Sample CSS3 Menu Animation

CSS3 transform and transitions
This Tutorial and Sample will show you how to use menu CSS3's transform and transition properties make it possible to manipulate elements in a variety of ways using just CSS. CSS transform is used to scale, rotate, or even skew an element without disturbing the content around it, while transition is used to animate CSS properties into view.

The two properties are supported in modern versions of Safari, Chrome, Mozilla 3.5+, and Opera 9.5+ in varying degrees. With that brief introduction out of the way, the following uses CSS3's transform and transition properties to “bloat up” an image when the mouse rolls over it, and return it to its original state when rolled out of:

Sample 1

menu css sample
View demo | [download id=”34628″]

Sample 2

menu css sample

View demo | [download id=”34630″]

tutorial Sample 1

1. Copy code Style bellow past before

2. Copy Code Bellow Past Before

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