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50+ HTML5 Animation Examples Like Flash Animation

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In this article, we have pick up any amazing canvas HTML5 animation examples instead of flash animation with demo link. HTML5 is interested topic that most developer find out more about it and also have developer do the projects on HTML5. HTML5 can develop games online or Playing Video with no flash required. Websites developed in HTML5 will not require adobe flash support on your Web browser anymore, provided that your browser supports HTML5.

HTML5 is new developing web 2.0 technology and it have built a lots useful elements instead of previous HTML   such as <article>, <header>, <footer><progress><details>…  The canvas element is part of HTML5 and allows for dynamic, scriptable rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images. It is a low level, procedural model that updates a bitmap and does not have a built-in scene graph and game.

HTML5 is growing up faster than anyone may not imagining. Powerful and professional solutions are developed in new technology HTML5 and CSS3…even in the gaming world! Today, you’ll make your first game using Box2D and HTML5′s canvas tag.

The following  canvas HTML5 animation examples have all been implemented using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies such as canvas and JavaScript, jQuery. It perform well in most modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera generally provide the best experience.

Sprite Animation with HTML5 Canvas

Sprite animations can be drawn on HTML5 and JavaScript driven by canvas. The animations are useful in the game and the development of the interactive application. Several frames of an animation can be included in a single image and using the HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript, we can draw a single image at a time.

sprite-animation-with-html5-canvasdownload / more info

Animated HTML5 logo

animated html5 logodownload / more info

HTML5 Canvas animated clock

html5 canvas animated clock download / more info

Advanced HTML5 Animation path

advanced html5 animationdownload / more info

Flat design amusement park svg HTML5

flat design amusement park svg html5download / more info

CSS HTML5 Animated 3D Solar System

css html5 animated 3d solar systemdownload / more info

Circles and Text animation

Circles-and-Text-animationdownload / more info

Disco lights on flying cube

Disco-lights-on-flying-cubedownload / more info

Pure CSS pentagonal torus (animated)

Pure-CSS-pentagonal-torus-animateddownload / more info

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

Falling-Down-the-Rabbit-Holedownload / more info

CSS3 Gangham Style Animation

CSS3-Gangham-Style-Animationdownload / more info

Sovog Robot Animated

Sovog-Robot-Animateddownload / more info

CSS Particle Animation

CSS-Particle-Animationdownload / more info

Animated Logo HTML5

Animated the logo using the HTML <canvas> element and created a fallback with rotating images for sans <canvas> browsers. The animtion consists of a few core properties of the logo, such as shape and color, changing slowly using a fine combination of randomness and control.

Animated Logo HTML5demo


FlashCanvas is a JavaScript library which adds the HTML5 Canvas support to Internet Explorer. It renders shapes and images via Flash drawing API, and in many cases, runs faster than other similar libraries which use VML or Silverlight.


3D Flocking

An interactive simulation of flocking behavior in birds. Based on the 1986 paper by Craig Reynolds. Change the behavior of the flock by adjusting different parameters.

3D-Flocking html5 animationdemo download / more info


An infinite and hypnotic animation on <canvas>.

hypnos html5 animationdemo

Lily pad experiment

Lily pad is an experiment that explores paper folding inspired by the form of a lily pad floating on top of water.

Lily-pad-experiment html5 animationdemo download / more info

HTML5 animation: clouds over background

Display clouds animation with HTML5

clound html5 animationdemo

Radar – An audi-visual experiment

Radar uses Audiolet to generate sound and the visuals are rendered on HTML5 <canvas>.

Radar-audi-visual-experiment html5 animationdemo download / more info


Having too much fun with these CSS animations to stop.


HTML5 Experiment

The concept was originally a performance study how many particles a browser can calculate and display with a decent framerate. Soon we added music and a added a social element (we are displaying tweets from twitter that contain the words love + html5). The experiment was a huge success and got some nice accolades from google chrome experiments and hackernews.

HTML5 animation Experiment demo download / more info

Pearl Boy

Pearl Boy was created to show the possibilities of Goo Engine and HTML5/WebGL. By using the performance of WebGL and hardware accelerated graphics, combined with our javascript game engine, we can provide rich 3D content in the browser. It will work cross-platform on any WebGL-enabled device and there is no need for plugins like Flash or Silverlight. Technology: Goo Engine, HTML5, WebGL, javascript

Pearl-Boy html5 animationdemo download / more info

HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness

HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness animationdemo

KineMan  Interactive 3D Articulated Skeleton

KineMan is a web application that allows you to demonstrate & observe realistic human skeletal motions, interactively and in 3D. You can view the skeleton from any perspective, and you can select & move joints thru realistic ranges of motion.

Technology:  WebGL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, GLSL

Interactive-3D-Skeleton html5 animationdemo download / more info

Design Origami with HTML5

Design Origami with HTML5 animationdemo

Tunneler HTML5 Animation

Tunneler HTML5 Animationdemo

FlowerPower HTML5

FlowerPower HTML5 animationdemo

HTML5 Canvas Caching

Vector graphics in Canvas can be cpu-intensive, especially with complex designs. Pile on the shapes along with effects such as strokes and gradient fills, and things can get very sluggish.

HTML5 Canvas Cachingdemo

HTML5 Liquid

HTML5 animation Liquiddemo

HTML5 Video

HTML5 Video animationdemo

HTML5 Magnetic

HTML5 Magnetic animationdemo

Drawing With HTML5

Drawing With HTML5 animationdemo

Canopy AnimationHTML5

Canopy AnimationHTML5demo

Chain Reaction HTML5 Animation

Chain Reaction HTML5 Animationdemo

HTML5  Core

HTML5 Core animationdemo

HTML5 Coil

Coil is an example html5 game. Enclose the blue orbs before they explode. Gain bonus points by enclosing multiple orbs at once.

HTML5 Coil animationdemo

Interactive HTML5 canvas animation

Click on the canvas to add more blobs. The colored buttons set the blob color. RND sets random color.

This works in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, iPhone, and IE9 browsers. This page uses HTML5+Javascript without Flash or other plugins. To see how this is done, open this page and view source.

Interactive HTML5 canvas animationdemo

Kaleidoscope HTML5

Kaleidoscope animation HTML5demo

Analog Clock HTML5 Animation

CoolClock requires canvas suport therefore it works best in Firefox, Safari or Chrome. It can work in IE via the use of ExplorerCanvas however in IE it refreshes slowly, doesn’t render as nicely and the second hand decoration is disabled due to a rendering glitch. CoolClock does not use Flash.

Analog Clock HTML5 Animationdemo

3D Landscape on HTML5 Animation

3D Landscape on HTML5 Animationdemo

HTML5 Voronoi

This project uses HTML5 and JS to create a “Voronoi diagram” of constantly moving points.

HTML5 Voronoi animationdemo

HTML5 Game Sketchout

HTML5 Game Sketchoutdemo

Movement Patterns using HTML5

Movement Patterns using HTML5 animationdemo

Movement Line using HTML5

Movement Line using HTML5 animationdemo


Sketchpad is another great HTML5 powered to painting and drawing.

Sketchpad html5 animationdemo


A kaleidoscope is a cylinder with mirrors containing loose, colored objects such as beads or pebbles and bits of glass.

kaleidoscope html5 animationdemo


Starfield html5 animationdemo

Many Lines by Eric Ishii Eckhardt

Many-Lines html5 animationdemo

 3d Slider Animation

The HTML5 Canvas is the ideal solution when you need to compute the animation frame by frame, for example when using a Newtonian physics model (Box2Dweb.js)

3d Slider Animationdemo  download / more info


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