free WordPress theme for your hotel website? Check out our collection of the best free Hotel WordPress themes! These themes are perfect for hotel, resort, and accommodation websites, and they come with all the features you need to create a professional website. With a responsive design, easy-to-use booking system, and plenty of customization options, these themes will help you get your hotel website up and running in no time.

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Royal Luxury Hotel

The Royal Luxury Hotel is a Free Hotel WordPress theme designed to meet the specific needs and expectations of a hotel business from a potential customer's perspective. The layout of the theme is carefully created to ensure relevance and fulfill every requirement of a hotel website. It aims to provide a visually appealing experience to visitors and has utilized the built-in WooCommerce functionality for seamless integration. Additionally, the theme is designed to be lightweight, resulting in fast loading times for optimal user experience.

free royal luxury hotel wordpress themeMore info / download Demo

Resort Hotel Inn

The Hotel Resort Inn WordPress theme is a visually impressive and feature-rich template tailored for hotels, resorts, inns, and similar hospitality businesses. Its sleek design and powerful functionality enable users to create professional websites that effectively showcase their properties and attract more guests.

The theme is equipped with a modern and responsive layout, ensuring that the website looks great on various devices, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. This enhances the browsing experience for potential guests, leading to increased engagement and higher booking rates.

resort hotel inn wordpress themeMore info / download demo

Hotel Booking Lite

Hotel Booking is an awesome WordPress theme that you can download for free and use to create a wonderful website for hotels, motels, guest houses, vacation homes, resorts, hotel reservations and advance bookings, camping reservations and any accommodation-related service.

This theme is retina ready and responsive to provide a sophisticated design that adjusts its layout to every screen no matter what device your users are using. To give your website a professional look, it has a wonderful banner and an overall great design to perfectly complement your business. Call-to-action (CTA) buttons will guide visitors and drive conversions.

free hotel booking lite wordpresMore info / download Demo


Hotell is a free boutique WordPress theme for hotels and other accommodation-based services. It is professionally designed and developed to take your hospitality based business to the next level. Hotell is one of the best hotel room WordPress themes as it is fast, versatile and can be used to create websites for all types of businesses such as hotels, motels, vacation homes, homestays, hostels, resorts. tourist, studio apartments, B&B, hostels, or any type of accommodation-based services.

free hotell boutique wordpress themeMore info / download Demo

Hotel Inn

Hotel Inn is a sleek, image design that is ideal for creating your resorts, lodges, hotels, bread and breakfast websites. The user experience once uploaded is amazing, with some of those images contributing to an effect. very nice parallax. an exquisite hotel theme with a beautiful design with its ability to organize and present information effectively. Hotel Inn comes with a one-click demo importer so you can import the demo in minutes.

hotel innMore info / download Demo

BA Hotel light

BA Hotel light is a hotel / hostel booking theme developed for mini hotels and property rental companies. It is based on the fast and flexible free booking engine (“BA Book Everything” plugin) and allows you to start your online rental business in one hour.

ba hotel lightMore info / download Demo

Hotel Vivanta

Hotel Vivanta is a beautiful free WordPress theme that is perfect for travel-related businesses like hotels, resorts, restaurants, housing, and hostels. It was made for this kind of website in particular. Your website looks nice and isn't too crowded, but the great animated content you've added really makes it stand out.

Even though it doesn't cost anything, this amazing solution looks like it would be very expensive. Some of the things you can find in the Hotel Vivanta are parallax effects, an amazing room slider, and great layouts. Designed to work well on mobile devices, so your website looks great on all platforms, browsers, and devices.

hotel vivantaMore info / download Demo


If you use the minimalist WordPress theme Hotelflix, which is made for the hospitality industry and has features that can be changed, you can build a beautiful website for your hotel or resort business in just a few hours.

hotelflixMore info / download Demo

Hotel WP Lite

Hotel WP Lite is a responsive template that can be changed in any way you want. It also has a ton of features. The theme can be used to make websites for hotels, restaurants, cafes, travel agencies, shared meals, kitchens, recipes, and more.

You will be amazed by the theme's flexibility and options, such as compatibility with booking systems (WP hotel booking and Woocommerce booking), services, Woocommerce booking system integration, contact, call, gallery, social media, team, skills, testimonials, slider, header and footer customization, and typography.

hotel wp liteMore info / download Demo

Niwas Resort Hotel

Niwas Resort Hotel is an attention-getting, stylish, attractive, and modern hotel and resort WordPress theme for a luxury hotel, service apartment, kitchen, and other hospitality businesses.

Aside from that, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and bakeries can also use it. Bloggers, people who like adventure travel, travel critics, and people who check out hotels or write about them can all use it well.

niwas resort hotelMore info / download Demo

Hotel Center Lite

Hotel Center Lite is a free WordPress theme for booking hotels that is simple, clean, easy to set up, and easy to use. This theme was made so that hotels, restaurants, and any other business can use it to make a website.

The Hotel Center Lite theme is great for making a website for a hotel business that looks both professional and nice. This theme is responsive and looks great on any device, including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

hotel center liteMore info / download Demo


Hotelone is a well-designed, clean-coded WordPress theme for hotels. Hotelone is a template for hotels and resorts that is responsive and can be changed in any way you want. The advanced admin panel lets you change the theme without knowing anything about coding.

Use pre-built designs and elements to make a great website for booking hotels. Change the graphics you already have to make your website's interface stand out. It is a responsive layout that is bootstrapped.

The business typeface is simple and easy to read on a wide range of screen sizes and can be used for more than one language. Works for creative businesses, small businesses, startups, corporate businesses, portfolios, and freelancers.

It has a layout that can be used for many different things, a widget footer, a blog or news page, and a clean look. It also works with Slider, Photo Gallery, Travel Map, and Elementor Page Builder.

hoteloneMore info / download Demo

VW Hotel

VW Hotel is a fresh, attractive, and up-to-date WordPress theme for hotels and other food-related businesses. It can also be used for summer resorts, vacation homes, lodging, guest houses, travel websites, hostels, and businesses in the hospitality industry.

All you need for a great hotel theme is a lively design with colors and fonts that go well together. The theme is responsive and works with all browsers, so it looks great on phones, tablets, iPads, desktops, and all browsers. You can also put in a discount coupon code for the room.

vw hotelMore info / download Demo

Hotel Pagoda Lite

Hotel Pagoda Lite is a fluid and responsive hotel and resort theme that has everything you need to run a well-designed, high-performance hotel website. It features a responsive, retina-ready design with cleanliness and optimized page characteristics.

It has an impeccable and top-notch design that comes with many features including booking inquiry features, well presented accommodation feature, e.t, c job contact form.

hotel pagoda liteMore info / download Demo

Hotel Resort

Hotel Resort WordPress Theme is made for resorts, hotels, motels, and camp resorts. The hotel/resort-based WordPress theme can also be used by food critics, bloggers, and bakers to make websites about recipes, kitchens, and other things.

It is built on the Bootstrap framework, which helps theme designers and developers a lot in making professional websites. This simple WordPress theme has a WordPress customizer that is easy to use, a number of customization options, safe and clean code, a section for testimonials, an interactive user interface, and more.

hotel resortMore info / download

Hotel Luxury

Hotel Luxury is the most charming, luxurious, and powerful WordPress theme for your spa, resort, hotel business, or vacation room/apartment rental services. Its original goal was to make it easier for you to list your rooms, take bookings from customers, and make online reservations.

This theme's beautiful design and high-quality code can show the world how unique your accommodations are and bring more people to your website.

hotel luxuryMore info / download Demo

Hotel Hamburg

The Hotel Hamburg is suitable for hotels, resorts and other room reservation services. It is compatible with the Advanced Booking Calendar plugin.

hotel hamburgMore info / download Demo

Hotel Galaxy

Hotel Galaxy is a clean and responsive WordPress theme for hotel websites. It is used for hotel, country houses, and other places. It works well on mobile devices, and the home page is very nice and animated. Using the customization API, it's easy to set up and change things.

It works with the plugin for the Advanced Booking Calendar. This theme can be used for many things, including making beautiful wedding websites. It can be used in any kind of business. This theme works well with SEO and stands out on pages of search results.

Get rid of this professional WordPress theme for hotels that will make your website look nicer. It is perfect for any hotel, restaurant, food, room reservation, online order, etc.

hotel galaxyMore info / download Demo

SKT Hotel Lite

SKT Hotel is a free responsive WordPress theme for hotels. It is a template that can be used for many different things. It comes with an Elementor template plugin that is ready to import and lets you use more than 63 design templates on the home page and other internal pages.

You can use it to make any kind of website: business, personal, blog, or e-commerce. It is quick, easy, flexible, and can be changed in any way you want.

skt hotel liteMore info / download Demo


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