9 Best Training Website Templates 2024

There's no need to spend hours designing a training website from scratch when you can use one of our templates and have your website up and running in no time. Our templates are easy to use and customizable, so you can create a website that's perfect for your training business. Plus, with our templates, you'll get access to all the features you need to create a successful website, including a built-in blog, online registration, and payment options.

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The HTML template called Jufa is both modern and responsive. It was made to be used on websites that offer online education and training. Some of the web development languages that were used to make the template were HTML5, Bootstrap 5.x, and Sass. It works very well for online courses, online training, online learning management systems (LMS), educational institutions, personal training agencies, and a wide range of other businesses and organizations.

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Lovefit Fitness Video Training

LoveFit is a video training website template based on HTML5 that was made for companies in the fitness industry. When LoveFit was first thought of, one of its most important target groups was people in the fitness industry.

When people go to this site, they can watch long-form instructional videos and get good information about health. The company LoveFit made LoveFit. Users have access to a huge number of fitness workout videos, including ones about yoga, aerobic exercise, strength training, and many other activities.

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Ecour Courses Training

Ecour is a cutting-edge html5 courses training website template that was made to be used on websites that have something to do with online learning or education. It works well for websites for educational institutions, online course providers, online training, learning management systems (LMS), and other similar businesses. Sass, HTML5, and Bootstrap 5.x were used to make the template.

These three kinds of technology were used. In addition, this design has a fully functional contact form, code that has been thoroughly annotated and is easy to change, and a full set of documentation to back it up. Because it has these features, the template can be used in many ways and changed to meet many needs. The template can also be changed easily because of these features.

ecour courses training html templateMore info / download Demo

Ledu Online Training

Ledu is a modern HTML template that was made to be used on websites that offer online education and training. It is creative, has a beautiful design, and has a lot of creative potential. The template was made with the help of Sass, HTML5, and Bootstrap 5.x. We used these three types of technology.

It works for websites that sell online courses, online learning, online coaching, learning management systems (LMS), educational institutes, personal training businesses, and consulting firms, among other types of websites. It is also good for websites that sell online courses, online learning, and online consulting. It is also good for websites that sell online courses, online learning, and online consulting services.

ledu online training html templateMore info / download Demo

Eduon Courses Training

Eduon is a cutting-edge HTML template that was made for a website that provides online education and training. Its main goal was to make it easier to make such a website. Most of the people it is meant for are interested in getting more out of their education through online means.

It works especially well for websites about education, online learning and teaching, learning management systems (also known as LMS), and other subjects related to education. During the development of the theme, the programming languages Bootstrap 5.x, Sass, and CSS were used.

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Raque Online Training

Raque is an advanced and responsive HTML5 template that was designed and built so that it could be used as the basis for websites in the education industry. Because it is focused on education, this template will work best for websites about education, like those for schools, companies that offer online courses and training, learning management systems, and the like.

Bootstrap 5.x and CSS were the main tools that were used to make the template. In addition, the package of templates comes with Sass, which is already on your computer.

raque online training html templateMore info / download Demo

Jexi Online Training

Online Coaching and Learning Management Systems: Jexi is an innovative and responsive HTML template that was made for websites. It was built and designed to meet the needs of this kind of website. It was designed and built with the fact that websites like this one already existed in mind.

It is a great choice for websites that focus on learning management systems (LMS), virtual classrooms, online workshops, and businesses that teach online. When making the template, both the Bootstrap framework and CSS were used. Also, Sass is already installed on its own as a full package in the set of templates that you bought.

jexi online coaching training html templateMore info / download Demo

Karka Training Coaching

The Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template from Karka Training, Coaching, and Consulting is a modern design template that works well for agencies or freelancers who want to sell courses or market their work using a modern design.

The template can be used by anyone who wants to download and use it for free. In addition to the necessary files, it has a fully functional contact form that you can use to get in touch with the business while you are making changes to this template.

You can use this form to ask about the template or give feedback on it. When we made our product, we made sure that it met both the most recent industry standards and the most cutting-edge technological trends. Because of this, it is easy to use and very user-friendly.

karka training coaching html templateMore info / download Demo

Cosine Training Business

The Cosine Training, Coaching, and Business HTML Theme is a premium HTML theme with a design that focuses mostly on training and coaching. It also has support for other content related to business. This theme can also be used for business websites. With this theme, you'll also be able to build a wide range of different kinds of business websites.

The responsive Cosine theme was built on a framework that can be used in a lot of different ways. With its great features, like a customizable header with at least four different designs to choose from, you can make your own website and share it with the world.

cosine training business html templateMore info / download Demo

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