80+ Best Education WordPress Themes 2021

Education WordPress Themes

The best free & premium responsive education WordPress themes for purpose of educational, school, university and college websites. It’s clean and modern designed with well crafted. Education helps people reach their full potential, and learning online makes it possible to get any desired skills and knowledge. Most universities, colleges, schools have their web presences, and if not, here is a contemporary theme perfectly tailored for education websites. It’s pretty traditional, featuring an austere tone, with easy to read and understand content, and intuitive navigation throughout the theme. Looking appealing, it makes people interested in education programs it presents.

Secondary education can determine further success in studying at university and building a career. For that reason, adults are extremely prudent when it comes to choosing the right school for their children. To win the sympathy of thoughtful parents, this template has been created. Looking at a cheerful image in the header, they’ll get an impression that graduates of the promoted institution are satisfied with knowledge acquired there. It will also look like a reputable school against the background of green symbolizing prestige and grey signifying professionalism. Thus, parents will get a feeling that they’ll do the right thing entrusting their children to its teaching staff. Promoting an educational institution by means of this education WordPress themes, you’ll have an opportunity to boost its number of applicants dramatically.

Koacher Coaching & Online Course WP Theme

Koacher is an exquisite WordPress theme intended to create a personal online education and training website. By embracing flexible page builders, predefined layouts, powerful custom widgets, and functional features, Koacher proves to be the best assistant in building an online portal for distance education, providing individualized tutoring and teaching / learning any subject from home.

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Courselog Education WordPress Theme

Courselog’s educational WordPress theme is designed to create online courses, LMS, events, and all kinds of educational purposes. In terms of functionality, Courselog supports WooCommerce, Bootstrap4 framework, Elementor Builder, Elements Kit Addons, LearnPress, unique starter variations for a perfect educational website. Additionally, Zoom can be used in online LMS courses and to create online event creation.

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MrSkillz IT Online Courses WordPress theme

MrSkillz is an IT online courses WordPress theme suitable for training and education companies with 1-click installation, 8 landing pages, 10 course pages, a simple drag and drop page builder, a slider builder animated.

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UniCoach UpSkill WordPress Theme

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EduMall Professional LMS Education Center

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Educavo Online Courses & Education

Educavo is a modern and trendy educational WordPress LMS theme. This theme is perfect for selling online courses, university, college, school, training center, e-learning, course tutorials, education center, workshop, kindergarten, course center, or any kind of educational institution. It comes with 14 high-quality pre-built homepages and lots of built-in amazing internals such as course pages, teacher pages, multiple blog layouts, etc.

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MasterClass is a great WordPress theme for creating a learning management system in WordPress. Since the evolution of LMS in WordPress, many themes have been published, but none of the themes are as rich as MasterClass. You have unlimited options to customize, design, and publish your courses online. In addition, you can also take classes online at a zoom meeting.

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Dolife Coaching & Online Courses

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EduSphere Education & Online Learning

EduSphere is a carefully designed “all-in-one” WordPress LMS theme, packed with premium features and functionality. It is a perfect helper for e-learning portals, service providers, online / web tutorials, online trainers / teachers, global schools, colleges and universities, web tutors, etc. who want to build a new vibrant website. To be precise, this theme is also suitable for e-learning services, schools and private universities. EduSphere is a game changer for global e-learning chains or e-learning service providers.

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Nolez Education is a professional education responsive WordPress theme encoded with the Bootstrap framework. Nolez Education comes with a creative design that is suitable for educational sites, learning management system sites, universities, schools, elementary schools, businesses and similar websites.

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Edulogy a beautiful learning management WordPress theme with a very clean, elegant, modern and functional design. Edulogy is fully compatible with the LearnPress plugin and is an ideal choice for web-based learning websites and all kinds of online courses and eLearning education. After research, we have developed this theme that comes with a native design and includes all the necessary design elements typical of this branch.

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ECademy is a modern WordPress theme designed and created specifically for online training and education! It is suitable for educational institutes, online course providers, online training, learning management, provider certification training, eSchool, LMS, language school, distance learning providers etc. The theme created with LearnPress, Elementor, ACF Pro, Redux, Bootstrap 4.4.x and CSS. Also, Sass included with the theme.

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Vultur uses LMS for course creation, lesson management, and quizzes for courses; if you don’t need it you can use the theme without this plugin and make one more niche. Multipurpose business WordPress theme with over 50 shortcodes. Vultur Theme designed to sell Online Courses, Life Coaching, LMS Website, Mentoring Website, Teacher, Digital Acency, Business Website and Online Business. based on Unyson Page Builder Plugin with more than 30 shortcodes.

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MaxCoach is an exquisite WordPress theme intended to create an online education and training website. Embracing flexible page builders, predefined layouts, powerful custom widgets, and functional features, MaxCoach proves to be the best assistant for building an online portal for distance learning, providing one-on-one tutoring, and teaching / learning any subject from home.

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Edali is a creative and responsive WordPress theme designed and created on purpose for specialized online training and education websites! This theme is perfect for educational institutes, online course providers, online training, learning management, LMS websites etc. The template is created with Elementor, ACF Pro, Redux, WooCommerce, Bootstrap 4.3.1 and CSS. Furthermore, Sass is included in the template package.

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Turitor is an exceptional solution for creating educational websites, online courses, LMS, educational content marketers and more. The theme also offers an integrated layout for college, kindergarten so you can use to quickly launch a website for college or school. This elegant isometric educational theme built with the Bootstrap4 framework, Elementor Builder, Kit Addons elements, unique house variants, RTL support for a perfect education website.

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iGuru Education Courses WordPress Theme

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Intellect Education WordPress Theme is a totally responsive and fresh air theme with a very practical UI / UX design. It is suitable for online and on-site educational activities (courses, groups, one-off seminars and conferences, etc.). The tools implemented in Intellect give you complete control over business logic.

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Kipso is a modern and professional theme of online learning learning WordPress theme, it is perfect for all schools, universities, colleges, academies, teaching centers, languages, elearning, LMS or any other learning institution online. The theme has its own super powerful theme control panel with many useful options and tools to manage your site: Elementor, Revolution Slider, Custom Icon Font, etc., and the theme applies the latest Web technologies: Bootstrap 4 , SASS, HTML5, CSS3. , Awesome font.

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Valer is a beautiful easy-to-use WordPress theme with a durable, stylish but modern and functional design. Valer is an ideal choice for school websites and all kinds of private colleges or small universities. After research, we have developed this theme that comes with a native layout and includes all the necessary design elements typical of this branch.

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Scientia is a beautiful, fresh and clean WordPress theme for public libraries and bookstores. It has a modern and functional design built for a library, a publishing house or a bookstore. The theme may be suitable for any publishing service company or any official Book-Author website. In addition, this can be interesting for online libraries, literary clubs, digital online stores and multimedia. Scientia is fully compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce to allow you to sell your multimedia products, such as movies, audio, ebooks, video games and online courses.

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Edubin is one of the best WordPress Education LMS themes, ideal for selling online courses, universities, colleges, schools, training centers, online courses and other institutes. Edubin is a complete educational solution with all the features and features. It is built with drag and drop Elementor Page Builder. Using this theme, it is possible to create the website for any kind of educational institute. This training theme supported LearnDash and LernPress, two popular LMS plugins. In addition, this theme includes the calendar of events, event registration, the WooCommerce store and many other features.

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Acadevo is a clean, modern and professional design theme that allows you to create an exclusive website for universities, colleges, schools, kindergartens, training centers, institutes, kindergartens, nurseries, workshops, online learning and site training section. Acadevo be integrated with LearnPress’ most popular WordPress LMS LearnPress plugin. By using this plugin, you can include your curriculum, courses, lessons, quizzes, payment integration and more. – Academics and Education LMS WordPress Theme

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Coursector WordPress Theme is an adaptive WordPress theme created specifically for websites dedicated to education, universities, schools, etc. Coursector supports responsive layouts specifically designed for education, university, and school websites, so it works well across all devices. It also supports multiple features such as the context builder, mailing list, and online courses that support online payment. It offers a variety of ready-to-use layouts for different education models, websites and groups related to university and university education that can be imported with just one click.

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Edumy Education Theme WordPress Theme For education, school, college, institute, university, online learning, training and kindergarten is a premium, well-created, premium WordPress theme especially for the education, school, college, institute, university, website training and online training. It comes with necessary features such as the type of course publication and course search that allows students to search for courses. If you’re looking for a quality educational WordPress theme that can help you create a great website with dozens of features and demos to choose from, Edumy is the best choice for you.

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The Brilliance

The Brilliance is a great educational company, college, college, high school and online course WordPress Theme is specially created for the education sector. It’s very easy to use. The system that allows you to manage and sell courses online and even create and manage questionnaires. Track student performance, receive and make payments through the system, sell additional products, and create other online learning materials.

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EduPrime is an educational WordPress theme. It has been designed to be the heart of educational materials that can be used by students around the world. The WordPress theme EduPrime Education is the most attractive educational theme and can be used for many educational activities for both students and teachers. Using it, you will be able to display the structure of the next academic year. You can add important milestones regarding the calendar of university events.

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Talemy is your ideal educational WordPress theme to share and sell your knowledge online. Whether you are a school, a professional training organization or an independent teacher, Talemy can help you achieve your goals. Talemy integrates with LearnDash, one of the best LMS WordPress solutions on the market.

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Ivy School

Ivy School WordPress Theme is a modern and stylish theme for schools, colleges, universities and all educational institutions. With the success of the WordPress Education theme (Eduma), the best selling, and the most beautiful WordPress LMS theme, Ivy School School and the academic WordPress theme with the most advanced features of Eduma and Course Builder combined to offer you the most powerful and the most complete solution for building online course website, selling online courses and running an online school as well as an offline school.

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Edugrade Education WordPress Theme is beautifully and logically designed for all types of educational institutions, it can be used for university, university and online course websites. Edugrade is a simple and user-friendly theme for Learning Management System (LMS) with LearnPress Plugin. Edugrade includes 3 unique homepages with multiple features such as course list, event list, instructor list, contact form, mailchimp subscription and custom login form.

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Kalvi is a unique and very advanced learning management system WordPress theme. It’s a complete WordPress theme for educational sites. This theme offers many features such as online / on-site course, online course, teacher profile, quiz system, questions system, lesson management, attachments, course progress tracking, etc. readymade layouts.

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Kingster Education WordPress Theme For University, College and School is a premium, well-created WordPress theme, especially for school, college, academy, university and education websites. It comes with necessary features such as the type of course publication and course search that allows students to search for courses. Kingster also lets you create a custom filter so you can use the advantage of the search filter.

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Eshkool is a modern and clean WordPress Education & LMS theme. It is suitable for all universities, workshops, colleges, schools, course centers, training centers and all types of educational institutions. This theme includes 06 awesome home page demos with different LMS course page layouts and other interior pages, easy to edit and customize to suit your needs. The Education theme is also a perfect solution for your educational websites.

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Academist is an ideal choice for all modern education websites. You can also view all your events in a preview of the calendar, because the theme is fully compatible with the incredible Calendar Events plugin. In a nutshell, you get everything a modern website needs.

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Studiare is an all-in-one solution for educational websites or any other activity related to learning systems, such as teaching, training, universities, online course sites, schools, academies, etc.

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Ademy WordPress theme for schools and educational institutes is a powerful WordPress theme. Build everything you love with this theme that effortlessly looks on the blog, school, websites related to high school study. With everything, it states that you can build something awesome. It is extremely flexible with a lot of nice options and features.

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Hogwords is a very nice design that is suitable for college, school, and any type of training and course. The theme provides the opportunity to build educational institutions online and offline, so that learning and teaching are available no matter where you are located. Each class or course can be displayed as a custom page built with the most popular wpbakery page builder, or it can be implemented via our own custom message type – the choice is yours, both options are aesthetically and functionally appealing.

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Edmento is a clean and contemporary responsive WordPress educational theme with some elements of contemporary design and impressive features. This could be a great choice for educational websites and institutes, including schools, colleges and universities and gives a professional touch.

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Udetor LMS Education WordPress Theme is designed to treat the full and perfect – similar to a high-end technology product. Udetor has been entirely designed from the needs of learners, training for business purposes. Then, to meet the powerful features and functionality, the Udetor Sitemap system was built with over 300 pages of features. Since then, all components of the Udetor interface have been categorized explicitly, allowing for the rapid development of a variety of training site systems.

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Edukare is an educational WordPress theme for all kinds of educational centers like school, college, university, kindergarten, training center, etc. Edukare is an exceptional education theme with features to add classes and lessons. This theme comes with features and pages needed for any educational institute.

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Superwise has been creating school themes for just under a decade and is one of the most renowned companies in our field. We conducted extensive research into the features that a modern educational website must have, and then our talented designer designed Superwise to aesthetic perfection.

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If you want to create an excellent website dedicated to learning, teaching and selling, this educational WordPress theme can be your best ally. Support the most popular LMS plugin for WordPress, LearnPress and Sensei out-of-the-box. You can install this education theme in one click and absolutely no coding required.

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Unischool is a beautifully designed WordPress theme suitable for online courses, universities, eLearning websites. The theme comes with modern and amazing features so that it caters to all categories there.

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Translang is an ideal WordPress Theme for translation agencies, as well as linguist, translation bureau, freelance translator, online translation, translation assistant, translation office, Philologist, freelancer, language courses.It is also great for simultaneous translation, apostle & legalization, localization,personal translation, website translation, notary translation, online translation, philology, foreign language.

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Schule is an outstanding school education theme with features for adding classes and lessons. A fully functional LMS is managed by the LearnPress plugin. You can add online learning materials to your school’s website so that students can get additional information or even take tests online. In addition to the LMS, this school theme comes with fully customized donation features that allow you to organize fundraising campaigns to raise funds for your school or other educational or community needs. It’s also a great option for students to get involved in charities and fundraisers.

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