22 Best Electronics & Phone Shop Magento Themes 2024

If you’re searching a online store for selling mobile phones and phone accessories, this premium responsive Magento themes is a great choice for you. All these features match the latest web design trends, so your website will always stay current. Can you imagine your life without a mobile phone? No, you can't and so do your customers. Some people need a mobile phone just for communication, others to confirm their high social status.

All of us have different reasons to change the outdated models for new, functional, and stylish ones. It's clear that a mobile phone shop store should be ultra modern, otherwise the visitors will think that you sell stationary dial phones that only old grannies use today. This template is perfect to impress your buyers. It's absolutely flat and minimalistic, with great photos and slightly subdued color scheme.

Electronics & Phone Shop Magento Themes


The electronics magento themes is developed for electronics stores to sell computing devices and mobile devices. It is designed to create a professional electronic electronics store website.

virtroniMore info / download Demo


GemMart is a responsive, powerful and modern multipurpose Magento 2 theme that is specially designed for multi-vendor markets, electronics stores, mobile phones, tablets, digital camera gadgets and accessories, etc. This theme is the perfect choice for people who want to create a website like Amazon, Lazada or eBay with the unique design.

gemmartMore info / download Demo


Ayo is a responsive Magento 2 theme with extremely customizable admin settings. Suitable for all types of stores. Apart from that, Ayo has optimized the speed and can use particular images for mobile devices. Power management of colors not estimated. This theme includes more than 20 extensions. It can quickly display lazy loading, layered ajax, one step checkout, ajax search, store location, new, featured, random, newer and special products, price countdown, customizable multiple tabs, multiple rows, grid, slider, easy configuration in Magento2x admin panel.

ayoMore info / download Demo


The Magetique Magento 2 electronics store theme is designed for electronics stores, computing devices, and mobile devices. It is designed to create professional electronic electronics store websites.

magetique magentoMore info / download Demo


Volga is a Magento theme, it is easy to install and customize. It has 4 home pages with various colors, useful modules and excellent design. To accommodate various genres, Volga uses two types of menu: vertical and horizontal menu. With the vertical menu, you can display many categories without feeling cluttered with thumbnails. And with the horizontal menu, you can display a lot of external and internal links.

volga smart phones magento themeMore info / download Demo

SM Smartech

SM Smartech is a Magento 2 theme that is ideal for any online store, especially for digital store, high-tech store, watch store, clothing store and accessories store or mega store with multiple categories. This Magento 2 eCommerce theme comes with a flexible layout with unlimited color schemes, creative layout, and the latest top features to build a solid online store.

sm smartechMore info / download Demo


edigit magento phone shop themeMore info / download Demo

Bolt Mobile Store Magento Theme

bolt mobile store magento themeMore info / download Demo

Aspire Phone Store Magento Theme

aspire phone store magento themeMore info / download Demo

ARW Dots

ARW Dots from ArexWorks is one of the leading online mobile phone shopping site that helps you to compare and choose the most gorgeous ones for you and your family.

ARW Dots prominently displays the latest technology products which belong to its various collections from world’s top brands like Nokia, Motorola, etc. Before purchasing any product, please click on the product description below which provide you a better view about the different cell phones available, then pick the one that perfectly suits your personality.

arw-dotsDemo More info / download

AM Acceptus – Phone Store Magento Theme

As nowadays selling is conducted over online phone store systems, with our latest template which beautifully displays to all mobile devices, you will be able to process transactions from users of PCs, tablets and handheld devices!

AM-Acceptus-Phone-Store-Magento-ThemeDemo More info / download

Meline – Responsive Phone Shop Magento Theme

Meline – The Magento Theme was built according to the idea of a big e-commerce website with multiple categories. It has a Metro design with collection of Metro icons, harmonious color scheme with combination of dual color, theme will be a great choice for your online phone shop.

Meline-Responsive-Phone-Shop-Magento-ThemeDemo More info / download

Yoming – Phone Shop Responsive Magento Theme

MT Yoming from YesTheme is one of the leading online mobile phone shopping site that helps you to compare and choose the most gorgeous ones for you and your family.

Yoming-Phone-Shop-Responsive-Magento-ThemeDemo More info / download

Enova Electronics Phone Magento Theme

enova electronics phone magento themeMore info / download Demo

Mobillaso Mobile Store Magento Theme

mobillaso mobile store magento themeMore info / download Demo

StartElectro Electronics Store Magento Theme

startelectro electronics store magento themeMore info / download Demo

Clean Phone Store Magento Theme

This electronics store Magento template is a professionally-done multipurpose theme that will give a good showing to any online store. Whether you sell electronics, cars, fashion items or sport goods, online presentation via a site with great design will do a great work for your business. Easy on the eyes color scheme of this well-structured modern layout will do a lot for creating an engaging look of your store. Its visitors will enjoy a pleasant user experience thanks to ultimate functionality of the theme, and you'll enjoy a site with an easy set up and great administrating options.

clean phone store magento themeDemo More info / download

Mobile Store Responsive Magento Theme

mobile-store-responsive-magento-themeDemo More info / download

Mobile Phone Store Responsive Magento Theme

Mobile-Phone-Store-Responsive-Magento-ThemeDemo More info / download

Cell Phone Shop Responsive Magento Theme

Cell-Phone-Shop-Responsive-Magento-ThemeDemo More info / download

Mobile Heaven Phone Shop Magento Theme

Mobile-Heaven-Phone-Shop-Magento-ThemeDemo More info / download

Cell Phones Shop Responsive Magento Theme

Black and white color combination is one of the most powerful ones. If you are a daring merchant offering your customers only the best and the latest products, this theme was created for you. The whole design concept is built on the opposites sharp edges and rounded buttons, minimalistic fonts, icons and large photos. A huge slider provides impressive product presentation. Main menu, brands in the left sidebar, and contentrich footer contain all necessary links the users might want to visit. Choose this site design for your cell phone store and be different.

Cell-Phones-Shop-Responsive-Magento-ThemeDemo More info / download

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