10 Must-Try Free React Admin Templates for 2024

In the ever-evolving world of web development, having access to efficient and visually appealing admin templates can significantly enhance productivity and streamline the development process. React, a popular JavaScript library, has become the go-to choice for building user interfaces, and using pre-built admin templates built with React can save developers a great deal of time and effort. In this blog post, we'll explore 10 must-try free React admin templates for 2023, showcasing their features, design aesthetics, and how they can boost your web development workflow.

Material Kit React

This free React Admin Dashboard was created to accelerate the application development process by using MUI's elements and components, React, and of course Next.js. If you want to cut the amount of time and effort you spend on the design process even more, you can also purchase the pro edition of this software.

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Material Dashboard

Material Display Panel 2 React is our most current free MUI Admin template built using React. Here is what you need if you're a developer who wants to create an admin dashboard that is simple for developers to use, has numerous features, and is very customizable. Google's Material Design influenced our revolutionary MUI and React admin panel dashboard's stunning web application design.

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The CoreUI Free React Admin Template is not only a collection of free third-party components and frameworks; it is its own entity. It is the first Open-Source React Admin Dashboard Template based on a hand-crafted enterprise-grade UI Components Library and supported by industry specialists. CoreUI reduces the time required to create dependable web applications, allowing you to do more in less time.

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Light Bootstrap

Simple Bootstrap Display React is a template for an attractive and user-friendly web development dashboard. It was developed using Light Bootstrap Dashboard and React JS and is compatible with all devices. Its multiple components provide you with a variety of alternatives for creating the app that best meets your objectives.

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The Dashboard for Argon React is comprised of over a hundred modular components that may be configured in any manner. All components may have a variety of color choices, color options that are easily modifiable using SASS files. When transitioning from prototype to fully working code, you will save a great deal of time since all of the necessary components are already in place.

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Tabler is a free, open-source dashboard template with responsive, high-quality user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) layouts. It may also be purchased separately if that better matches your requirements.

This may now be downloaded immediately and used after installation. It is also ready for usage immediately. In addition, we provide our customers with a free contemporary template that they may only use if they have paid for Tabler's service.

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Shards Dashboard

Shards Display React is a free collection of landing page templates for creating admin dashboards using the programming language React. It offers a more contemporary approach to design and provides users with an extensive library of layouts and components from which to pick.

If you need further features and capabilities, you should consider upgrading to Shards Dashboard Pro React. User-modifiable template bases and components are included in plenty in this edition.

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React Reduction

Users will have access to all create-react-app functionalities since React Reduction is built on top of Create React App, which is the basis for React Reduction. In other words, users will be able to use all of the Create React App's functionalities.

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React Admin

With the aid of the frontend framework React Admin, you can create data-driven browser-based apps that are built on top of REST or GraphQL APIs. Using this framework, various apps may be developed. Marmelab was responsible for creating and producing the product, which is released as open source and may thus be downloaded for free.

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Airframe React

Airframe React is a premium dashboard admin analytics template that functions flawlessly on any mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. This template is available on the website for Airframe React. There are both open-source and MIT-licensed versions available.

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Volt React

Volt React is a dashboard admin template that create using React.js. It create by the Volt's development team. it is available for download online and was created using the most current version of the Bootstrap 5 CSS framework.

Volt React may be downloaded from GitHub whenever it is most convenient for you. This collection includes more than 100 UI elements, plugins, and sample apps made using React components.

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Corona React

Users have the choice to use the Corona admin dashboard as opposed to the default dashboard. Corona is a free dashboard application for admins. Both modification and installation may be performed with little difficulty.

Due to these capabilities and the fact that the free edition provides access to the fundamentals, you should be able to get your concept off the ground. If you like what you see, you may also be interested in this React admin template's expanded version.

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Boss Lite

Boss Lite is a React and Redux-based framework for a dashboard for administrators. It has a contemporary and clean appearance and provides access to a high-performance React application with a separate color palette.

This template was created to facilitate and accelerate the whole development process. It is compatible with Material UI 1.x, jss (also known as CSS in JS), immutable js, webpack, ssr (also known as server-side rendering), npm's contemporary workflow, and flex box-based flexible layouts.

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Premium Admin Templates


This is the foundation upon which all other Admin themes are constructed; it is the main design. Given the volume of work they do, it is particularly amazing how fast the Keen Themes crew responds to all comments and inquiries. They also contribute significantly to achieving this aim. This theme is a “must-have” due to its appearance or its extensive customization options.

Due to both of these factors, it is a crucial piece of software. It must be purchased because one of the following is true: Due to these two factors, moving ahead is a prudent choice. Because of these two factors, it is very prudent to follow through with your decision.

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Fuse React

Fuse React is an application made possible by the React Hooks team's efforts. Users may now use React's state and other capabilities without initially establishing a class. This is a newly implemented functionality.

The Fuse React admin template is a comprehensive illustration of React that adheres to the principles established by Google's Material Design. Fuse React's admin template makes extensive use of the Material UI V5 user interface technology.

It is the primary solution for user interface. As part of the application's state management, the Redux Toolkit is used. It provides pre-built components like as authentication, routing, and page layout. In addition, it has over twenty pages, several reusable modular components, and five examples of completely functional programs.

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Materialize is the most popular choice for customers who want an admin template with a material design. The fact that it has a user interface that is influenced by Google Material Design, a responsive design, and great customer service all contribute to the fact that consumers generally like the product.

Materialize gives you access to a huge library full of widgets and user interface elements that use material design. These widgets and elements work with most of the most popular web browsers, mobile platforms, and tablet computers. Not only is it entertaining, but it is also easy to use and makes perfect sense.

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Cuba React

Cuba Admin is a premium Bootstrap admin template. It was made using the Bootstrap 4 Framework, HTML5, CSS, and JQuery. This person is also known by the name Cuba Admin.

Cuba Admin was the first person to set up Cuba Admin as a separate organization. It comes with a wide range of UI components that can be used again and again, and the latest versions of jQuery plugins are built right in.

It also comes with a very large number of UI components. It also works without any extra work with the most recent versions of the jQuery plugins. In addition, it works with the most recent versions of jQuery that are on the market right now.

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In this blog post, we've explored 10 must-try free React admin templates for 2023 that can significantly enhance your web development workflow. Each template offers unique features, design aesthetics, and customization options, allowing you to build robust and visually appealing admin dashboards. By leveraging these templates, developers can save time and effort, focus on core functionalities, and deliver exceptional user experiences. So, go ahead and explore these free React admin templates to supercharge your next web development project.

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