10 Free jQuery Captcha Plugins Tutorials – Free Download

CAPTCHA is designed to recognize the difference between a bot and human and sometimes even malicious software to provide the security to your system. If you want to prevent the entry of bots into your website then you can start using the CAPTCHA as it is the smartest way to stop it.

By today i have collected 10 useful example captcha plugin using jquery, php, asp.net with tutorials and available Domo interface and source free download.

i hope this example will you to a create your website security, please kindly check out bellow:

MotionCAPTCHA – Drawing-Based Captcha With jQuery

Captchas are usually hard to use and boring. However they help a lot in minimizing headaches on the application-side by making sure that “an action is performed by a human”.

MotionCAPTCHA – Drawing-Based Captcha With jQuery download

jQuery fancy Draggable Captcha

Here is a jQuery example for a captcha in a registration form. In order to pass the “Are you human” test, the user has to drag the numbers from 1 to 6 into order.

jquery captcha plugins [download id=”34850″]

Jquery Advanced Ajax validation with CAPTCHA

jQuery offers a plugin called validate which will allow you to create stunningly user friendly sign up forms, login addresses, contact forms and much more. The plugin is written and maintained by Jörn Zaefferer, a member of the jQuery team, lead developer on the jQuery UI team and maintainer of QUnit. In this tutorial I’m going to teach you how to create a signup form with advanced AJAX validation and CAPTCHA.

Jquery Advanced Ajax validation CAPTCHADemo  [download id=”34852″]

reCaptcha style Captcha with JQuery and PHP

his tutorial is about to creating a captcha same as recaptcha. I used CSS and PHP for this. You can find few tutorials about creating and integrating captcha/recaptcha in php over 99points, but now you can create your own recaptcha style captcha with php and jquery.

reCaptcha style Captcha JQuery and PHPDemo  download

jQuery validate plugin plus PHP equals captcha

When I build forms, my go-to validation is 9 out of 10 times its jQuery plugin: Validation. Keeping with that and their built in functionality to basically = something to something. I used that to my advantage and use PHP to create a simple captcha.

jQuery validate plugin plus PHP equals captchaDemo

PHP Captcha Code

In this tutorial you will be explained how to create a Captcha in PHP. You will be using some of the features available in PHP for creating an image. This is very simple and basic tutorial and we are not using any custom fonts for generating captcha image.

PHP Captcha CodeDemo  [download id=”34854″]

jQuery Real Person

This plugin is designed to help overcome automated form submission by requiring a “real person” to identify text made up of dots. The entered value is compared on the server with the generated value to determine whether processing should continue.

jQuery Real PersonDemo  [download id=”34856″]


Easy Captcha Setup Using jQuery/AJAX/PHP

it simple puts a human readable words which the use has to type into a box to prove they are human. There are many free ones out there and I have used a few and found the Google reCaptcha to be pretty easy to install and use.

Easy Captcha Setup Using jQuery AJAX PHPdemo | [download id=”34858″]

 ASP.NET MVC Captcha

MVC application that I have been working on required a CAPTCHA today. The problem is that all of the solutions out there, that I could find for ASP.NET, are control based and I wanted a more MVC approach.

 ASP.NET MVC Captcha[download id=”34860″]

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